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Hello – i’m trying to install the script and i’m getting some errors…

The script keeps redirecting me to ”/installer/installation” when i’m loading for the first time but it just gives me a 404.

I also edited “app/config/rewrite-core.php:

From this: // Configure::write(‘App.baseUrl’, env(‘SCRIPT_NAME’));

To This: Configure::write(‘App.baseUrl’, env(‘SCRIPT_NAME’));

I still get the same error.

any suggestions?

Hi mace6466,

Did you also completely delete the three .htaccess files? These are ”.htaccess”. “app/.htaccess” and “app/webroot/.htaccess”.

If this does not help, please delete the entire upload, then re-upload all files and perform the above steps again (deleting the .htaccess files and editing rewrite-core.php). Sometimes, files may be skipped by some FTP clients.

Moreover, which version of PHP are you using?

Got It! you hit it right on the Money! LOL all I needed was to delete the htaccess files and delete the two forward slashes form rewrite-core.php. Thank you.

Glad I could help! Feel free to leave a rating if everything’s okay.

Hello ClientEngage,

I now have purchased and use Project Platform and it is a really awesome and simple tool to manage projects. I also have purchased TodoMonkey and NotePlex which are also both very simple yet effective tools.

What would really be awesome is if you could turn this Effective Website Surveys into an SaaS app just like TodoMonkey and NotePlex. I have been looking for a really good SaaS survey script, and it just dawned on me you already have the know how to do this.

There are many survey scripts out there for WP or ones that make survey pages and cannot give js to embed anywhere else, but to have one that is SaaS and gives the javascript code to be embedded anywhere would really be a nice treat.

I would love to host a site allowing users to make their own surveys, and then embed them. Having ad spaces for Google AdSense like the others would be great too!

Would it help if I say “Pretty Please”?

Thanks for some truly fantastic and affordable scripts.

How can i reset password for user login?

Hi, can this be customized to run as SaaS application?

i don’t have exisiting website. but i want to install this on my desktop using wamp. i want to use for visitor to rate their satisfaction on our service? And the data’s are save in database so that i can use.

Dead Script?

Hi, email regex not working. No validate – only required working fine.

Multilingual Interface : No FRENCH ???, only British and American English as well as German ????