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Hi, I have purchase you script. And i works well. I wonder if you will add some features like “add to home screen” so you can use on ipad in full screen mode. then another feature If it i possible add phone number, so if a visitor sign in the first time he will fill everything, but next time he can only type in the phone number and name and company will autofill. Then last question. I wonder if I could have some help to send mail with google smtp server. My server sent lots of mail and it have been black listed one time. So I have to modify the upload.php so I can you goggle smtp instead.

Hi, thank you for your purchase! and yes we can make these changes for you but will be a fee to do so if you would like to talk more about this please contact us at and again thank you!

Is this still flash based?

Hi yes it is but we do have a version that is html5, it is not ready for release yet if you email us we can send you the beta version? We are almost done with it. Thanks

Can admin invites the visitors using email ? Can we have OTP authentication for the visitors ?

Hi, thank you for your interest but right now the two thing you are asking for are not in the program however we can maybe inclue these in a future update. Thank you :)

I would like to buy this if the HTML5 picture function is working. I want to use this on a iPad in the lobby of a company.

Hi, sorry but it will only work on windows tablets since now apple has block the camera activation from any browser even if it is html5. Please let me know if you need any thing else. thank you :)

Hello.can u do a function to sign documents like PDF or JPG.i mean as i Admin to upload documents.send to costom user to sign it and he send me back I need this system for contracts

Hi we currently don’t have this right now but we can talk more about building something for you please email us to discuss more at thank you