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Hi, thanks for your great work. Yesterday i installed the plugin. Showing perfectly what i needed. But 2 issue i’m facing. One if Thumbnail size. It’s not working. Another issue is i want to place title under the date. Can you please tell me which file i need to edit ? I’m using style5

Looking forward to get quick response from you. Thanks.

template directory location : /addon/carousel/post-grid-shortcode.php


monyctg Purchased

Thanks for your reply. Can you please tell me about thumbnail size issue? I placed 400×400 on thumbnail size field but not working.


monyctg Purchased

Waiting for your reply. Still unable to use the plugin due to image size. Looks not good. Please resolve the thumbnail issue asap.

I, have installed your plugin on wordpress 4.7 but i cat set Image View, Items Display, itemsDesktop Display ecc…


Hi, I can’t get this plugin to display any content on my site. I’ve dropped it into the home page here (http://www.cityoflondoncpa.org.uk/) but nothing is showing. It shows in the page HTML at the bottom of the page below the footer, but I can only get it to show a title if I add it, no actual post content is being pulled through to the plugin (the HTML is grey which suggests that it is being hidden somehow but I’ve done nothing with the CSS).

Anyone there? It would be good to have some support on this issue please?

Didn’t get a response on this issue from the author, but I was provided with a refund quickly when requested.

I’m writing to ask about getting a refund for my purchase of All in One Carousel for Visual Composer.

please apply for refund.

Hello! It can show events? any (post-type)? Please, confirm before buying. Thankyou!

yes this plugin support custom post type.

Hello, please, i need your help urgently. Sometimes i need to show only future events (don’t show the past events) like in home page http://www.soloconsultores.com/ and other times I need to show only the past events “eventos realizados” http://www.soloconsultores.com/ofrecemos/agenda/categoria/eventos/

Is there any way to do it? Thanks

“past_date” and “future_date” option not available in this plugin.

The posts are “events”, by “events manager” plugin, they are not simple posts

yes but date sorting option not available on this plguin.

For the All In One Carousel, I’ve set the Carousel type to Image Carousel. The carousel displays as expected, but I want the ability to link the images to URLs. How can I do this?

please send me mail in khunthitesh32@gmail.com please mail in mention your envato username. i will setup for you.

Hi a cup of questions. 1.can i use this plugin without visual builder? i have divi 2. i want a mouseover effect in the image like this http://ilkococina.com/ like in the section productos in home, i have make it with image css in this link but i want to know if it would be possible in this plugin, my link is http://datapixol.com/prim/ 3. this plugin is multiple license or one license? i am installing the demo page in my url but then i am going to move it to the link of the cient thank you

it is possible using customizing work but now you want hover functionality not available in this plugin.