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I’m getting an error after uploading:

Warning: require_once(aq_resizer.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /wp-content/plugins/vc-extensions-beforeafter/vc-extensions-beforeafter.php on line 379

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘aq_resizer.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /wp-content/plugins/vc-extensions-beforeafter/vc-extensions-beforeafter.php on line 379

Hi, thanks your feedback, you can drop me a line via the contact form in my profile page, then I can send you the update file which fix this bug. And the fix will also be available here soon.

Hi, how do i animate the drag and slide by clicking the image? Or what js function should i use to fire animate the slide. I need this for my site. Thanks!

Hi, you can take a look at the js/init.js file, search the dragElement.animate, it move the handler.


The add on seems to have an issue loading up first time. The add on only works if we refreshed the page.

Hi, please comment with your purchase account and you can drop me a line with your preview page via the contact form in my profile page too.

Hi Silke, my site is http://www.rezolveskincare.com/clinical-results. The slider is at the bottom, split up into both pictures and the icon. Regards, Jan

Hi, I see it works fine here, what’s the problem you get?

Hey Sike, is there a way to fix the size of the slider? Right now I limit it with the columns but that is not ideal. Thank you!

Hey. Love your plugin, but if I put it in a modal VS element, the first image (before) will always be much smaller than the after image. Have a look here http://onlynew.supergoldfish.com/before-after-gallery

How to fix that?

Thank you!


Hi, for the first (before) image is actually smaller than the after one?

The actual image size is the same, but it gets displayed in different sizes. if you look at it with the Chrome Inspect Element, you can see there is a Javascript errror. Thank you

Ok, I see the js error, it’s not related to this plugin, it looks like there is duplicate
<script type="text/javascript">
in your page, please try to fix it first. And do you compare the image side by side, it look like the first image isn’t smaller, the elements in the image is just not at the same position with the after image?


Can this tool be combined with the hotspot tool as well? I’d like to do before and after comparison with image hotspots.

Sorry right now they are individual.

Hi, I am using a WordPress theme that includes Visual Composer. I want to add the Visual Composer Add-on Before After Compare Slider. Is this possible or do I have to buy a licence of Visual Composer too?

Purchase code: e0601d6d-a5b8-49f4-8fd8-8eae85571a76 – 17 Feb 2016

Hello, good afternoon, I’m designing a page with wordpress and I installed Visual Composer and vc-before-after-compare. When you add any of the predefined elements of visual composer work, but not the additional addon.

The before-after-compare only shows one of the two images, not the second appears.

URL: http://www.stragdental.com/test/?page_id=2 (Please be patient, it takes time to load)

Versions: - WordPress 4.5.1 - Visual Composer 4.11.2 - Theme Avada 3.8.4

What it is that I need to make them work? Thank you for your help. Greetings from Mexico

Hi, there is a bug introduced by the string [href=#] and newer jQuery(v1.12.3) in WP 4.5. I can see the js error in your page, please try to bring your site back by replacing the jquery.js in the /wp-includes/js/jquery folder with an older jquery(for example, v1.11.0), you can get it from https://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.11.0.min.js
Note, this bug isn’t related to this plugin, please try to contact your theme author to update to fix it.

Hi Sike! I am looking to buy your all in one package. One question about before/after plugin: Is it possible to have 3-4 photos with before/after effect in one window? Not all together, 1 photo will be shown per window with buttons below to choose photo2, photo3… When clicked on photo2, new photo with before/after effect will show up in the same window where photo1 was. Just trying to save space on my homepage and show more photos instead a window for each. Possible? Thanks!

Picture tells thousand words. :-) It’s photoshoped, but shows exactly what I need. http://prnt.sc/c6in0f

Hi, thanks your feedback, right now it doesn’t support this feature. You can try to find someone to implement it for you as freelance.

Hi, nice plugin and I like the auto-slide and tooltip when the user is not using it.

2 Quick questions though:

1) Can you turn the auto-slide option off? 2) In the demo the auto slide is nice and smooth but when I use the slider manually, it’s choppy and not smooth. Is this supposed to be like that?


Hi, 1)Yes, it’s optional in the backend. 2) Not very clearly with your problem, you drag too fast? And it’s recommended to purchase the all in one bundle, which also include this element.


Thanks. Regarding the choppy sliding, no it’s not just when I slide it fast. I tried different speeds and I tried other sliders (from this marketplace) as well, some which were much smoother, so it’s definitely on the code side of things.

I like the options and look but a smooth UX is key (and my site will use quite a few of these) so I’m hesitant to get it until the demo is smooth, not only with the auto feature but manually as well.

Thanks for your response.

Oh and quick update;

I found out the problem with the choppy slider. It’s only showing in FF, in Chrome and Safari it’s smooth.

I saw the full collection for the Visual Composer and have Bookmarked it. Thanks.

Hi is it working with mouse hover as well?

Sorry not very clearly with your question, right now it support dragging for the icon.

Hello, I cannot find how to add caption to the images, you mentioned in the description of the plugin “optional caption”


Hi. My name is Chaz and I purchased your Before-After Addon from CodeCanyon earlier this month (Purchase Code: 2dcf0139-d7c4-4829-a86e-8f2bb70ec2d9). After taking quite awhile to find the right theme, I finally started started building my website just a few days ago. Yesterday, I discovered that this theme I just purchased, “Uncode” (https://themeforest.net/item/uncode-creative-multiuse-wordpress-theme/13373220), already had the WPBakery Before-After Addon included. I was quite surprised to see it among the list of features.

Because of this, I am humbly requesting a refund for the Before-After Addon. I so sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. In regards to your Page Builder overall, I’ve been quite pleased with the level of customer service you’ve provided me so far—-and your Page Builder is, I feel, the best out there….so I feel very embarrassed to be asking for a refund on your Before-After Addon. Granting this request would be greatly greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your understanding.