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Looks Great, Good Luck with Sales :)

Thank you Rameez

Good job done. BOLWS :)

Thanks Labib

I select the add on in visual composer and it does not do anything, doesnt go anywhere ,, bbe3efa2-978c-496b-b5a2-71164601e439

do you want to increase image size?

decrease .. original image which is 150×150

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The plugin is nice, but there is no documentation and the names aren’t listed in the text on the demo. With over 100 different hover styles, it’s going to take me forever to shuffle through testing them all to find the one I want.

Thanks WebDevors i will create new demo with hover effect name

and also documentation

As a work around for the time being, I am able to just look at the demo source code since the style classes are named accordingly. Some labels in the demo text would definitely be helpful though. I appreciate the quick response.


I just want to know wether it support for the original image shape without circle or square style?



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But, if I use single image of VC default, there will be no animate effects.

I noted that there an a lot of animate effects on your demo site, some images are flying into the page from different direction, does your addon support that effects, right?

So what I exactly mean the original product image with PNG format, I mean I hope it can support both original image and animate effects, any suggests?


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Hello, I need to be able to control the size of the images. How do I make them larger? My images resize down to 300px x 300 px

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I’ve installed the plugin, but in control panel I see no icon. When you create a new page, also do not see the icon. How to use it???


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contact me on my email address …. you dont need to send me login information here.this is area for public.please contact me on my email address or you can create ticket

Hi How to edit dimensions of hover effect image? In the description of the hover effect I saw more effects how to add the rest?

how to change image size with hover effect?

I was not the first time I ask how to make the picture larger.

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Hi, I am using visual composer for a site and looking for hover functionality. I am working on this website and trying to add a hover functionality to the 2 single images on this page: As you can see in the backend of this page titled “master home page ” There are 2 columns each with “single image ” element – the basic VC does not support hover. I would like for a color with text on top of it to come over the image after you hover your mouse over it and once clicked links to a different page. Very similar to this landing page : . Is this something I can very easily do with this add on?

Can I also put text on top of the color that appears when you hover? So – hover over image – at the same time it changes to a color and text appears? Thanks

Yes you can add text …. please click on live preview will see all feature of hover.

yes you can add text that will show up on hover….also if you need something different functionality i will provide you customize solutions…you can contact me on my email address for further information Thank you

I’m having trouble installing this item may i know how to upload this plugin to my platform

you will have to extract the file that you download from codecanyon … and then extract the zip file… it will have other just need to upload plugin file via wordpress dashboard

actually it does not show any zip files what’s the exact files name that i should upload

did you download the installed able file…when you purchased the plugin. actually wordpress upload just zip file via dashboard….you can contact on my email address…

Is this compatible with VC 4.12?

Yes its fully compatible with VC 4.12

Does it work when using VC included in theme? VC is not installed in default folder (js_composer) but in folder js_composer_theme. I previously wanted to install a different VC add-on, it failed (message that VC is not activated. Obviously it searched for default folder).

Yes it will work with all situation … there is no condition to check visual composer install in default folder.but if visual composer working perfect with your will work also

Hi, is this product integrated with Woocommerce? Can I select an overlay style and have it applied automatically to all products in my Woo store?

Thanks Gary

HI Gary,

Thanks for interest … no there is no option to load woocommerce product image .but if you want it will be customize solution

Thank you

Hello I am wondering if I can achieve a image scroll on hover effect like here: with this plugin? Thank you.


First of all great plugin and looking forward on using it. I saw a couple of variations of the hover effect I like, but I don’t see any help files on how to set them up or labels:

Thanks in advance.

I’ve used visual composter many times before and I’ve been trying to set up the effect similar too

I’m specifically trying to replicate the BUTTERFLIES ARE SELF PROLELLED FLOWERS effect. How can I do this, what effect and Animation Effects do I have to use for each block left to the right.

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I downloaded the plugin, installed it, and added an image through Visual Composer, but nothing seems to be happening.

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I just installed “Visual Composer Image Hover Effect” but it seems to do nothing. I use the “Image Hove Effect” element in visual composer, but nothing changes in the frontend, nor I see any animation.

Wordpress 4.7.1

WPBakery Visual Composer: 5.0.1

Visual Composer Image Hover Effect: 1.1

This is the website (look at the first image on the left, below the slider):

Please let me know how to fix this. Best regards Alessandra

Hi ilcamelopardo,

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Hi, is it compatible with the media gallery that comes with the visual composer?

Hi drakoworld, Thank you for interesting, no its not compatible with visual composer media gallery. its visual composer addons.