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I’m having a bug with the gallery plugin. When I have tooltips and scroll partly down the page and hover over the first thumbnail it jumps the page back to the top:


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Hi there, I would like the thumbnails to remain in colour constantly and not black and white. Please can you advise how I can fix this?

Is there a way to crop all images to the same thumbnail size with the same aspect ratio?

Hi, sorry right now it will keep the original ratio. You may have to customize the code if you want to crop them to same ratio.

Hi there, when I use the Portfolio function it seems to squash my images so they lose their aspect and look wrong, is there a way of changing it? Many thanks, Stephanie

Hi guys, I was looking into documentation and couldn’t find how to remove the cropping of the featured images in a portfolio carousel. If I inspect the page, I can see the image loaded is not the one I uploaded as featured image, but a cropped (smaller) version, and it looks blurry. How can I force it to use the original image and not a cropped one?

Thank you!

I am having a huge problem with this plugin on my site. when I try to add any more than 5 images the component does not work, it locks up. I have tried on all browsers. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Mac and PC. I have disabled all plugins and tried again all browsers and machines. I have also tried to add images 5 at a time the first time works no problem the second time not at all. I have also tried with the standard themes. Twenty Seventeen, sixteen, fifteen. Again with all plugins disabled. it is not working and I need this carousel.

Unfortunately this plugin seems to work pretty badly (at least with my theme). I get a lot of black squares and it overflows with the rest of my content.

I therefore would like to request a refund as I’m in a hurry and have found a different solution by now.

Some other notes:

plugin throws a PHP deprecation warning

I have to set a lot manually like the thumbnail nr and sizes, which is superflous. If I add 4 images, I do not wnat to set the correct nr of thumbnails to be displayed (unless I would like less than four) and the image sizes of the thumbnails.

As I mentioned, the plugin really screws up the website and I have no time for debugging and going back and forth as it needs to go live ASAP. Sorry I can’t help you any further but that’s why I’d like to request a refund.

For your reference, the website’s url is http://condit.lessormore.nl

Ok, but where is the carouse gallery located, I can’t see it in the page. You can setup a test page. I’ve to make sure the problem is related to the plugin no the theme etc to approval the refund.

hi! i’m trying to register for update but my purchase code is being rejected. any advice?

Hi, it doesn’t require the purchase code for update.

Presale question. All of the images in the sample are the same size and proportion. What happens when they are different sizes? Vertical verses horizontal in the same slideshow?

I am unable to upload images into the gallery… I can only upload 4. I need your help figuring out why?

this is my second request.

Hi, please send me your page and WP account via the contact form in my profile page, then I can try to help.

I’ve just bought your VC extension and installed it. When I try and add a few photos to it (all settings on default) I get this error in the console:

Uncaught TypeError: a(...).prettyPhoto is not a function at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (init.min.js?ver=4.7.5:1) at Function.each (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at a.fn.init.each (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (init.min.js?ver=4.7.5:1) at i (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at Function.ready (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at HTMLDocument.K (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2)

Any ideas? We’re using it with Visual Composer 5.0.1 and WP 4.7.5

Is there any support for different height images?

Hi, please try to update the VC to the latest version first, and you can send me the preview page too, then I can try to help.

Hi! I installed in my wordpress, I have crexis theme, but the options do not work on my VC.

Hi, please try to enable it via the setting page of Visual Composer, it’s under the Role Manager.


I have a javascript error on this site: http://gnw.zwf-web.nl/ I think it’s coming from the Carousel&Gallery element I use at the bottom (the gray logo’s). Do you know how to fix this?

Thanks! Barbara

Found the error. It wasn’t in this plugin. Sorry :)

This plugin does not work with VC 5.2 wpb_map() is deprecated. IT has to be replaced with vc_map()

Do you think you can release an update of the plugin?


Hi, please try to update this plugin to latest version first? Which have updated with it.

im looking for a slider….left the image…..and right the text that goes with it…with a button etc….

The carousel install file contains no plugin. what’s up?

1ccc4a90-ad65-472e-ad41-ddd76c342a7d – 1 Sep 2017 REGULAR LICENSE

Hi, please try to unzip the file you download first, the installable plugin zip file is inside it.

Hi there, I purchased yesterday. I am wondering if there is a way to change the navigation icon size & colour? They are currently too small and hard to see. Link here: http://blinds.rmsstaging.co.uk/blinds Appreciate your help.

Hi sorry for the delay, it’s nation holiday here, I can’t see the element in the page.


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Hi, I am interested in Visual Composer Add-on – Carousel & Gallery. I have a real estate website and I would like you to confirm if your addon will work for my needs. if you go to this link: http://www.eastmore.ca/index.php/montfield/ and scroll all the way down to the bottom where it says available aprartments, you’ll see 4 apartments for rent. If you click on one of the thumbnails, it opens the image in a lightbox. Basically what I want is for there to be a gallery so when the lightbox opens up, users can scroll left and right to see more images.

Is this what your plugin does? If so I will purchase it, I just want to confirm.