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Hi, the stream don’t work on my page. Can You help?

This css-code does not help:

.social-feed-container .opacity0 { opacity: 1 !important; }

please select popular to user and add instagram user id in below field.

The same problem. It don’t works.

if you possible please send me mail access detail in my email khunthitesh32@gmail.com

i will setup for you.

Hi i bought your plugin, tried to upload in a zip into the website and gives this error:

Bezig met installeren van plugin vanuit bestand: vc-instagram-feed.zip Uitpakken van pakket…

De plugin installeren…

Doelmap bestaat al. /home/moonwebdesign/sasbreda.moonwebdesign.be/wp-content/plugins/vc-instagram-feed/

Plugin installatie mislukt.

Terug naar de plugininstallatie.

please extract in main zip file.

please upload vc-instagram-feed.zip file.

Hello there,

For some reason i can’t seem to see the posts, its not showing up. Any reasons why?

please send me your site link. where are you setup this plugin.

Hi, I’ve just purchased your plugin and added it in a page with Visual Composer. All the details entered are correct, however nothing is displayed and this is the error I can see in the Console.

VM40 instafeed.js?ver=4.7.5:101 Uncaught Error: Error from Instagram: The access_token provided is invalid. at Instafeed.parse (VM40 instafeed.js?ver=4.7.5:101) at popular?access_token=moniquenijman&count=5&callback=instafeedCache282ae27cefba146a.parse:1

Let me know if there is a quick fix for this or when you will update the plugin. Thanks.

i think you have wrong setup. please send me your site link. where are you setup this plugin.?

and if you possible please send me your site access detail in my email id : khunthitesh32@gmail.com

i will setup for you.

i think i found the issue. if not, i will send you an email. thanks

The plugin does not work, does not show anything at all, I do everything according to the instructions (

please send me your site link. where are you setup this plugin.

http://hotel-v.jellyweb.ru/instagram/ this link is 404 page

but i have show in home page successfully install this plugin.

Hi , is this addon can work with prestashop version of visual composer ?

sorry this not work with prestashop visual composer version. but my social stream plugin available for prestashop : https://codecanyon.net/item/social-stream-for-prestashop-with-carousel/17111699?s_rank=4

please check your mail. i have send to personal mail in your id.


I don’t know why, but the PlugIn doesn’t work. I got an access token as you described it, but it doesn’t work.

Do I have to change anything in the settings?

The site is: ibrahim.gooder-store.com

It should be displayed above the footer.

Regards, Andi

i found your setting you have set get = popular please change to “User” and add your user id in field.

Perfect. Thanks.

It looks like when I untick the ‘show more’ box then all the images disappear. The links are still there – I can hover over where the image should be and the links still exist. Any ideas how to fix that?

Also, is there any way to force portrait photos into square? For example we have 5 photos in a row, 4 are square and 1 is rectangular portrait and so it sticks out below the others. Can we force that one to be square?

theme style.css file.

I’ve tested adding the above CSS to my style.css file for the theme and they line up nicely now which is great! Unfortunately they also seem to have a light grey box around each post – any idea how I can remove that?

add bellow css
.social-feed-element .svc_insta_inner {
    border: none !important;

HI there I am trying to add a instagram carousel and get this error – Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home11/stitche4/public_html/wp-content/themes/podes/inc/widgets/instagram.php on line 77

Thanks in advance

i have send again please check it. please check your spam folder also.

I have checked and spam as well and still cant see it

please send me your other mail id.

please check mail.

your gidginbilla@bigpond.com email get error ropert : http://prntscr.com/fygajc

please give me your gmail or yahoo email id.?

Hi, how exactly do you connect to the instagram.

As i see the location, and user Id. But am having trouble as to wear to directly enter my things.

please send me your site link. where are you setup this plugin

I installed the plugin but it doesn’t work at all. It appears into plugins, but that’s all. I can’t access to edit or use it. What’s going on? Can I have a refund ?

please send me your site link. where are you setup this plugin.


DreamPerm Purchased

Hi! I’ve bought the plugin and have a question – is it possible to make a filter for example I would like to show photos only with tag name – “cat” ?

yes possible.


dperezjr Purchased


I am unable to display any photos in my Wordpress site, please advise, i have tried using “Tagged” and “User”

site: www.perezand.co



dperezjr Purchased

I have sent login details to: khunthitesh32@gmail.com

please check mail i have setup http://perezand.co/sample-page/


dperezjr Purchased

...thank you, it is now working properly, what was the problem?

Two more questions: 1. This plugin does not support videos? 2. how can i exclude posts from particular Instagram accounts like @delete