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can you please share some screenshots, how the backend VC module look like?


Yeah sure…let me give you demo access

I am also doing a video

Hello you can check out the videos on the item details page

Dear Sir,

Does it support also the self hosted autoresponder?

if you mind giving an development access with those plugins installed , so we can make it compatible with that

sir for the mailpoet it is free from wordpress.org https://wordpress.org/plugins/wysija-newsletters/

but for Mymail plugin it is one of the best seller plugins here in codecanyon.. you can check it there.

ok thanks, let me check for mailpoet first and then will go for Mymail

is this responsive ?

yes they are responsive,

Hi there, I just bought your plugin and I have a problem. When I install it will not let me activate it and I skip this error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/w080net/public_html/wp-content/plugins/vc-autoresponder-addon/public/class-vcautoresponderaddon-public.php on line 193

I could help them work? Thank you

can you please connect with us at support@himanshusofttech.com

Hi, this is a pre-sale question. Is it possibile to just collect email adresses without usinig any Autoresponders? Thank you so much.

Yes its possible, let me know when you buy the plugin, we will give that functionality to you

installed and got error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/demo/public_html/pr2/wp-content/plugins/vc-autoresponder-addon/public/class-vcautoresponderaddon-public.php on line 193

Kindly contact at support @himanshusofttech.com with your admin access

Hello: ¿the plugin does not have to insert html code?

No need to insert html code, just api keys and drag n drop form fields

Hi, Im trying to add some custom css to the form button but after putting the new css on a custom css plugin that I use, the button doesnt reflect the css changes. Im using the div or tag .vcautoresponderaddon_form_wrapper button to apply the changes. I can try to edit the root css of your plugin but then the changes will not be there once a new version of the plugins comes out. What do you recommend to customize the action button for this plugin?

Please contact at Support@himanshusofttech.com, they will take care of it !

I am patiently waiting for the two step opt-in option to be added.

Yeah we will add this in next update

Any Eta on the option for two step optin? The popup function is already there, just needs to have an “On Click” Button option added to the triggers

Will this work with Digital Access Pass? Or If I could use html form? Thanks!

No it wont

Active campaign support?

Yes we can give if you purchase

Hi there :) – pre-sale qestions: 1/ Does it play nice with WPML? (as i have a multilanguage site and would like to display custom text depending on language) – or is that simply a matter of creating a different pop-up per page (language)? 2/ Are there any controls to choose to not show again for xx days/weeks/months if visitor have already closed it down once (or opted in)?

Oh .. And is it possible to display it via shortcode – i.e. for using in standard widgetarea/display as integrated part of page (not pop-up)?

I just bought the plugin and I’m sorry to say that it does not work with Headway themes and Visual Composer – the sidebars that I have created in my headway theme disappears the moment I activate your plugin. – not sure whether it is the sidebar part or the main plugin in itself that creates the error.

Please tell me how can I make inline form [in single line] like this screenshot? http://imgur.com/Rf7jbVF

can you please connect us at support@himanshusofttech.com , we will get this solved for you


I was able to customize the “success” message – is there an option to customize error messages? Currently it displays “Please ReCheck Mailchimp API Settings.” which I do not want my visitors to see. Thank you.

Please mail your WP-Admin Details at support@himanshusofttech.com My team will fix your issue asap

I have set up a form and connected API via Getresponse, but nothing happens when I enter my email and click subscribe. Can you confirm if there is an issue?

Hello @blackwolfie, please drop your query at support@himanshusofttech.com


BNLPros Purchased

Love the plugin so far, but having a VERY annoying (Show stopping) issue. I can’t get the contents to take a higher z-index than other elements in the theme. (e.g. the main navigation)

Please assist!

Hello BNLPros, Thanks for showing interest in this plugin. Please Share you query with an screenshot on support@himanshusofttech.com. My Tech team will fix this issue ASAP.

This is a presales question, I use a self-hosted autoresponder plugin called Mailster using amazon ses, can your add-on work with this type of plugin? Please advise if this is possible.

Hello Slgadmin, Yes it is possible, we can add it on your server.

I think you need to add an option for cycle_day on the Getresponse code otherwise any autoresponder will not be triggered, an IP address would also be useful. I have modified my code but it should be included.

Sure, please drop your query at support@himanshusofttech.com