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Hi I have Visual Composer (bought it through CodeCanyon, http://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-page-builder-for-wordpress/242431) and I also purchased Visual Composer Extensions because of the Masonry Gallery. Unfortunately it’s not working, the option is there in the VC but it doesn’t get displayed when I try to preview it. Can you please help me resolve this? Thank you!

Hi, can you drop me a line with your preview via the contact form in my profile page, I can’t do anything with your description only.

How could I change button size and color in the depth modal? I saw many examples in your demo page but I can’t find any information in the help document.

the example I only see it this: [vc_button title=”Text on the button” target=”_self” color=”wpb_button” icon=”none” size=”wpb_regularsize”] .

the shortcode I see is different than yours. Here is my shortcode example [dt_button size=”big” animation=”none” icon=”” icon_align=”left” color=”orange” link=”” target_blank=”true”] more[/dt_button]

Hi, it depends which buttons you’re using.

The shortcode I cuse is VC’s shortcode, however, it doesn’t work with your plugin. Could you give me the shortcode such as [vc_button title=”Text on the button” target=”_self” color=”wpb_button” icon=”none” size=”wpb_regularsize”] .

I want to change color and size.

Hi am from swizerland and a absolute newbie. I have bougth the Impreza Theme whit the VC.

So i tried the Depth module to create a popup for the disclaimer and the impression. all fine, exept on the smartphone it’s not possible to scroll in the popup.

second problem. i d’like tu have a link in the impression popup to close and open the disclaimer popup.

is this possible?

Hi, I was just wondering when the caption option will be added to the photos when opened in lightbox in the masonry gallery? Thank you!


I purchased Kudo theme that includes VC support in it, and today purchased the “Visual Composer Extensions Popup and Notification” plugin. I implemented the Depth Modal element and it opens fine, but for some reason when it close it adds ’#’ to the end of the web address and navigate to the beginning of the page. You can see a simple example in http://baron-code.co.il/test/ – scroll down and click the “read more” link then close it. What am I’m doing wrong?

Please advise, thanks Maoz

I just noticed that when I hit the Esc key the popup closes as expected, without navigating anywhere, but while clicking the ‘X’, the focus on the page is changed as I explained.

Can you please advise? This behavior can be reproduced also in the live preview of the extension (http://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-extensions-popup-and-notification/full_screen_preview/7291003) – scroll down until the “small window” button is in the upper part of the page; now hit this button and close the popup with the ‘X’ button – it is automatically “scrolled up”! Do the same but hit the Esc key and you will get back to where you originally located. This is a huge issue when incorporating this functionality in the bottom of a page with long content.

Hi, can you drop me a line via the contact form in my profile page, then I can send you the update file which fix this.

Hi, I am using the Veented North theme, your scrolling notification is exactly what I want. Problem is that it will only show up once I have navigated to another page (portfolio) then returned bak to the front page. Any ideas? Many thanks.


How do I change the font? to match the font currently on my site?

Hi, your plugin doesn’t seem to be working with the Salient theme, can you advise?


Hi, I have an issue with the pop up and one of my theme .. The popup doesn’t seem to appear because the theme is in canva mode ( on page with VC for different sections )

Thanks in advance, Nick

Pre-purchase question. Can I make this as my welcome screen pop? I want to initiate pop up only for a new visitor. Is this possible with this addon?

Does this plugin have the ability to hover over the modal, and popup? Or does it require the user to click?

Hi, when i bought Visual Composer Extensions Popup and Notification i was think it contains Draggable Timeline !! what i can do now to Correct this error and get what I want ?! it is in your live preview http://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-extensions-popup-and-notification/full_screen_preview/7291003 why Interference! It makes buying mistakes ! pleas tell me what can i do now !?

Hi sorry right now I can’t do anything related to the purchase, you can try to contact the Envato support: http://support.envato.com

Hello, I’ve just bought this plugin but it seems not compatible with the vc button short code ?! Anyone know how to trigger a depth modal box using a button ?

Hi, please try to add the vc button shortcode to the link label, something like:
[vc_button2 title="Open a gallery" style="rounded" color="blue" size="md"]

Hello Sike!

Have a problem with >>depth modal<<. Its poping up with no picture showing. but when you scroll while poped up picture shows up.

How can I correct this mistake? Thanx! regards


How do I get a refund, your plugin is missing a feature I need?

Hi, sorry right now I can control anything related to the purchase, you can try to contact the Envato support.

Sorry, can’t delete my comment – solved it already! Great plugin! :)

Hi i just bought “Visual Composer Pop up and Extensions”. While Modal Box seems to be working, scrolling notifications seem to do nothing. am i missing something?

here’s a video. http://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cDehYI1I7A

i forgot to take screenshot of the console, but there are no js errors.


Hi, can you send me the preview page? Then I can try to help.

sorry. here. thats the page from the video

Hi, I can see the notification works in the page. Some of the css/js assets seems not loaded properly, please make sure you have uploaded all the files to the dev server.


I can’t seem to get the lightbox to work – I’ve set it to Open large image (light box) but nothing happens on click. http://milkisnice.com/samantha_d/gallery/

Thanks for you help. Ben

Hi, I get a javascript error in the page, please try to update this plugin to the latest version first, and you can try to switch the theme to test it too.


I’m using the [vc button] shortcode (in a slightly different way to in the help docs) to display a button but I need to know what the URL/SRC attribute is for this shortcode and I can’t find it anywhere.

Example: [vc_button title=”ACCESS TRADEROOM” url=”https://domain.co.uk/page/” color=”black” icon=”none” size=”wpb_regularsize”]

Please can you provide me with this information?


Hi, sorry the vc button isn’t from this plugin, you have to contact the Visual Composer author.

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Disregard, got it sorted. Would you mind removing the link from my original post? Can’t edit it on my end. Thanks.

Ok, I can report it and then it will be removed.