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moncho2 Purchased

hi Sike! Im about to style my image overlay on http://www.pose.ch/tw1/. can you tell me how i can center the text in my round overlay? i dont know which class i need to call for it… thanks in advance!

I am using the flipbox on the homepage of my site here http://www.waterfrontexeter.co.uk/ there is an issue as on first load everything is fine but when you navigate back to the homepage from another page the images in the flipbox fail to load. Please can you let me know what the issue is?


wocas Purchased

Hi, I recently bought this great addon and have a question: Is there any way to make the height of a box responsively adapt to content and screen size? I want to use a relatively large text-only flipbox on my website that works great on a bigger screen. But since I have some more text on one side, this text gets cut of as soon as viewed on a smaller screen. I know I can change the absolute height of the box. This doesn’t help me though, because I need the box size to have a greater height on small screens and a smaller height on big screens. Maybe you can help me – thanks in advance!

140cc08a-ec6d-4ea6-812c-5cedc8a10888 – 29 Mar 2017

My plug in will not load. it is saying….. The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Please help. I am attempting to complete a website and need these flip boxes.

Hi please try to unzip the file you download from CodeCanyon first, the installable plugin zip file is in it.