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iwidhy Purchased

Halo webholics,

I want to build like this layout http://prnt.sc/bwfnxc (horizontal)

how to layouting in the visual composer? i use this layout http://prnt.sc/bwfmyn but isn’t work..



Please add a form container then add a row inside.

Divide that row in 3 cols and add name, email and submit in each col.

Regards Aman


lucks17 Purchased

Hi , I recently purchase this plugin, I installed and activate this, but when I want to add the mailchimp, I don´t see the mailchimp form container., I just activate with the key code of mailchimp, and then nothing happend

Hi Please send me your site login details to webholics.chd@gmail.com

Regards Aman


I’ve purchased your plugin but when I try to insert a mailchip form container from within VC, nothing happens….all the other elements insert fine but not the container and the container is required….Any ideas?

My Wordpress Ver: 4.6 My VC Ver: 4.12

Tested on firefox, chrome and safari and none work.

Please could you possibly look into this urgently as I need to get this site done for a client.

Many thanks in advance


Can you please check if you have entered the correct key at Settings => VC Mailchimp.

Regards Aman

Ah!!!! Sorry did not realise had to put that setting in first….my apologies and thanks for the swift response :o)

Hi, the field background colour isn’t being recognised. Can you help please? Thank you


Please send the url where you are facing the issue.

Regards Aman

hi, i recently downloaded the plug in but when i try to install it on wordpress it says the package could not be installed. no valid plugins were found

Hi please unzip the folder and install the plugin zip file inside it


emidel Purchased

Poorly shielded CSS. Pretty much NONE of your styling options work with even slightly advanced themes, including label location top, styling of fields with radius etc. Instead they are completely smashed by both 2 themes I tried with (and now you’re thinking – your theme does not comply with bla bla – well I don’t have this problem with any of my other 25+ plugins installed – so go figure).

I wish more developers took the time to test with at least 3 semi advanced themes, instead of setting TwentyEleven as the norm for your compliance.

Too much work getting this to look decent – this goes in the bin. Rated with 1 star. Let me know if you update it, and I’ll be happy to re-rate.


motoyen Purchased

How do I increase the size of the button to match the height of the fields?

Also how do I change the color of the button to a custom color?


motoyen Purchased

Sorry I removed the password.

Also I’d like to set the fields a little closer to each other if possible.

please add below css
    padding: 10px 20px !important;
    margin-top: 0px  !important;
background-color: red !important;
    color: #fff !important;

motoyen Purchased

That worked thanks!

Hi Aman

I am getting an error message when I try to sign up with the form: {email“} instead of “Thanks for signing up” It works but I keep getting this message and all the messages It keep appearing behind the submit button.

Can you please help me?

Thanks, Tania

this is the message coming up: ... euid“}



Please go to Settings=>VC Mailchimp & uncheck debugging checkbox.

Regards Aman

How does one go about selecting which list the form is sending to?


There is option to set list for each form.