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yepyeh Purchased

I know my support has expired but I have this problem ever since I got this plugin.

Because this plugin requires the Redux Framework plugin, on a certain theme I am using (Listify) it prevents you to use the themes options, which they’ve done through the Custimise (Apperance) wordpress function. Everytime I want to change the header logo or theme options like that I have to disable either Redux or the Pixelthrone plugin! Thought you’d like to know!

It’s a great plugin by the way, surprised it hasn’t have more sales! Thanks

Hello Thanks for the feedback. I’m working on the new version that will stop using redux, and switches to custumizer options. This new version is still under development, 1/2 months and should be available.

However I will analyse the hypothesis of doing 1 update to remove the redux.


promofo Purchased

When will the update comes? Lots of “Coming soon” blocks..

Hello We are still in development, we hope to be able to release the new version within 1/2 months.

Hello, I like the idea of blocks but infortunately all blocks are not created equal and some do not react well on mobiles : in content/misc you have an image (the left one) that does not display in mobile mode … normal (woman in red ad / or the cherry) ? to be fixed ? example here http://demo.extension.pixelthrone.info/vlpy33pv5xrr7v0/blank-page/

This version does not have this feature. It will be added in version 2.

Hum.. was just asking if a good coder could hack into the code and create new stuff from your codebase… any way seems that development is hot on your side, can’t wait for new versions, and for your advertising you can quote the post I just published , because I really think you have something unique and useful for wordpress : http://www.webmasterbulletin.net/2017/03/beyond-wordpress-theme-paradigm-block-based-design/2400

Hello I do not understand why but my dashboard did not show me your comment.

I’m very sorry for replying so late. Many thanks for the support, I liked it :)

I’m asking for help I get this message

Warning: require_once(/wp-content/plugins/pixelthrone__vc_extension/lib/mobile-detect/Pixelthrone_Mobile_Detect.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /wp-content/plugins/pixelthrone__vc_extension/plugin.php on line 82

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ’/wp-content/plugins/pixelthrone__vc_extension/lib/mobile-detect/Pixelthrone_Mobile_Detect.php’ (include_path=’.:/:/usr/local/php/pear5’) in /wp-content/plugins/pixelthrone__vc_extension/plugin.php on line 82

Hello, Check if the file name is equal to “Pixelthrone_Mobile_Detect.php” inside the folder that the error shows.

I think the name is different.

If you have trouble doing this, create a ticket on the support website. https://support.pixelthrone.com

I am waiting for the NEW WONDERFUL VERSION :)... Awesome!!!

Olá, Obrigado. Espero estar altura.

@author: When the version 2 will be released ?

Hello It is being developed in conjunction with other projects. I can not give the date for the release at this time. I’m trying to be as fast as I can.

Thank you for your interest, and for your patience.

I love your plugin but it seems to slow my site quite a bit. I’ve tried to test it on a couple of test servers and it slows each site. Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to resolve this? Thanks in advance.

Hello, I use the plugin in several projects, including the my landing page and I do not notice any problems on the load speed.

Send me your site url so I can analyze it better.


urza07 Purchased

Waiting for an update, after a couple of updates of both VC and Wordpress the options for display on mobile devices, medium and large screens are not working, simply put? they are not hiding

Hello Sorry for the delay, I’ve been out for a few days and I just paid attention to the support tickets.

So far no one had reported this issue.

Tell me your url to analyze better, because it may be some conflict with the theme that overrides the css class.


xepono Purchased

Hi, some shortcodes (for example “countdown”) and section templates on demo page don`t working! beset greetings mike

Hello, sorry for the delay, the new item has stolen me all the time. Thanks for the alert.


simon88 Purchased

Hi Pixelthrone! Any news on the new update?

Hello, I’m still developing (I have not been able to work full time on this product, the themes have taken up more time).

I hope to release it on August / September.

Bom dia!

Eu preciso de alterar a grelha do Isotope onde eu quero que o meu cliente consiga adicionar quantos botões ele queira numa imagem e definir os links e o texto desses botões, caso a caso. Poderia o seu Block Builder resolver isto?

E isso é possível de fazer com o seu plugin? Como?

Com o meu plugin não é possivel, o que eu estou a propor é criar um custom addon com essa funcionalidade apenas para ti, penso que o preço ficaria quase ao mesmo que o plugin, a vantagem é que podias fazer exactamente como desejas e com as opções que precisas.

Já mandei mail :)


urza07 Purchased

The last update was on November, I understand that sometimes things can get a little hectic, where can we expect some update? it’s somehow falling behind, by the way, the moustache theme looks pretty good, once I’m done with some projects I’ll give it a try.

Hello, sorry for the delay Unfortunately, the product has not been profitable enough to justify working full time on it.

So we have invested in new products such as the mustache theme, however as we create these products we are using this plugin to build them and that way we have improved and updated some options in it.

I really want to evolve the plugin, however, I do not feel that the market needs or wants something like that, since I do not see much demand or feedback.


urza07 Purchased

That is unfortunate and although I understand your situation, your plugin is a time saver, and it only has a year of being released; just add things one by one not all of theme at once, so people know you are on it, they will notice it, I myself have a license for Visual Composer even though is already included in the themes I bought before, if you are using it to in addition to mustache, you should then mature it, so it could be more useful along with anybody’s theme, it would peak the interest on both products and maybe other developers would be interested in adding it to their own themes, just like others that offer addons along with Visual composer, then you will see a profit, Don’t give up, you can do it.

This plugin is the best you should update it.. i love it! It could be a best seller more then moustache

Thanks for the support. This is not abandoned.

I’ve been working on it while developing my new themes, because the idea is to use the plugin as a basis for the development of themes.

I’ll have news soon :)


Be aware that this plugin conflicts with ultimate addons plugin and with swift addon! If you use one of them don’t use this plugin – it kills your site!

I have disabeled all vc plugins, I only have VC basic plugin and yours enabeled. And I can’t use it – can’t edit any part of it. As soon as I enable the swift plugin the frontend displays nothing except the loader balls. I reported this in a ticket but got no reply, so I commented it here!!! Read your tickets and reply..

I have added a screencast and login details inside the ticket – watch please and reply SOON!!!!

Because I get no response I answer myself: the reason I couldn’t edit any part of your plugins content was because of the f… visual composer role manager: your plugin isn’t activated by default so I can’t edit the content of it. The frontend doesn’t allow me to download any block, scrolling down is disabeled – why ? I don’t know – in the backend downloading and scrolling works. Also if I edit a page in backend mode and switch to frontend it shows me the VC loading graphic forever.

Hello! When the ‘coming soon’ blocks will be available?? Portfolio and etc?

Hello, Sorry for the delay. I’ve been on holidays. I have no release date, but I hope to be very soon.

If we purchase extended license, can we extend your plugin with our own sections according to our theme’s need?

Hello, Yes, it is possible.

However, I advise you to wait a few more weeks because I am going to release a new version with some changes in relation to this.

any expected release date?

Hello, I’m sorry but I do not have it.

Heyyyy Pixelthrone! Curious, I haven’t used your Block Builder since shortly after it was released, are there any additions/improvements etc since then sir? Is the new HighGradeLab theme Stash is that what they are using? Thnks for letting me know!

Hello, I’m not aware if it’s my plugin that they are using. I will analyze.