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this is a ugly plugin!! You must do this and that, put it here and copy this, convert so. There is nothing with: “load up your Video and paste the content with VC” For me, nothing happens I regret buying. I have buy hundrets of plugins but I never had so much trouble. when I buy a plugin , I will not make until 1000 things to keep it running ! And at last: why downloaded one plugin from another site and not from Envato? What nonsense?? Why Envato admits this. I am annoyed very much!!!

I think you are technically challenged and know nothing about a video player..and lazy. Hire an assistant.

Hey there, thanks for this plugin, it has solved alot of my html5 video issues however, selecting a logo doesn’t replace the flowplayer logo. IAny advice? Does the logo need to be a specific size?

please submit your site and wp admin to my help desk. This is usually a css issue with your theme, or another plugin.


How do I remove the written text on display image (mouseover)?


Link: http://thelakesgt.ch/#video


This is Flowplayer feature. Its actually good.

Hi there,

It doesn’t work for me. I added Member Player but there is only one field available – Select Video – and the Drop Down in there is empty. I watched the tutorial and in the tutorial screen looks differently. Please help.

OK. I figure out how to add video. Now I’m having another issue. I’m using self-hosted video (1920×1080) and there are black borders at the top and right side. I tried to modify size of the video as it was recommended in the posts above, but it didn’t help.

Another issue. In IE all videos have grey overlay on top of them. I have a white background on the website, all original videos also have white background, so the boundary between the site background and video shouldn’t be visible. But as I mentioned above for some reason all videos in IE have a grey mask on top of them. It works fine in Chrome. Please help!!!

1920×1080 is not a web friendly format. I am not sure what issue is, as I don’t have any examples of your work.

If you don’t want grey overlay, then add a splash image. I need examples, please.


Gulle Purchased


we tried to view a video with a iPhone 6S, but the video won’t show up. It works with a iPhone 5 or Android system. We used a mp4 and webm file. We also tried to view a video from your homepage at memberplayer.com with the iPhone 6S, but it doesn’t play neither.

Any ideas?

Works fine for me. Try of the bullet videos. Works fine. The top video, I think this is my amazons3 issue. I’m looking into it now.


Gulle Purchased

We tried it with a iPhone 6S and with a browserstack.com iPhone 6S physical device test environment. Both ways not working for us.

upgrade coming

Same problem as Gulle here: the video works fine on Mac but it doesn‘t play on iPhone 6. Any suggestions?

There is no support on the official support system neither – requested a refund. Disappointing, don‘t buy!

sure there is suppot. New version coming with iphone 6 update.

This is displayed in my Wordpress (Wordpress 4.7) dashboard after installing and activating the plugin:

“The plugin generated 183 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.”

These lines constantly appear above the header as well, covering half the screen above the fold.

“Notice: Undefined index: post_type in /public_html//wp-content/plugins/gridvideoplayer/includes/addgvpmetabox.php on line 23”

“Notice: add_shortcode_param is deprecated since version 4.4 (will be removed in 5.1)! Use vc_add_shortcode_param instead. in /public_html/sport/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3783”

“Notice: get_current_theme is deprecated since version 3.4.0! Use wp_get_theme() instead. in /public_html/sport/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3783”

Uninstalling and reinstalling does the same thing.

Please clarify what exactly needs to be done to remove this.

This is fixed in newest version. Please update


KOCP Purchased

Hi, I recently purchased this plugin. I just downloaded the updated version (1/16/17). Just curious, what updates were added/ made to this new version?

New version released today. Php bug fix

Since the last update I get the following error messages:

Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 45 of 506 bytes in /home4/(...)/wp-content/plugins/gridvideoplayer/gvpscriprts.php on line 536

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home4/(...)/wp-content/plugins/gridvideoplayer/gvpscriprts.php on line 540

Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 45 of 506 bytes in /home4/(...)/wp-content/plugins/gridvideoplayer/gvpscriprts.php on line 536

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home4/(...)/wp-content/plugins/gridvideoplayer/gvpscriprts.php on line 540

(I removed the exact path to the wp content directory.)

Turning off a minify plugin and turning the video player back on now shows only a note above an embedded video:

Notice: Undefined variable: bordercssytvim in /home4/(...)/wp-content/plugins/gridvideoplayer/gvp.php on line 401

For some reason the border and shadow width settings for vimeo videos got lost, the input fields were empty. After adding a number there the notice went away.


Hi Support, I have checked out the live preview of this plugin but it seems everything is broken. Can you check it out for me please as I would like to see the preview before I buy. Thanks for your time.

all should be working

hello, does this plugin still work with iphone 7? and does this plugin autoplay and audio so you can hear it and see it playing?

Does the embeded video feature work in an iPhone browser app? I have a site with multiple videos and when someone clicks on them, I don’t want the video to take over the whole screen.

I just purchased your MemberPlayer plugin for Visual Composer for a client’s WordPress website project. Why am I getting this error “Notice: Undefined variable: return in /home/haydee/public_html/haydeeantezana.com/wp-content/plugins/gridvideoplayer/gvp.php on line 785”? How can fix it?

Is this product still supported please? I am a purchaser, I have (allegedly) 5 months support remaining. I have submitted a ticket at the official vendor support site, and sent a subsequent email, but had no response to either other than an automated ticket confirmation.

Hey, i want to start a video muted. Is it possible? How does it work?