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Does it work Prestashop 1.7

Our developed have finished 1.7 version. Due sickness I’m not able to release .if you purchase and open ticket our support staff will send you 1.7 version.

Hello ! Does it work with Prestashop 1.7.1 ? Or any update soon for Prestashop 1.7.1 ? Thank you

Do we need to buy this also : Ultimate Addons for Prestashop Visual Composer smartdatasoft

Ultimate addons is different which add new extra features in your visual composer. If you want rapid development then you can use that.

So Addons ofer us more features in visual composer bulder ?

Hi! Why don’t you guys still add the newest version which is compatible with 1.7.1 ?

I was sick few week that is not able to test my self before release. Our developer have finish and test. Those who ask 1.7 version our team provide that.

Hi, I have purchased the module and contacted you via support. Could you please send me the version for 1.7.1? Thanks.

Hi there,

We’ve answered you on your support ticket, please follow our answers there.


Hi! It is compatible with all the prestashop templates? I have to worry about which template I pick for my shop? Thanks

Yes it is compatible with all template


When i create a page, Visual Composer automacticly put a YouTube link video_bg_url=”” on my page.

Why you do that ? I am obliged to delete it by hand page by page !!!

Other things, how i can create an Alt for my images with Visual Composer when i creat a block “Single Image”? I can do that with my Wordpress but not on prestashop.


Hi there,

Visual composer had bug with garbage youtube. We’ve successfully fixed that bug in our latest update. Do you use the latest version of visual composer? If not, please update you module version to resolve the issue.


dose this plugin works with any prestashop theme?

Hi there,

Glad to inform you that Visual Composer is compatible with any kind of Prestashops theme. You can take a look at our Legenda theme: which is build with Visual Composer.

Have a memorable journey with visual composer.

Hello, when the vc version for 1.7.1 will be released please?

Hello, Yes we are doing to release today. :)

Great! looking forward to buy it, Thank you

Just upload the new version, Hope will release withing few hours


the last version noticed on your page is : 24 April 17

but the version number on page is still 4.4.4 (publishied on februry 17).

did you publish today a new version, or it is an error ?

best regards,


Hello, Sorry for the confusion. No it is same 4.4.4 version , only difference is that, we have release same 4.4.4 compatible with PrestaShop 1.7 compatible


medaniwd Purchased

Hi, thanks for publish the 1.7.0.x version. When will 1.7.1 follow? The changes should be marginal I guess.

Yes it work 1.7.x but 1.6.x and 1.7.x is different version.

Module goes in conflict with other modules. I had a problem with using this module with Product Composer module. I don’t know if this is a problem of the first or the latter, but reading the comments here I think I should get a support from here.

Please extended your support pack and open ticket in our support system with your site ftp and back office. Our team will investigate that.


DraculApp Purchased

Hello, everything runs smootlhy but I can’t see the elements in the builder… version 1.7.0

Hi there,

Visual composer is working well with prestashop 1.7.x version. If you need any kind help you can easily contact with us on our support system.


I am running transformer and the newest version of VC – all was working fine – however currently i- when I want to use the VC – it says “Controller not found” – But I do not have a conflicting issue with any controller, do I?

Can I make a header like the one of this template with visual composer?

Version: Presta

Hi there,

Visual composer is mainly page and content builder. You can’t make your preferred header with visual composer if you are not an user of Magnium theme. Magnium is only renown prestashop theme to build header with visual composer. Here is the Magnium theme url: