Discussion on WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress

Discussion on WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress

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Need an automatic update feature adding. When I try to update it says the folder already exists and won’t update.

Deleted the plugin an then installed the new version – now when I add a text box and try and edit it I just get a blank screen – help!

Please open support ticket:

Hi Mixey,

I just noticed that the Accordion (amongst other components) cannot be added if it is in a row within another row.

Not an issue for me right now, just wanted to let you know.

PS: great work updating the plugin with Backbone, huge improvements!

Thanks for the kind words!

Yes there’s a limitation for the count of child elements. This is something that is coming from WP and we can’t do anything about that (without spending tooooo much time on it)


Please be more descriptive, also for support related questions – open support ticket

Hello, I am very much interested in the Visual Composer for wordpress. But before I make my purchase, can you please advise that would I be able to integrate it with my various wp themes that I’ve bought from themeforest and would the visual composer would be able to use their functions flawlessly? tnx


Yes Visual Composer should work with any proper coded theme. When problems occur, we are doing our best to help users out.

With 3.6.4 I cannot write with text block! I can open the window but I can’t write in…

Very strange, please open support ticket and provide us with more details.

Visual Composer works perfect here for us.

Sometimes an additional 1 column row with a text block is added automatically at the bottom, very annoying. No way to get rid of this unwanted element in the visual editor, after refreshing there it is again.

Could you please open support ticket and share more details with us? we will take a look at your site. We don’t see anything similar in our sites.

Support ticket opened, error message sent with screenshot, site is under development in a local server.

Can you use visual composer on a bare bones theme to style it how you want, and then export it to use on a second site?

Visual Composer will help you to design your page content, it can’t edit theme files directly.

In the result you’ll get shortcodes generated and stored in the default WP content area. So you can simply copy paste it or use WP Export/Import content with WP Tools. The only thing is that for content elements which are using images, VC is storing image IDs and on your second site image ids can be different.

Are there any ready-made templates available?

No templates are built into the Visual Composer, but you can create them and save for later reuse.

hi, the plugin was working fine ‘till this morning when I can add block of text, but when it pops up to enter the text I can’t because the screen is like locked. I try to edit other text blocks I created but when i click on the pencil, the box pops up to edit, but i cannot enter text. Please advise and sorry if i’m not using the correct terminology. I do like your plugin.


please open support ticket:

Like @ohmyyaya said… I have the exact same problem. Difference is I have the plugin from a theme and that developer isn’t responding… so hoping to get a reply here…

Please contact your theme provider, this might be related to anything. Theme/third party plugins/...

Hi. I wanted to use the faq element in my actual sidebar. How can I do this? I tried creating the faqs on a page and then copying the code into a text widget but when I previewed it, it showed straight code.

Love this plugin by the way!

Replied to your ticket

Where can I find the change log of the current version?


I just updated changes in the item description page, or you can always check changes.txt file located in the plugins directory.

hi, MNKY vector icon it’s no working with visual composer ?

I don’t own a copy of this plugin so I can’t test it myself, but someone already reported a problem.

Hi mixey,

I need to add few custom parameters to the existing row element e.g. background_color, background_image . Is there any way to do that ? “simple” OR “complex” :D. My theme requires similar features. i’ve tried adding a parameter in your core file “row.php”. But it didn’t work.

With regards, Mycolorpencils


You can always extend any content element from your them functions php file.

Please have a look at pages that are categories under Visual Composer category:

Hi mixey,

Sorry but can you be more specific about how do i extend the VC_row element and add some custom parameters to the “Row element”.

I have already gone through all you documentation. And even added some of my own shortcodes as content elements as well. But the problem is that i can’t add parameter to vc_row element.

And registration in support forum isn’t working. :)

With regards, MyColorpencils


Sorry, looks like we forgot to include that in the docs :) for now, you can try using this:
$sc_name = 'vc_row';
$sc_attributes = array(
      "type" => "textfield",
      "heading" => __("new textfield", "js_composer"),
      "param_name" => "new_textfield",
      "description" => __("Description here", "js_composer")
WPBMap::addParam($sc_name, $sc_attributes);
In the next release, we’ll create a helper function for convenience (same as wpb_remove(); )

VC is really great, I wanted to know if there a way to have an accordion window open on page load?

By default first accordion is open. You can’t specify which section should be opened on load. We are using jQuery UI accordion plugin and it allows only first section to be opened.

Hi! This is a gret item thank you! Hovever I have some remarks. 1.The “Extra class name” field of the button element insert our custom class on the “span” tag and not on the “a” tag. That could be more useful if this is on “a” tag, for example if we use fancybox or some other modal box. Also there is no modal box option for button elements. 2.On image gallery element prettyphoto option is cool but there is no way to use somme other modal system, for example I use fancybox on my site on all images and if I chose prettyphoto on gallery element there is two modal windows that opens in the same time. 3.In French language backslashes are inserted before single quotes when page is saved as template. Also I have a shortcode with single quotes when saved as template backslashes are inserted before and shortcode does not work anymore. So I have to delete all those backslashes when I apply template to my pages… Anyway this is a must have plugin! Thanks!


1. with class name on the span, you can “target” your selector to span and to a without any problems. .custom_class or .custom_class > a

you can add prettyphoto as a extra css class in buttons, then it will be opened in the modal window.

by default we are using prettyPhoto as standard modal window, but you can deregister prettyphoto javascript from your theme’s functions.php file and then in your theme javascript file create vc_prettyPhoto() function and initialize your modal box with prettyphoto css selector.

How would I add a slider?

In the Add element->Image gallery we have 2 sliders built in: Flexslider and Nivoslider

Can you add text blocks with coloured backgrounds & borders with this?

I’m afraid this isn’t possible out of the box. Hopefully someone will add this functionality as a third party add on.

hi does it support rtl tnx

I know that few clients are using this for Hebrew sites, but we didn’t add anything rtl specific.