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Awesome job. GLWS :)


Good day,

How can you make the gallery have 5 in a row for all rows? It always has the 231 layout?

Please advise>

Hi, please change the layout number string to all 5, like 5555555555 in the backend editor.

No matter what number combination I use (even 1111111) it displays the photos in some random fashion and then never changes again. I’m getting 2, 1, 3 every single time. No matter what I do. :(

Hi thanks your feedback, I’ve fixed it, the update will be available here soon, and you can drop me a line with your purchase account, then I can send you the update files immediately.

Hi, you can download the latest update, which have fixed this problem.

posts can also be used to create this?

only photo album, gallery, portfolio?

Hi I tried to install this plugin but when I activate it I get an error and my complete website is offline :(

1st installed WPBakery Visual Composer activated and then uploaded vc-extensions-mediumgallery

Warning: require_once(aq_resizer.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/admin/domains/trouwshoot.nl/public_html/wp-content/plugins/vc-extensions-mediumgallery/vc-extensions-mediumgallery.php on line 172

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘aq_resizer.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/admin/domains/trouwshoot.nl/public_html/wp-content/plugins/vc-extensions-mediumgallery/vc-extensions-mediumgallery.php on line 172

What am I doing wrong here?


Hi Sike,

Thanks for your help. It works some sort of. The only thin I was hoping for is that the gallery would rebuild by itself. For now I need to add some numbers to tell how many pictures you want for each row. When you combine landscape + portrait together in 1 row you will get an large open space since the formats aren’t fit to each other?! Maybe I am doing something wrong here?

Hi Sike, anything yet?

Hi, you can try to put the portrait image in a individual row now, will try to add the auto detect image size feature in the future update.

Hi, can i define a ribbon for feature image too?

thanks, chris

Hi, right now it only support image you added in the Visual Composer editor.

I want to buy it, but on 1 condition…i only want to use ribbons, and only of ribbons will be shown on post pics at homepage…every post pic must have their own ribbon. You have already cheated me with that.check out fatwallet.com, it is having several ribbons on different post pics.

Hi, you can embed image with ribbons multiple in Visual Composer. You can see the backend screenshot here: http://codecanyon.net/theme_previews/8231472-visual-composer-addon-medium-gallery-and-ribbon?index=3&url_name=visual-composer-addon-medium-gallery-and-ribbon

Sorry, unable to understand. My question is that I want to add ribbons on post pics as in fatwallet.com. Now tell me is this option available in your plugin or not?

You can insert the Visual Composer content in your site, then I will work. Note, you have to insert each ribbon image in the backend of this add-on.

Love this plugin! is there any way to add image captions? Thanks!

Hi, right now it only works with image. Maybe add caption support in future update. You can try to find someone to implement it for you as freelance if you want it in a hurry.

hi i am interested in purchasing this. is there anyway to add a previous next button to the images once you click on them?

one more question! is there anyway for the images to load from an entire folder/directory on a server? or do we have to embed a link for each image? does this come with a photo uploader/control panel?

hi, i want to add ribbon to featured image in article. is it possible with this plugin?

Hi right now it insert the image to your post.

Hi i Am intérêts on riboon. I want to add sold texte over dôme images on m’y wp Gallery. I dont want to built a new Gallery. Dose hou plugin Will suit m’y needs? Regards

Hi, the image(with ribbon) you embed to the post is from the media library. And it’s reccommended to purchas the all in one bundle which includes this element.

Ive noticed that sometimes… i will create a gallery, it will look great, then suddenly the thumbnails will look very low res. I will reload, reboot, etc. but the thumbnails will still look low res. is there a setting I’m missing?

Hello, I need some information, ribbon option has effect on “featured image” of items portfolio? There is a setting to manage these ribbon in featured image? Portfolio Featured image that i need: http://postimg.org/image/5wcxugqyd/

Because from media library i can do this setting? thank’you

Sorry not very clearly with your request, you’ve to manage it from the Visual Composer in the backend editor.

Sorry, I want to understand if is possible manage media image, because i use this ribbon into “feautered image” of portfolio and with plugin “eCommerce Product Catalog by impleCode”? Because i could buy it in the future

Hi! I tried to create a Medium Gallery with a Title for each image. Unfortunately the titles are shown nowhere?! Are there any other settings to display the title?

Hi, when I open a gallery picture in lightbox the picture is bigger than 100% even though the code says it should just go to 100%. And the overlay and pictures (when in lightbox mode) stays behind my navigation even though the z-index is lower for navigation. Is there any solution for this?


Great plugin, helped me get a great gallery.

Hi it share the z-index of it’s container, please try to increase the z-index of the container, also you may have to set the container’s overflow to visible via CSS too.

Hi, whatever I do it stays the same. I have no ideas left. Also my images are bigger than 100% when in lightbox mode which makes them really bad quality. Kind regards

Hi! My images gets bigger than 100% of themselves when in lightbox mode. I tried many things but can’t figure out how to fix it so that they get get max 100% of image size, not screen size.

Hi, the lightbox support maxWidth, you may have to customize it if you want to set it. Search the fluidbox in the init.js and add the maxWidth option. Don’t forget to minify the js file after changing. Maybe add it as option in the future update.

Hi, thanks but I have no idea how to code the maxWidth option in js . :P

hi – does this work w/new VC? I do not see ribbon choice or sikes prompt

Hi yes, it works fine with the latest VC. The installable plugin zip file is included in the package you download from CodeCanyon, please make sure you’ve unzip the file first.

hi – yes of course I unzipped it first and activated it in plugins section, but it does not show up in vc; I’m a professional; this isn’t working though in vc 5.0.1 w/avada

Please make sure you’ve download the latest version from CodeCanyon. I can’t help with the description only. Please try to switch theme or send me the WP account etc. Then I can try to help.