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Hi, Does your module support Pres version 1.7?

Right now not. we will do that soon.


eikora Purchased

Dear Developer, we are very happy with your module! Now i see in our php trace http requests to on every page of our shop. Do you know how to remove this requests? The duration is 5 seconds. Thank you for your help.

Will you please send a screenshot in our support system or any track information how it calls from each page. I will look the issue and will release a fix as soon as possible.


sir-tech Purchased

Hello, I have the same probleme of EIKORA when visual composer is desctivated i have 508ms to load page but when is activated i have 4,2s average for the loading page is so bad for customers… Can you respond me fast thks

Can you send me the code screenshot so that I can check and fix? Comment this line is not a solution. Because it will help you to got auto update and download our update. We are going to update visual composer massively, where content anywhere front end editor will work. Many and many things are coming.


sir-tech Purchased

I open i tiket can respond to this ans i repond you with information and idea to solve this problem

Hi there,

We answer you, please check that.



Would be possible to add a filter by product in VC Product Tab Creator?

We have a lot of tabs associated with a lot of products, so if we will be able to filter by the product ID and the module only show us the tabs associated with that product will be amazing!

Thank you very much,


Thank you for using our product. We will release product tab module separately with more features. Our future version will not support product tab in the visual composer.

Hello I have bought the visual composer for Prestashop and have it installed. Prestashop Version Visual Composer Version 4.4.2

Now I try it. I make a new site and will insert a single picture or a blog or what ever …. they will not work ….

It appears the setting box … and starts to load … it loads and loads and loads … already 10 minutes, but it does not go further.

What can I do ? Thanks for helping Best regards Arnold

Yes I bought a new license. I open a ticket.

I see no spport-button on your site is our support url

Dear, is it compaible with 1.7 please ?

Right now not. But will once 1.7 become stable.


destocks Purchased

Hello i have bought visual composer and smart ultimate vc addons Each time i want to registered somthing i get an http 500 error, can you help me please ?

Hi there,

Please open a support ticket on our support system: We’ll answer your ASAP.


Hi again, thank you very much for your last answer.

Now I have another doubt, how can I add the visual composser panel in a custom controller? It wil be an admin controller.

Thank you very much.

You need to code custom php inside you custom module to work vc also in frontend .

Yes, we know, we see that you add some code to the header in the administration panel, but then it is filtered with some “ifs” to only work in specific pages.

We need to add our page there? Do you have any documentation about it?



krasny Purchased

Same story happens over and over again. New version 4.4.4 announced but the downloaded file includes 4.4.2 ….

Version 4.4 is not approved by codecanyon yet. It is in quee. But you can got the by activate your version from back end and click auto update.

Since a few days any new photos do not show up in the library after uploading. Maybe it’s out of memory? I’d like to delete a few photos I’m not using anyway. Is there any way to quickly organise the VC media library? If I delete any photos in use, will these still show up on the website?

We haven’t face this kind of issue till now. Are you using our latest version . Because ee have apply folder wise image upload in the past. Do not delete image. It will make problem to show image.


wellrun5 Purchased

Welcome acquired unit in the setup page popped up an error Notice on line 293 in file /var/www/andrey/data/www/ [8] Undefined variable: update_disable How to fix.

You can disable the debug module that will not show any more. We will investigate this.

For a new user who installs visual composer first there, will not be replaced. We have remove the replace system from 4.4.4. As you have installed previous version that is why it do not work. We have faq which will resolve the issue

For simple blog you need to ask simple blog author. We have sent them, their module modified file.


wellrun5 Purchased

I have a simple blog module from theme warehouse. I need the theme author to request the modified files? You can send me these files?

You need to ask the original author. As we are not the allowed to distribute other developers file.