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Can I use this module for include revolution slider in each article of blog, in transformer theme, thanks for response

Yes, this is possible.


litur Purchased

Hi, I send you several mails. Can you hel me with the module??? Thanks

If you open ticket in our support system, our team have fixed all ticket .

Hello, i have prestashop is your module compatible with this version ? thx

Yes, it is compatible. you just need to open a ticket in our support to got version. We will release this week. our developer is in vacation. Due to that, we are not able to release.

hello, work also in product page?

Yes, it work back end only work 1.6.x version.

pre-purchase questions for PS1.7.2.4

1 – where can I find a live demo version that can be used . As the demo links on themeforest do not work.

2 – Where can i find an ebook or even an online tutorial on how to use Visual Composer: Page Builder for Prestashop.

3 – Is there any truth that a new version will soon be available that enables headers and footers to customized.

4 – Can I use an existing template and use VC with it. Or does the template have to be originally designed with it.

5 – Do I have buy the original VC as well as this Page Builder for Prestashop.

Hello. I have a Prestashop installation. Is this module fully compatible? My theme is a custom one developed by myself. I would like to know if this module’s css is going tu modify my custom styles, like body tag, h2, bootstrap cols, etc… I also would like to know how it works. I check that you can custom all CMS pages. Does it works with all Prestashop WYSIWYG or only with CMS? Can i custom my category or product page? In what way? Doaes it works with Presatshop hooks or modify the tpl files overriding it?

Do you have a test version? A limited license for a number or days or something like that? It would be great if a can test it and check if i have problems before i buy the product.

Thank you very much.

Sorry , we do not have any free version. Secondly, you can only edit category, product and manufacturer description, not a full page. for more details, you can view our youtube videos


vdi-sarl Purchased

hi when you update 1.7.2.x / 1.7.3 (futur) best regard

We have release 1.7.x version today.


I have a problem with js composer page builder

i create hook for appear cms page

but no backend in my admin cms page !

Sorry, i am not able to understand your message. What you like to do. You need to create a hook from vc settings page after that add that hook by edit cms.tpl file. Then you need to assing content from content anywhere to show there.

What about SEO optimization? According to my experience in a lot of websites using VC in Wordpress it is not the best option for SEO… I am afraid to use it in Prestashop because itbecause it is hard enough to work the seo in Prestashop to make it worse… Any opinions?

If you found any seo problem in our module, we suggest you to send us, those list. We will try our best to do. Vc only manage content part not seo. It depends on your shop and other plugin to do.


SinOz Purchased

Hi. I have installed the module on my prestashop but it doesn’t work like it is shown in your tutorial.

Where can I edit the Homepage/product page after the installation of the module?

Regards, SinOz


SinOz Purchased

I will get this Error:

enable von Modul jscomposer nicht möglich: Das Override kann nicht installiert werden: Die Methode getTemplateVarCategory in der Klasse CategoryController wurde bereits von Modul jscomposer (Version 4.4.7) bei 2017-12-02 14:33:52 überschrieben.

but if I follow your video tutorial I can’t find the same files as shown in the video

Please open ticket in our support system.

Where is new version? I can see only april release in the changelog.


this link:

is still there. I can’t even delete it. Why? And how can be this link deleted?

Please update our new version. We have fix this bug.

Pre purchase question : I need a module to make a responsive top banner just under the menu like this website : It should be mobile friendly and not allowing only one image (or offer). Can i do it with this module ? thanks