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Hello, now I’m having this error that is breaking the shop:

PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function vc_manager() in /home1/(...)/shop/modules/jscomposer/jscomposer.php on line 877

Can you please explain how this happen. Your purchase show that you are using the plugin from long time. If you still have problem. please extend your support pack and open ticket in our support system. Our team will help you.


I’ve just bought your module and I can’t figure how to make it work with the product page.

It works fine with : - home page - categories - manufacturers

But I can’t find a way to do it with Product page on prestashop 1.7.3 (although it works fine on the I tried the method you suggest in your video “How to integrate Visual Composer Editor” but it won’t work.

Can you help me ?

Best rergards

Please open ticket in our support system. Our support team will investigate your issue

Hi, i’m having a few problems with the module, certain things that i would like to do does not work for example, i have a 2 columns, the left one has an image and the right a phrase, when i ask for the content position to be in the middle of the column vertically with this setting : ‘Content position > middle > Select content position within columns.’ It doesn’t work, a few other things don’t work like when i want to do changes to the front office, the window just turns and turns. I have not activated the product on my prestashop as i am on a temp URL, would this be the reason why it is not working properly ?


Please open a ticket in our support system, with your purchase code. Our support team will help you


jcasub Purchased


Is there a way to put an element “image” behind each CMS page title?

I would like that there is a big image as a background behind the PAGE Titles (the one that it’s configured on the section “meta title” of the page). But when i am adding a row with an image it always starts the content added on visual composer after the title of the “Page”.

Thanks so much for help!

Sorry, that is not possible to put cms page title. You can use write custom css and put that in vc cms page top css area.


jcasub Purchased

Ok thanks for your reply, will try that way then. Thanks for your support,


I purchased your item and i’d like to create custom elements but i’m having trouble trying to make it work.

I added the element to the map.php file so I can display the new element in the back-end but it doesn’t display on the front end.

Do you have a procedure for that ? Which files need to be modified to accomplish this task ?

Thanks for your response.

Please follow this sample module to build your own addons

Are you working on Thirty Bees. ? We are looking for a great system, that can change our cms pages. But can you module work on Thirty Bees without breaking it. ?

Sorry for the inconvenience. We haven’t got time to recheck in thirtybees. Right now our major customer are from PrestaShop 1.7.x That is why , we are constantly focus on 1.7.x

Okey. Do you have any plans to make you module work even better, and optimizing it for speed ?

I see its slowing down my testserver where i normaly have loading speed on 500ms and below. After installing the module we are on 1s in loading time.

Thank for letting information us about this. Performance on different factor like use cache compress js, css etc. Our plugin load some js and css which also have some small amount of size. It is logical that , if you load some extra js and js which will increase load time. If we found any better solution to optimized , than current speed ,we will sure do that. Right now we found no other optimization solution which we have applied from 4.4 version.

Hi, I’d like to know if Visual composer works with blog module (ex Professional blog Module)? Regards

Hello, We have a popular blog smartblog which already integrated with visual composer . If you want to add third party module you can follow this video tutorial to make compatible.

If you need any help we can help you to integrated that.

Hello we have a error:

Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

1/1 ContextErrorException in jscomposer.php line 18: Runtime Notice: Declaration of JsComposer::l() should be compatible with ModuleCore::l($string, $specific = false, $locale = NULL) in jscomposer.php line 18

at ErrorHandler->handleError(‘2048’, ‘Declaration of JsComposer::l() should be compatible with ModuleCore::l($string, $specific = false, $locale = NULL)’,

’/home/zwandonet/public_html/modules/jscomposer/jscomposer.php’, ‘18’, array(‘module_name’ => ‘jscomposer’)) in jscomposer.php line 18 at include_once(’/home/zwandonet/public_html/modules/jscomposer/jscomposer.php’) in Module.php line 1078 at ModuleCore::coreLoadModule(‘jscomposer’) in Module.php line 1071 at ModuleCore::getInstanceByName(‘jscomposer’) in Hook.php line 837 at HookCore::exec(‘displayHeader’) in FrontController.php line 557 at FrontControllerCore->initContent() in IndexController.php line 37 at IndexControllerCore->initContent() in Controller.php line 253 at ControllerCore->run() in Dispatcher.php line 428 at DispatcherCore->dispatch() in index.php line 28

Hello, I think module is not install properly. Please open ticket in our support system with your site information.

Hello good afternoon we have bought the visual composer for the prestashop 1.7 version and we would like to know when the visual composer will be available for the product pages. A greeting!

We will release a update soon. You can found on that.

Hello, Please I need money back. I make a mistake with my order and I don t use It. I need money back

If you do not use it and didn’t download the file, please open refund ticket , we will approve. If you have download the file, in that case we are unable to refund.

How can I do please to ask refund?


the plugin works on 1.7.3 ?


Hi , please wich is ther user and password to login in backoffice demo? thanks in advance. regards

Sorry, we do not have any back end admin access right now.


SK3uD Purchased

I have an error on my shop. See this link : I have the latest version of VC and my 1.6 prestashop is up to date. I’m using Warehouse template and it’s up to date to. Were does it comme from ?

Hi, How can I create a mega menu with this builder. Actually I have installed some modules and they do not work.

It is not possible to build menu with vc.

Hi, purchased the module. But I’ve problems.

Installed oik Configured ok In BO it’s all ok: I can customizecategory page. But when I go in frontend to see the result, I see only short code.

Cache is disabled. Module non native and override are enabled.

I’ve prestashop 1.7

I opened a ticket in you support yesterday.

Can hemp me, please?

We will reply your ticket asap.

Can not install the module correctly on Prestashop 1.7. The module appears enabled and installed but the page to add a hook or items does not work. No response from customer support since 1 week. Someone to an idea?

Glad for you, you answered my ticket by telling me to answer June 20 and still no answer. It’s not serious of you. It’s been 11 days since I bought the module and can not use it.

Ticket ID: #(15465)

Hello, sorry for the inconveniences, I just back from vacation, I will look up your ticket with support team at the morning. Due to my one relative sickness I have to stay there. Sorry for the inconveniences.


microb14 Purchased

hi, i add a module in your ‘include module’ section. i see it in VC but when i add it, i get a white page in front any idea ?

It may be problem in your module.if it follow standard way if default prestashop module they will work.