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Hello I’ve just bought this module. It looks awesome at least the part that i already used.

My website got 3 languages, how can i manage one element( for example FAQ element) with these 3 languages? i can’t see any dropbox languages like prestashop’s html boxes has. Thank you.

Sorry, i just saw it. My mistake. Thank you!!

How can I upgrade to the new version?

Download the file, unzip after the upload same process how you install module . From module page upload the new file. Prestashop auto update that. From next time you can insert your purchase key in the back end to apply auto update.


I’ve bought this module and installed it on my prestashop website. The installed version is 4.3.15. Prestashop version is I’ve bought Prestashop Dhvc Form Builder too and I want too install it on my website. Actually I can’t activate it because it uses functions that doesn’t exist on my Visual Composer module version. So I tried to desactivate and delete both modules to install a newer version of Visual Composer (4.4.2) but I cannot activate it : I have this error : “jscomposer : Impossible d’installer la surcharge : La méthode initContent dans la classe CategoryController est déjà surchargée.” in french which means “jscomposer:      Unable to install overload: The initContent method in the CategoryController class is already overloaded”.

I’ve read the documentation and especially this : “Override: Sometime your other module will override this. That is why you may see the following message after instal Visual Composer. Don’t be worry abot that you just follow our instruction. Use this link." so I just renamed the mywebsite\override\controllers\front\CategoryController.php file to -CategoryController.php and tried again to install Visual Composer 4.4.2 and now i’m Having this : “jscomposer : Impossible d’installer la surcharge : Class CategoryControllerOverrideOriginal584155269e9b0 does not exist” which means : “Unable to install overload: Class CategoryControllerOverrideOriginal584155269e9b0 does not exist”. :cry:

What must I do next ?

I really need to install the “Visual Composer Form Builder” and I don’t have time to debug this by myself, hope you can help me.


Hello, it was your theme file which already overwrite the category controller. Open ticket in our support system with your purchase code we will fix that or follow this faq


I installed the plugin and everything was working fine, but suddenly the button “Backend editor” stop appearing. I didn’t add or delete any module, I didn’t change any settings… I just was adding contents, and suddenly the button does nor appear anymore, neither in VC Content Any Where nor CMS pages.

I have claned the cache, close sessions, change module positions… but the button does not appear. I use version

Please could you help? Thaks for your time.

Please update your module vc 4.42 if you are using After update visual composer if the problem exits open ticket in our support system after extended your support pack with your site back office , our team will investigate that.

- May in know with this module we can edit Prestashop front end mega menu also?

- For home/category/product/cms pages we can define how to show right and left column how to be displayed?

- Can this module edit Footer also?

No it is not possible to edit mega menu. You can edit your page content via vc. For more details look your youtube videos You can build your footer with vc. just follow our youtube video about footer.

- But how we can customize mega menu? in your site demo for this module, you have customized all even Mega menu also! :|

- I didn’t get my answer yet. I need to know is it possible to manage left/right columns on pages that I asked you?

- Thanks

In our site we customize the header partvia vc. Secondly left/right column is managed by theme meta of prestasho. You can build your page with vc column. If you need to insert any module in your column you can do by vc. Hope you understand what is possible via vc.

Hello , since i updated prestashop 1.6.10 , Visual Composer wont work. I tried to update to 4.4.2. but i also have this error “Impossible d’installer la surcharge : La méthode initContent de la classe CategoryController est déjà surchargée par le module stoverride version 1.2.0” i tried to follow your instructions in the video but i was lost at 1:58 Can you please help ?

hello again :) i managed to make it but i have a problem with the frontend editor. It wont lunch , it stucks in loading. Can you please help ?

Please check your front end have any js error or not. Your support is expired, please extend the support pack and open ticket in our support system of dedicated support from us.

Hello, Can you please tell me the differences between this module and Product page visual composer? Is product page VC included in this module or they are 2 different modules?


Visual composer is the core module, Product page builder need visual composer to work.


We just update the module and now when we try to edit a block, it appears as the default one.

What can we do to fix this?


Please clear your browser cache. and then try.

Thanks!! it works perfectly.


Can you please send me the file to make it compatible with Simple Blog module. I will like to change the default editor to visual composer editor.

Good Afternoon I am very interested in your module.

But I have a question: In the product description I would like to place a red notification below the product stock… That’s possible ? Can I place it in the place I want?

I would also like to know the following: Is it possible that this text comes out in a general way in all the products that I have inside the store ?? And could filter it so they do not come out on specific products ??

I explain: I have a general rule for the whole store: – for the purchase of 6 products, there is an offer of 14.44%. (And I want that text to appear on all store products to inform the customer).

When I create promotions in the store, there are 1 or 2 specific products that rule will not apply. If the rule does not apply to those specific products I would like the text also not to show those products

That’s possible??

no it is not possible.

Hi ! Do you plan to make a prestashop 1.7 version of visual composer ?

Thanks !

Right now we have no plane to do in 1.7

Hi! Can I add google analytics events code to buttons?

No that is not possible.

Hi, I was looking for something like that before. I purchased a theme “Flexible” for my prestashop. My question is that if I buy this module of yours will it be dragging all the modules even created by my theme’s company.

Kind Regards Muddassir Ahmad

No you can add custom module via vc.


d_arias Purchased

Hi , I’ve just tried to install visual composer and first think i made , first mistake:

“El siguiente(s) módulo(s) no pudieron instalarse correctamente: jscomposer : Incapaz de instalar con control manual : El método initContent en la clase CategoryController se anula por el módulo stoverride versión 1.2.0 en 2017-01-03 23:11:35 .”

Can you help me please?

Thanks in advance


d_arias Purchased

Hi again , my theme is transformer

Please open ticket in our support system or follow our support system faq to resolve your issue


aikido Purchased

Your plugin caused a mistake in Override/Controller/Front/categoryController.php I solved manually this mistake (it is in a comment of the file) but you should fix this bug


aikido Purchased

If it is so.. sorry. No i didnt see. I wanted to improve your useful plugin :)


aikido Purchased

where i can find this doc file?