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hi Sike! Im about to style my image overlay on http://www.pose.ch/tw1/. can you tell me how i can center the text in my round overlay? i dont know which class i need to call for it… thanks in advance!

I am using the flipbox on the homepage of my site here http://www.waterfrontexeter.co.uk/ there is an issue as on first load everything is fine but when you navigate back to the homepage from another page the images in the flipbox fail to load. Please can you let me know what the issue is?

Hi, I recently bought this great addon and have a question: Is there any way to make the height of a box responsively adapt to content and screen size? I want to use a relatively large text-only flipbox on my website that works great on a bigger screen. But since I have some more text on one side, this text gets cut of as soon as viewed on a smaller screen. I know I can change the absolute height of the box. This doesn’t help me though, because I need the box size to have a greater height on small screens and a smaller height on big screens. Maybe you can help me – thanks in advance!

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My plug in will not load. it is saying….. The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Please help. I am attempting to complete a website and need these flip boxes.

Hi please try to unzip the file you download from CodeCanyon first, the installable plugin zip file is in it.

I cannot change Overlay content color from default. I want to set different Overlay content color per image.

When I try to download the file. The google say that I need a permission to access. Would you please let me allow to get the file downloaded please.

I tried with file you sent me but still not working!

Sorry, I deleted all cookies and it works perfectly now. Thanks!!!


Hello, Please tell help me, I would like to put 2 buttons links when the box is fliping: http://caletadepeces.cl/agenciadepublicidad/nirvino/touch-go/

I couldnt add html on content, please help me

Hi, right now it only support basic content, you may have to customize if you want to support HTML content.

Hi Sike, is there a way to turn off the flipping functionality of the flip box? I’d just like to display the front card and the avatar icon at the top, with no flipping. Is that possible? Thanks!

Hi, right now it doesn’t support this feature, you can try to customize the code to disable the flip.

Hi Sike, Is there a way to add the button to the front card instead of the back? Since I want to disable the flipping, I would like to add the button to the front card instead of the back. How would I go about doing that? Thanks!

Hi sorry right now it doesn’t support this feature, you may have to customize the code to disable the flip and add the button to the front card.


sabram Purchased

Working with this plugin and I got it working well on desktop but everything is just white on mobile (I can see that the text is there if I select all on the page). Why is this happening?

Hi, please send me your preview page, then I can try to help.

Pre Sale Question: Does it has an option for clicking on the image and only then it flips, instead of mouse roll over. What i mean to ask, in the live preview, when i hover the cursor over the image it flips or shows other image. I want to do it with clicking over it instead of just hovering the mouse over.

Hi thanks your feedback, right now it only support hover.


I’m trying to create a responsive design with the plugin where I have the flip box in its own column row. Next to it, I have a row with 3 columns.

The issue I’m having is that it isn’t scaling properly. Everytime I size it width 100% height auto, the image disappears.

I’d like to know how to scale the flip box like the product images to the right of it.


Hello!, My VC flip box is installed and actually is not working, i tried turn off and on the plugin but still continue with the same problem, it appears the first box, but is not flipping anymore, what can i do? my website is this www.strongsecurity.com.br

I already solved the problem, it was the template that makes some funcionality from VC doesnt work

Hello, I was unable to get this plugin to work and downloaded another VC add-on as I was in a hurry to launch the site.

I’m requesting a refund. Thank you.

Hi, please send me a preview page and how to reproduce the problem, then I can try to help first.

Is there a way (e.g., css) to make/adjust the opacity (transparency) of one side of a flip box?

I should add, just the background box color NOT typography.

Hi, please comment with your purchase account then I can try to help.

Hi, I’d like to request a refund. I like your plugin but unfortunately its not similarly responsive as normal images. See printscreens below; the left one is with your plugin and the rest just with normal images:

http://imgur.com/a/iceAD http://imgur.com/a/oAHil (wide screens) http://imgur.com/a/xojR6 (phones)

It would be also great if there is a sollution for it of course :)

Hi, the responsive feature depends on the column container of the Visual Composer, you can try to customize the responsive feature in the row setting too.

Hi Sike, the columns of visual composer are all similar, but only the visual composer addon image overlay flip box part is behaving differently. see printscreen: http://imgur.com/a/9Umd2 The columns are: 1/12+1/6+1/6+1/6+1/6+1/6+1/12 (all the 1/6th contain images which should become equal) only one of them is a flipimage, but the image is exactly same proportions as other images.

Hi, the flip box is in fixed height now for the flip transition design.

Presales question: I really like your plugin. For flip boxes, does it allow the boxes to be assigned to categories and a filter menu at the top of the page?

I am unable to upload this plugin, upload fail is the error I encounter with. I am not new to wordpress and I know how to upload plugins.

Hi please try to unzip the file you download from here first?


Is anyone other than me having an issue with Mozilla Firefox displaying the back of the flip box information? Currently, hovering over the flipbox results in the display of blank information. Here is my website: http://gbkrevisions.taylormadecoach.ca

Is there anything I can do to fix this issue? I noticed that updating the plugin did not help with the situation.

Thank you!


I’m using Ultimate Add Ons, and I don’t see options to “have the icon fixed to the top of the flip box” or “rounded corners, am I missing something?

Hi, you leave comment in the wrong item, I’m not the author of it.

Hi there just a pre purchase question. Can I use an image of any size or are image sizes fixed to use an overlay? Kindest Regards