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Hello , I have the plugin bought and it works so far also everything . Only I would like the lyrics tab are closed when you call the website . Currently a Rider is always open . How can I set it that these are closed when calling the website ? Thank you very much. Greetings from Germany Markus Schirra

in the first row is ths Function okay an in the second row does not ,although I had clicked it,

Please send me the preview page, then I can try to help.

ok what my mistake in the settings , all ok

Did you fix the issue above yet?

Regards Gary

Sorry one more request it would be awesome if you could have a hover state on the avatars image so that when a user rolls over the avatar it switches to a second image.

Hi, thanks your feedback, the update will be available soon. Add the option not to open first grid by default, sub title, up to 400 avatar image size, and transparent background. Right now you can choose the customize background and customize it with 0 alpha to make it transparent too. For the hover image state, for the hover animation limit, won’t add it at this update.

Hey, Sike!

Thats great thanks for that.

It would be good if you think out adding the rollover in the future i think it could add an extra dimension to your plugin.

Great job though.

Regards Gary


Sitel Purchased

Hi there,

I purchased your visual composer grid. I want to know if it’s possible to disable the round avatar for an image? I would that the action button can take the ratio of the image so that my image fit at it.

Thanls in advance.


Hi, thanks your feedback, will add an option to disable the circle avatar image in next update.

Is there anyway we can give hover effect on the images. I want to show a different gif image on hover for my video preview.


Hi, thanks your feedback, I’ve tried add the hover state for the image,it lose the hover transition, work with a little flickering now. Will try to add it in the future update if find a better solution.

Will this plugin embed youtube videos?

Hi yes, it support YouTube video in the content.

Hi Sike, thank you for this update. Does the grid support longer sentences? Can thie field that opens by pressing the grid icon be customised using VC? Is it possible to customise the grid layout, for example, increase or decrease the spacing between grid boxes? Or change the ratio of the boxes? Cheers

Hi, the space between grid is fixe now, you can choose column number and custom gird item height etc in the backend editor. The popup content is flexible, support no limited content.

Hi, Is there any way we can scroll down to the content automatically (focus) when clicked on the image? I would want this feature. Can I make some tweaks in CSS and achieve this? Please let me know.

Hi thanks your feedback, will try to add it in the future update. We have to add it via customizing the JavaScript code.

Hi Sike, would you please give me some idea how I can achieve it. A brief instruction would help. Thanks.

I achieved it through new line of code in init.min.js – b.hasClass(“cq-expandgrid-initstate”) ? (a(‘body’).stop().animate({scrollTop: b.find(”.cq-expandgrid-content”).offset().top – 0}, 200),q = b.removeClass(“cq-expandgrid-initstate”).addClass(“cq-expandgrid-openstate”), p.not(b).hasClass(“outfoucs”) || f && p.not(b).addClass(“outfoucs”)). Anyone who requires similar effect can benefit from it.

Hi! Before buying the plugin i need to know if it is possible to use fulwidth images instead of icons. Thanks

Hi, which part of the content you’re referring to? And yes, the avatar part support both image and icon, and the whole gird item support a fullwidth image as background image too.

I mean instead of the avatar. If it is possible to add a big image

Hi yes, you can see the third row demo for example.

Hi, Is it possible to show the text on rollover instead onclick behaviour? Thank you in advance.

Hi thanks your feedback, right now it only support click, maybe add the hover option in the future update.

Does this have a filter or sorting function?

Hi, thanks your feedback, right now there is no this feature.

Hi, I have a problem with the plug-in. I can Add the Expander Grip to my page, but then I can modifier the Expander Grip (open the pop-up option), nor add any Grid Item. I use WordPress 4.6.1 and uDesign Template. Do you have a solution please ?

Hi, thanks for your quick answer. How can I send you a screen capture ? I create a new page, click on “Visual Composer”, “Add new Item”, Then I click on “Expand Grid”. I fill the Form Expand Grip (Parameter) and Save. Then the Expand Grid Item is added to my line/column. But I can’t add any Grid Item or when I click on the “Modify Expand Grid” button, nothing appends (It scrolls to the top of the page). Maybe I have installed a plug-in which cause a problem. thanks

Hi, you can send it via the contact form in my profile page.

Hi, I’ve check the plus-in with another project and it’s working fine. I think I’ll have to remove all other plug-in to identify the problem. Thanks

Hello Sike,

I am trying to create a section for a site that I am working on the looks almost exactly like what you have here:

A grid, with each row having 3 items, that when clicked on or hovered over, expand and more information is shown below the row, in a block that is 100% wide… again, this is what you have.

I cannot figure out how to do this (I purchased your plugin). The readme file does not show me how to do this. Do you have any documentation, videos, or examples to show me how to do this?


Hi, this add-on is for Visual Composer, please make sure your WordPress site has Visual Composer installed.

How do I the change the hover effect on the class “cq-expandgrid-item” and add an orange color overlay on the box when hovered ?

I don’t want the current hover effect. I want, on hovering each item/box there will be an orange overlay..please help me

Hi, you can try to customize in the CSS.


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Hi, is it possible to change the expand orientation? So that the expand content appears on the right side?

Hi, right now it can be only at the bottom. You have to customize the code to support the different orientation.


The Plugin is great by the way, we are using it as a visual menu set in a page and it works really well.

Can I ask is it possible via CSS to change the default white background used when you select the customized gird to a custom colour?

Hi yes, you can customize in the style.css under the css/ folder of the plugin, or add the custom CSS to the page.

Hey there, for the expandable grid. Does it need to be a grid, or will it work with only one element and then when clicked on it expands? Thanks!

Comment replied in the all in one item.

what css controls the slight transparency of the avatar images when you hover? I’d like decrease the opacity more

Hello Sike! I noticed you were discussing the option to have nothing expanded on load, but that was 10 months ago. We just purchased this, and don’t see how to not have anything expanded, and currently the first option is always expanded. Has this been completed?

Hi, please try to update to the latest version, and checked the Do not open first grid by default? in the editor. Note, you may have to disable the auto delay slideshow at the same time. Otherwise it still will open a grid.

That worked perfectly! Thanks for the update :)