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Great work, keep going! :)

hi just baught it i was wondering how can i make the area height be dynamic according to text amount right now if i understood right you need to set height tnx

hi again i vnoticed somthing heres a link

when i add 2 images with an arrow with opposite direction there are not symmetric http://www.hakerdesign.co.il/he/about any clues how can it be fixed

by the way ive noticed that when you duplicate the module the setting is reset and not showing right i need to open new module each time

tnx thanks

Hi, you can customize the width (with a smaller or larger value) to make them symmetric.

Nice plugin ! GLWS ;)


I wonder if just buying the extension can use this plugin or need to buy the VC and the extension?

Hi, the VC have to be installed in your WordPress first to use this plugin. Some of the premium theme have VC installed.

Is it possible to put an arrow on a parallax section ?

Another addon on the way to the end? No reply = no sale.

Hi, thanks your feedback, I tried to implement it before, haven’t find a good solution yet.


If I use the extension in two or more different places in the same page I can only see the first image. In the second, third box… only see text. Any idea?

Thanx in advance.

hi the plugi conflict with royal sllider any clues how can it be fixed


also royal slider is there but doesnt load images

as soon as i shut down your plugin its ok


Hi, I get a javascript error in your page, can you drop me a line with your FTP account via the contact form in my profile page? Then I can upload file to test.

hi ive just sent you details

Hi. just purchased this item. looks good but images aren’t appearing alongside boxes. tried a few themes. any ideas. sorry i am not technical but have a developer on hand who could fix if its a theme/css issue or something cheers

Hi, I don’t see the “image with arrow” on visual composer. How can I solve?


Hi, I have a very simple and basic question but even so I couldn’t find an answer by just google-ing it… I’d like to have a lightbox gallery in the “Image with arrow” extension but I have absolutely no clue what to put into “Display current image in a gallery:” field. Can you please help? Thank you and I apologize for being such a noob! :)

I am unable to select more than one picture. Must activate something?

Hi, it only support one image per element, you have to add more elements if you want to add more image with arrow.

How i can add a lightbox gallery on clic on the thumbnail image?

See the new reply.

I want to create a lightbox gallery who appears on click on the image with arrow but i don’t find how to do, can you help me please? I see the field “Display current image in a gallery:” but i can’t find what i must write in?

Hi no, this plugin only support you put different image with arrow element in the page, then all the image can be display in lightbox gallery. It doesn’t support a gallery with single image.

I put the same string for the lightbox gallery put i see all the image, can i print only one or do i just custom css for hide the other? sorry i’m really noob

Hi, if want to display only one image with the lightbox, just leave the string to be blank.

Hi Sike Support,

Your plugin doesn’t work well on my website. Some images don’t show lightbox. Some images display lightbox, then immediately redirect to image link