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Best of luck with sales

Thanks :-)

Thanks PreScriptZ :-)

Good :) glws

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Good work! Glws!

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Nice work gud luck

Thanks AliA :-)

Thanks for purchasing plugin, i will update you soon, please contact me at http://www.topdigitaltrends.net/contact so i can send you file.

Done :) Thanks again!

Wow, very nice work! 8 hours after my request, I had already received the file. This is really good service. Thank you very much for your dedication!

Nice plugin! The title isn’t showing when I use it see http://www.vijverfestival.be/kerst What am I doing wrong?

Hi, title field renders the title attribute for img tag. It’s just a reference to image and will not display in caption area. But you can define your own title from caption editor by using headings

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Nasir! Keep up your good work in 2017 :D

You too and Best wishes for new year :-)

Nice job :)


Thank you for this new update Sir! Btw, do you have a changelog?

yes I updated changelog in front page at the end. thanks

Ok, thanks ! Have a nice day :)

Can we show image over another image on hover?

Yes you can show image over another image. thanks :-)

On interactive banners, having scaling and hover issues on mobile (working on client site and they purchased the plug-in). If I set image height, the images are all stretched tall on mobile phones and there is no way to view the description as the hover event is never fired on mobile. Any work-arounds for this?

Please contact me at http://www.topdigitaltrends.net/contact so i can send you file.

Thanks for this new update! :D

Btw, dont forget to update your change log on the frontpage. ;-)

Thanks Mate!

Thanks Barreo :-)