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After installing, you can’t see the addons and the Sike Extensions menu? Or want to disable some of the addons.

After installing and activating the plugin, go to the dashboard, then the Wordpress Settings menu, then select visual composer.

In the “User groups access rules” section, select the Administrator Accordion so It drops down. Scroll to the bottom and choose select all, then save the changes. This should add the new extensions to Visual Composer.

If you won’t use some of the elements, you can choose to disable the element here. Which means you can remove unused ones from view this way as well.

Have fun.

How to update the hotspot icon’s position?

You can update the hotspot icon’s position in the Visual Composer’s frontend editor,
1) First click the pencil icon when hover the current image to make the setting panel keeping visible.
2) Then you can drag the icons to update their position.
3) When the position is ok, click Save Changes and then Update.

As shown in the Youtube video

Due to VC frontend editor’s limit, you may can only save/update in the frontend editor once, so please try to reload the edit page if you can not drag the icon.

How to avoid the flash flick in page transition?

You may have to hide the page content via CSS. You can use tool like FireBug to inspect the element, get the first div of the page:

Then add the CSS to set it’s opacity to 0 in the Visual Composer editor to hide page content:

Now the page content is hidden by default, and the page in animation will be more smooth without the flash flick.

How to make the Parallax add-on full browser width?

After Visual Composer 4.4, you can stretch the row, so just click the setting of the row, and choose stretch the row: stretch_row Then the Parallax will be in full width.

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