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more screenshots or demo


I have added more screenshots.

Regards Aman Saini

Your Addons is Awsame thanks a lot of ! my won Site itrongbd.com


on WP 3.9 the plugin is not running!!!

Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_plugin_active() in /kunden/404099_22397/webseiten/marke7/wp-content/plugins/vc-ninjaform/vc_extend_ninjafroms.php on line 43

my website is now “off” course the “Fatal error”

can U Help me



Can you please mail me temporary access to your site at contact@amansaini.me I will check it for you.

Regards Aman Saini

Same here, I’m emailing you my info

Hi Thanks for letting me know the issue.

I will be updating the plugin in few hours , please download and activate the plugin again when you receive an email of update available.

Regards Aman

I never received an email with a new update available.

Hi Please download the latest files from your codecanyon account. I am not sure why you didn’t received email from codecanyon after I updated the plugin.

Regards Aman

I get the following message Visual Composer Ninja Forms Integration requires Visual Composer plugin to be installed and activated on your site. and i have a template with visaul builder inside up and running….

Tnx for the fanatic support :)

you are welcome :)

Could I see an example site, please, with the Ninja Forms use. Is this plugin working currently and are you fast in support?


you can check the screenshot as the frontend will just ahow the form created by ninjaform.

Plugin is working perfectly.


JUST BUY AND INSTALL Visual Composer Ninja Forms Addon BUT DO NOT SEE INSIDEVisual Composer

I just checked what you mention me and everything is fine, even though I can not see Visual Composer Ninja Forms Addon, thanks for your prompt reply, regards.

ok , please send me login details from my profile page. Will check it for you.

Regards Aman

Thank you very much and stay! Greetings

i installed the plugin but it now being seen inside of wordpress vc


Please try after updating Visual Composer to latest version

Hello, Your Addons is Awesome ! thanks a lot of !

My site: Arafat Rahman

Hi, I have installed this add on but it does not show up in the VC elements window. I have just updated Visual Composer to the latest version.

What do I do next?


please send me the login details of your site from my profile page.

Regards Aman

Hi Aman,

I’ve sent the details. Hope you can help me thanks


You need to have Ninja Forms installed first. I have installed it and now you can see it in VC.

Regards Aman

Hi, your addons are awsome . thank you for your creation… My site Tech Blog

Hi, i uploaded the plugin but can’t find it on “add element” page.


please check if you have ninja forms installed.

I’ve installed the plugin again and it works fine! Thanks for your response

can you development new elements with visual composer ?

yeah, which element you need?

Hey Webholics! Does this allow for File Upload option? Trying to add a button which will allow for on http://keyboardcome-ons.com/book-submissions/


No it just lets you insert the Ninja Forms via VC.

Regards Aman

ahhh Ok grt, will def keep in mind thnks!

Just bought your plugin, not works, please fix your plugin, or we will refund.

please check if you have permissions from Visual Composer settings in admin

what you mean? I just checked all settings, not found nothing about it

please send temp login details to webholics.chd@gmail.com. I will check it out for you.

hi, tell me please, this plugin can allow the use of Ninja Popups in Visual Composer window to plugin Modal Popus?

Hi, No it’s not for Ninja Popups.

Hi, this doesn’t seem to work with the latest Ninja Forms, is there a patch for this?


I am working on new version for 3.0, releasing it by tomorrow.

Regards Aman

This did not work with Ninja Forms 3. I owuld like a refund


Please download and install the latest version.

Regards Aman

I bought vc ninja form but again and again my website gives an error. When I remove the zipfile, its working again.


What error you are receiving when you install the plugin.

Regards Aman

Will this work with the latest version of Ninja Forms and Salients theme – Visual Composer??


Yeah it will work with latest version of Ninja Forms.

What about the Salient Visual Composer as thats the trouble im having with it, its version is 4.12.1