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Hi! How do i make scrolling Popup appear in the middle of the screen instead of in the corner?

i think i figured it out. Top 40% and left 40% does a pretty good job. And of course it’s styleable with CSS.

Hello, I buy a wordpress theme (H & D) the visual plugin composer was incorporated into the theme. After updating the theme today I have visual version 4.11.2 compose. I bought Visual Composer Extensions Popup and Notification. I installed it and activated But I do not see it anywhere in my dashboard. Can you help me. Thank you

Hi, please try to enable in the Visual Composer’s setting page, it’s under the Role Manager.


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Hi There, plugin is throwing error: VC_Extensions_CQ has a deprecated constructor vc-extensions-cq.php on line 11

Hi, you can send me the WP and FTP access via the contact form in my profile page, then I can try to help.


I brought this plugin and is great and easy to style, only problem im having on the Modal Pop up is that on a mobile or if there is too much text on the screen, the Modal doesn’t scroll, how can i make it scroll?



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Hi i just bought this plugin and the popup works well, but i see that the code is placed after the closing tag and thats why the css style isn’t used inside the popup. How can this be fixed? Thanks in advance!

Hi, you can send me the preview page via the contact form in my profile page and how to reproduce your problem, then I can try to help.

Does the pop up have an allowance for exit intent


we want to use the extensions “Popup and Notification” to subscribe to the newsletter. Therefore, the popup should remember (e.g. via cookie) when the page visitor closes the popup so that it is not automatically displayed again. Is that possible?

What should I do so that the popup opens automatically after 5 seconds after the page has been loaded? If the user closes it, it should not reappear when the page is reloaded.

Hi, you can see the related setting in the editor from the screenshots: https://snag.gy/GI8alh.jpg

These fields do not exist in the “Depth Modal” element. Only in the “Scrolling Notification” element. But I want the modalbox to open automatically after 5 seconds and not when the user scrolls.