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Hello I just bought this module; But I have the same error lines: Admin / controller / module / visualbuilder.php on line 279Notice: unserialize (): Error at offset 0 of 176 bytes in

Opencart version 1.5.6 or what to do

Answered via email

Hello Thanks for the modification, because I no longer have this error. By cons when I modify something on the page and when I click to save, I have the following error lines: 1) “Unknown: Argument 2 passed to Event :: trigger () must be of the type array, string given, called in /my_domain_home_page/admin/model/module/visualbuilder.php on line 14 and defined in /my_domain_home_page/system/engine/event.php on line 19Warning: Can not modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /my_domain_home_page/admin/controller/startup/error.php:34) in / my_domain_home_page / system / library / Response.php on line 12 “


Thank you

Hello I inform you that your script does not work correctly, on version 1.5.x or on version 2.x of opencart as you demonstrate for sale. If you do not find an immediate solution, I make a claim for refund at Paypal by noting you very severely. You know well the Paypal policy. I get refunded instantly because I am one of their trusted customer. Thank you

This module does not support OC 2.3 as you can see from the “Software Version” on the item description and I told you that in my email response. I does however support 1.5.6.

You do realize that you can request a refund from the marketplace? I’m happy to give you the refund once you do that.


I have an error “Permission denied” on admin panel. How to fix it asap please?