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Hi, i’ve been having issues trying to do the “Instagram auth settings / Access Token” when im at the form, it keeps telling me “The captcha solution was not correct. Please try again.” is there anything i can do? Am i able to display my instagrma feed without going thru this step??

instagram not allow without access token any feed. so please add access token correct. help your developer.

Hi, currently when it displays on my site, the Instagram images are not of the same size, is there a way I can make everything the same size like your demo??

pls refer to https://www.prodigalroasters.com/

Hi there! I purchased this plugin, and have spent the last 30 minutes wrestling with errors from Instagram before I was able to get the access token set and the user id in visual composer.

However, I cannot seem to get the instagram feed to appear on my page when editing in visual composer! It will not get added to the page. It does not appear to recognize the updated values, so when I close out the visual composer window, it erases all of the data (discovered when reopening the VC window)

Do you have an instruction manual? The instructions provided so far within the plugin have not been very clear.

please send me link where are you setup this plugin?

Sorry this is a staging environment, and I cannot send this data through a comment

how to check what is issue. please upload in test server and send me link.

Hello, i did al the steps, i only get a show more box. if i click that, it keeps loading. Do you have any solutions

“Disable implicit oAuth” is already unchecked

please regenerate access token using this site : http://instagram.pixelunion.net/

Great thank you!


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This plugin doesn’t work. I have a valid access token, and a valid user ID, and no images are loading. All I see is a ‘read more’ box.


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Hello, I had install gallery

Pictures are not displaying nice like on demo leaving big gaps can you help please, i cann give you all logins

See yourself http://habarber.com/#opinie

Purchased the plugin and followed directions to get the key and ID. But I cant get this to work. plugin is installed on amyblankson.com just above the footer. chrome console is display “Uncaught Error: Error from Instagram: this user does not exist” any ideas?

instagram allow own user id feed get using own account access token.

please use ‘19274251’ user account access token.

This is a presale question. Is it possible have multiple user IDs?

at a time 1 user id possible.

Hello! I have installed your plugin on our dev site and it was working fine for a few days but now all the instagram images are broken (but will click to the correct image on instagram). Nothing was changed. What happened? http://devbmtc.wpengine.com/about-us/community/

insagram API change 12-01-2018 for image. so i have updated changes in codecanyon. so please download latest version and setup it.

Thanks, that did the trick!

hey this suddenly isn’t working? deleted downloaded from here re-installed and still no joy?

please download latest version in codecanyon and setup it because 13-01-2018 instagram API chnage.