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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thx a lot for your kind words! Bad timing to get it approve, lets see if it will manage to get the right attention! :-)

Hi, I do not understand the difference between the three demos!


If you click on the images, there is a different way of listing the images, plus the 3rd demo does support a slider for the imges, to be slide through the iPhone!

I would love something like this for iPad (horizontal orientation ! )

We have already started development of extra screens! :_)

Hi, i like the idea but for the price it is not much to offer… however i want to know if there will be updates to include the device selection as for now i see it on iPhone 5s but what if i want to have it on iPhone 6 or iPad or even android ? are you going to include in it device selection for the future ? and for the 3 demos is almost the same only when you click it show the screens different. i would like to see it more inter active options

nothing recieved, if you can email again, I would appreciate

i sent again..

Got it ?


been looking for something like this. i see in the comments that the 3rd demo supports a slider for the images but i can’t see that in your demo page? can you update the demo page to show that function?



Everything good now?

Will this plugin still work with the latest Visual Composer and WordPress installs?

I’m a little cautious in purchasing since the plugin hasn’t had any updates and no response to the last couple of questions.


Yes the plugin is working with latest VC version, without any issues!

Thanks a lot!

Hi, was curious if I can use any device for this. Our application is currently a web application, in the process of creating a iOS and Android app, but would love to use this on lets say an iPad or mac for the time being.


I am sorry but AT the moment, because of no interest on the plugin, we do support only one device.

If you really need more, let me know and I would love to create them :_)


Sure, you have an email, I’d be willing to pay for additional screens if you are interested.

I don’t know if you receive my email but i been email you on event and on your email and i never receive a response. I got trouble with the installation. It’s seem like it’s did not work evan when i installed on my cpanel

Hi there, I’ve installed the plugin to my Worpress site – it works great. Just not sure how to change/remove the default screen – Lisbon, 11C? Can you assist please.