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Nice plugin! Would it be possible to use this in a pure short code form without needing VC?

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Hi Sike Does this plugin work with WooCommerces product pages, product images and gallery images?

Hi, have not test it, you can add the image in the VC backend editor.

On your Zoom and magnify, is it possible to turn off save image to protect the high res image?


The image are loading small. Is there a way to see the images loading fullscreen and then I can zoon in?? (if the size is big enough of course)

Please: take a look:

Does anyone can help me??? I’m trying to reach the company for almost one month!

As the images used on zoom plugin are high quality, is crucial that we have a loading gif (as the image loads).

How can we do that? Do you have any css additional codes? That is really important guys

Hi, sorry for the delay, you can take a look at the jquery.fs.zoomer.css in the plugin folder. You can try to add the loading gif there.

Hi there, on iPhone around the picture on top and bottom is to much emty background. Is there an option to fit the height like 100% and not pixel?

Or is it not made for responsive?



I just bought your plugin but i can’t find the setting how to increase the zoom. Can you help me?

Is there a way how to increase the zoom size?

Thanks for your help.



I found the solution! Thanks

Hi there, a couple of questions:

1)When I have the magnify setting select with ‘press it’, the magnifying glass is present when the page loads and works fine for the first click and hold, but then dissipaters when I move the mouse cursor outside of the image. When I move the mouse cursor back over the image it drops down from the top of the page sometimes. Other times it just doesnt appear. How do I get it to remain on the image without this disappearing effect occurring?

2) How can I set the zoom level so it doesnt appear ‘all the way out’ when the page loads and how would I go about setting it so it zooms in close? Is this a image resolution thing?

thank you for the help,


Hi, I just purchased this plugin and I’m using inside a visual composer tab (not the first tab). Whenever I click the tab the image doesn’t fill the area, but stays tiny until I inspect element, then it triggers. Is there a code I can add so it can trigger as soon as I switch the tab?

Hi, please try to trigger the window resize event after switching the tab?

I’ve tried a few codes but I can’t even get an alert popup. Do you have a custom written code I can use?

I would like to know if the plugin will work with custom mapped locations on the image and will the actions still be valid during the zoom?

Hi, can I set the position of the magnifier in back end and make it non dragable in front end?

hi i installed the plugin but not work good ! zoom (+) some time work and another don’t work and the big size image dos not work , the image dos not show !!!!! please what can you do for this ?

Hi, the images are missed in the element? I can’t see the images. And right now this element require it’s container to be visible by default, it may not work properly if you put it inside a hidden container(like in a invisible tab by default in your example).

please try again now , and press on ( + ) the image show from side and i can;t see all image .

Hi, please try to add it in a standalone row (instead of inside a tab) to test? And you can send me with your WP account via the contact form in my profile page too, then I can login in to test.

Hi there, I installed but it doesn’t work when I load the page. It works only when I refresh it :/ Can anybody help me?

Sorry, it wors when I click on the link (above) but if I load an another page like and after I click to “térkép nézet” button than it doesn’t work

Hi! I’ve just bought this VC extension and all works fine! Thank You very much! Just 1 question please (very important for me): is it possible to set an initial scale value? Now large image get loaded with the min zoom. Is it possible to set a middle zoom as starting point? Let me know! Thank You

Hi, thanks your feedback, right now it doesn’t support this feature, maybe add it in the future update.

Thank You, at the moment i fixed setting a bigger size for the image place holder. But this would be a very nice feature for the future, Great work! Have a nice day.

Hi there,

When I tried to add the VC Object to the page, I get a JS error:

composer-view.js?ver=4.8.1:158 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘attributes’ of undefined

How can I solve this? How can I make this work?

Hi it looks like the error is from Visual Composer, please try to update the Visual Composer to the latest version first.

I really like this add-on but it doesn’t seem to be working properly. Its doesn’t work the first time I go to the page but does when I refresh it, its does.

Hi if you’re using this element with a AJAX loading theme, please try to disable the loading animation for it. It is not compatible well with the loading animation.
Regards it won’t work on mobile at all. Can you please fix it?

That issue was fixed. But No reply at all from plugin’s author… :(

Hello, we bought this plugin with colleague. And we noticed it’s kinda useless, we cannot setup how much zoom will be made on photo. We are using it on eshop with color cans, and colors itself. So we need zooming plugin which will make the small numbers on color pallette bigger, this plugin is doing NOTHING, it’s almost not zooming. Is there way to fix it, or we have to be looking for another plugin just for zooming?

White screen of death… “Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; VC_Extensions_ZoomImage has a deprecated constructor in /var/www/vhosts/.../httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/vc-extensions-zoomimage/vc-extensions-zoomimage.php on line 11” error

Can you please help me in fix it asap?

Hi, thanks your feedback, will fix it now, then update will be available at CodeCanyon soon.