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2 quick questions & 1 note…

1) Does the new update include ability to create your own block?

Just checked in and saw an update was just made, but don’t see any changelog update yet.

I’ve been stalking your plugin because I love it, once I can create my own blocks I will definitely use this and spread the word about it.

2) When this is purchased, can I remove the big logo links to the VC site and CodeCanyon purchase?

They are very prominent in significant editing positions.

3) I love your frontend approach, I prefer frontend editing as well, but you are probably going to hurt your sales that way, as many Themeforest themes disable frontend VC because of many errors / conflicts.

Based on your demo, it looks like you have the backend editor working well / better now anyhow.

Thanks, congrats on an awesome plugin!!

Hello, Sorry for the delay.
I’m on vacation until the end of the week and with limited internet access.

1. Not yet.
2. There is no option for this, I will analyze the best way to add an option for that.

The frontend editor is the future. Some authors did not make themselves worked to learn how to use the VC so found it easy to remove this option. For this reason I added this option on the backend too.

Actually this has to be the smoothest product on themeforest..like butter.. im just getting used to it.. .. it is stunning! animations also on mobile! keep up the good work

Thank you for your support, it means a lot to me.

My theme use Redux Framework, and this plugin broke the visual composer design.

I wonder if feedback on this issue is possible?

My theme is The Fox and Houses. Both are compatible with Visual composer.

Is there any update solution to fix this problem?


Bug Charset does not accept characters with accents.

New version.

your only works in utf8mb4 no longer utf8 standard of most servers it does not accept accents.

Hello, sorry for the delay. Strange because I do not do anything in the header, only the theme works there.

Please create a ticket at the support site and share your site url.

Thank you.

Hi There – I am interested in this, mainly for the Coming Soon Page – I wondered if this does similar things like

1. Hide all other pages from public view 2. Allow for a Whitelisted IP Address to see developing site 3. Mailchimp Support for sign ups

It is important that client cannot see anything other than the Coming Soon Page until I am ready?

Also – so I understand, I can use this without a Theme? So for example just use this, and also Visual Composer together and I can build any type of site I like?


Thanks for your interest. 1. Yes. 2. To view the site in development simply login on wp-admin. 3. Yes.

Any wordpress needs to have a theme installed. You need to use a theme (can be free) or premium (that have the visual composer included) then you can add any block, or create your content using our addons.

This seems super cool but I’ll wait for the new feature “Templates” and Portfolios to be added. Any release date?

Hello, Thanks for the interest. We are working on two new themes, the blocks will come out of these two themes. I hope to add more blocks and a new feature in the middle of next week.

Hi, your Plugin is not compatible wit WP Job Manager, if i want to set a normal Text field over VC or something on WP Jobmanger pages in CMS it will not open the forms to write something, please test it!! I need booth, your plugin and working WP Jobmanger, if i deactivate your plugin, everything works like it should.


Hello Please create a ticket on my site and send me a copy of this theme to be able to do some tests. I’ll do my best to fix it.

Hello. I have the following problem when I use this plugin with Jupiter Theme:

if I choose a new “Page Section” row, then when I edit their options, not contains the “Pixelthrone Row Options” neither the tab “Settings” where the “Hide On” functionality should be. I mean: (Large Devices, Medium devices, Small Devices, Extra Small Devices.)

Else, if I use a simple row, the problem is that the fullwidth row doesn’t work.

I need to solve this ASAP.

Thanks in advance.

This theme uses an altered version of the visual composer. This option does not exist in the visual composer, because of that my row options are not added to this shortcode. You have to use a row instead of page section.

To help you better, put your question on the support website in the future.


1. In Chrome almost not possible to save page when edit in via backend… it freeze almost always and take long time ( i7 with 16 gb ram ) 2. Countdown – not working. I chooses for example 2016/12/15 – but it show me 243 days till date… and digits not changing… also all freezed

Is there also something new? Or just this bug fixes?

This comment is currently being reviewed.

hello This last update is just a bug fix. I am developing the new version (v2) with new options and more shortcodes I hope to release soon.

You need to make this clear to EVERYONE BEFORE PURCHASE…this extension requires the REDUX FRAMEWORK…PLEASE REFUND MY MONEY NOW

Hello Can you explain to me the problem of having to install redux?

To request a refund you have to use the correct channels, the comments is not one of them.

However, the redux is something that in version 2 we will no longer use.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi there, excellent invention..simply love it. I want to use blocks from https://themeforest.net/item/pillar-multipurpose-multiconcept-responsive-wordpress-theme/17795788 by using your visual composer extension…Is that possible??? If yes, take my money bud :)

Hello, Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately this is not possible.

Hey there! Does the newsletter shortcode also support Mailpoet?

Hello, I’m sorry but no.

hi can I achieve or does the plugin have a content block like this one : http://icecream.me/7205147fbbcce2bd07dbcacbe9bcb106 its located at the top of this site home page: http://arabi21.com/ Rgds

Hello Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately not.

Hi, i realy love this plugin, but i miss updates, new blocks, since month no more blocks are coming, only general updates, bug fixes.. is there coming something more or?? I’m not undestand why not force this plugin quick, because it have so many nice feautures and i know many not buying this plugin because only a handfull blocks and no more update since month, that a litle bit bad :-( Please do not understand wrong, i love this plugin, but i also hope there will coming more blocks soon..

Hi, The plugin will not be discontinued if that is your concern. Unfortunately, sales are not enough to work full time on this product.

I have been working on version 2. Will this be released along with a new theme that I’m working on, this plugin is a base to build the next themes, the new blocks or features that are created for this themes will be included in this plugin.

Thanks for your feedback, and for the support.

That’s realy bad, i and 208 other have spend money for this plugin because you have always writen there will coming up more and more blocks (portfolio blocks, service blocks, blog blocks..) ect. even if it has no big sales..

” The plugin will continue to get more blocks and features that I can promise you, even if it has no big sales. “


And that is true.
The plugin is a basis for creating my next themes.
So, all new blocks created for these themes, will be included in the plugin.

I building a new theme ( for bloggers ) that will contain a new set of blocks for blog, headers, footer, about, contact.

Also a new feature to create your custom blocks. And the template options.

I understand that you would like to see it happen faster, but unfortunately I was alone all over the development, and the product was not the success I expected, because of this I can not dedicate myself full time in its development.

Are there gonna be any more updates?

Hello, Yes, I’m working on the new version (2), with new features and blocks.


urza07 Purchased

I can’t submit tickets on your site, the login with envato is not working, I’m having issues with the my themes showing code at the top for the element in the page. send me a private message so I can supply you with samples

Strange, I’ve had new support requests.
There are two types of login.

Which one does not work for you?


urza07 Purchased

login with envato

I’ve been check with the ticksy author and it seems everything is ok. Send me your email to create an account manually.
Use the form on this page.