Visitor Tracking HttpModule

Visitor Tracking HttpModule

Product Description

This module is used in order to keep a each request parameters in the database for analysis. The main feature is that: the http module creates the item queue and executes a thread to process those items, so incoming request creates queue item and adds that item to the queue and continue without a big delay. In the same time queue thread saves each item in the database, so the incoming request doesn’t wait the completion of saving a tracking item in the database.


V1.0 Released – November 10, 2012

Main Features

• HTTPModule Implementation (track visitors for any ASP .NET application)
• MS SQL Server 2008 (possible compact edition 4.0)
• MySQL 5.x (The InnoDB Storage Engine)


• ASP .NET 4.0
• MS IIS 7 /6
• MS SQL Server 2008 (possible compact edition 4.0)
• or MySQL 5.x (The InnoDB Storage Engine)

Package Content

SimpleTools.Libs – MySQL binary files for .NET 2.0/3.0/4.0 (To compile the module for different ASP .NET versions)
SimpleTools.SQLScript – VisitorTracking table SQL script
SimpleTools.VisitorTracking.Logic – Database logic
SimpleTools.VisitorTrackingHttpModule – HttpModule logic

Install HttpModule

1. Execute VisitorTracking.sql script in your database (it will create the VisitorTracking table);

2. Copy to your app Bin directory the following files:
MySql.Data.dll (SimpleTools.Libs/.NET4.0 or 2.0),

3. Add the following configuration params to your application config file in order to save traking items in the database:

<!-- MS SQL Example: -->
    <add key="SimpleTools.VisitorTracking.Connetion.String" value="server=localhost\SQLEXPRESS;database=SimpleTools.YourApp;user id=SimpleTools.YourApp; password=SimpleTools.YourApp" />
    <add key="SimpleTools.VisitorTracking.Database.Provider" value="MSSQL"/>    


<!-- MySQL Example: -->
    <add key="SimpleTools.VisitorTracking.Connetion.String" value="Server=localhost;Database=SimpleTools.YourApp;Uid=SimpleTools.YourApp;Pwd=SimpleTools.YourApp;Allow User Variables=true"/>
    <add key="SimpleTools.VisitorTracking.Database.Provider" value="MySQL"/>


<!-- For MS VS developmentserver -->
      <add name="SimpleTools.VisitorTrackingHttpModule" type="SimpleTools.HttpModules.VisitorTrackingHttpModule" />


<!-- For production server -->
    <validation validateIntegratedModeConfiguration="true"/>
          <add name="SimpleTools.VisitorTrackingHttpModule" type="SimpleTools.HttpModules.VisitorTrackingHttpModule" />

Please read article below to debug this module on MS Studio development server:

MySQL .NET Providers: