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Perfect! Good luck with the sales!

Thank you for the purchase and I hope it fill fulfill your needs! Thanks!

so no way to block ips or countries?

Please contact me at [removed] for more details. It is better than long comments on here :)

I am interested in integrating your script into a WordPress project where authors of post can only see the analytics of their post, and click through to their sites.

Are their APIs setup to allow this and also APIs setup to pull this data into a different application.

I am very versed on PHP programming and development, I am just trying to avoid developing my own Analytics function to increase development time if possible.

Hello, i would like buy this script. I have question. It’s scripts with log hostory? Or when is not online that fade…

I do not really understand what you are asking.. But the script saves a list of information on the database of users who visit your website. So if you restart your website, or shut it down, the information will stay on your database, except if you remove your database. Hope this helped?

can not add a column for email?

sometimes I send custom url with can not saved it ?

Hello, I’d like to help. Could you contact me through ‘Email author’ on this page?

Thank you

Pre-purchase question,

Is it possible to capture tracking for each web page and track how long the visitor stayed on that page or website as well as unique visits.

In other words, I want to see how people navigate through my website and where they are coming from.

Google Analytics is good, but not always accurate and difficult understand in certain aspects. I just want something that gives me what I want to see and how I want to see.

If you use the sample code on a specific page, it will capture tracking only on that page. So it is possible to track every page individually with some small modifications in the code. To track someone on every page, and see how people navigate, is possible, but only if you modify the code that way. The current script only does the things that are in the description.

Interested to purchase, but need to know whether it records the website visitor on root page or records visitor ip on any page he land on


Or which one of the above it records?? Because I need it to record real Ip address if the visitor is hiding behind VPN proxy.

Awaiting your reply,,,thanks

Thank you for commenting your question. REMOTE_ADDR is present in my code. For a demo:

Thank you

Any plans to update?

Hello, I have big plans for it, and am working on it. Big things are coming, but am also studying so I have to divide time. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you

I looking for visitor tracker who click on external links and those links are opening in the iframe, but they do not have target=_ atrtibute because I set it in the HEAD. Piwik works fine, but “Glance analytics” always redirecting visitors from my site, because it doesn’t support Base Target attribute in head.

I need tracker, where I can count how people clicking on links and option to get away from adblock. because AdBlock so smart now, is there possible way to be hidden?

I need to be able to track specific computers used in several public access points. Is there any way to tag those computers in a report.

This is an employment website. We need to track access for all website visitors but we also want to track usage at 10 Public Access points.

I have a couple of ideas but am purchasing your Application and look forward to your updates!

When knowing the IP of that specific computer, there are several ways to compare that IP and keep track of that specific computer. This is not implemented in my application. Thank you for your suggestion and purchase.

1. To keep track of visitors to the site, you need to add the code to each page of a site, or only in an index.php?

2. Maybe the script along with the domain to track visitors to a subdomain?

Hello, To track a visitor, you need to insert a small code on every page you want it to track the visitor. But it is enough to only place it in index.php and track the visitor that visits your main page. If you place the provided code in your subdomain, it will also track it there, with some minor modifications everything is possible.

As far as i can see this application seems to work but had to make multiple changes just to get it working. There is no reporting options and just poorly designed.

When you first download this code, you have to setup the connection to your database, create the database and the tables of course. After that, there is no need for any further modifications for the code to work properly. If you want extra functionalities, of course, that’s possible.

Why is there no demo

Hello. There were some problems with my website. Demo is up and running now

Hi , i have some presales questuios :

1] does this script show live view of the current visitors on site along with the specific pages they are on ? Bcoz in the demo it only showed my details and when i clicked on redirect , it didnt redirect me…

2] also will i be able to get a list of all ips and respective pages they have visited in a day ?

3] Also is it possible to ban any ips instantly using this script ???

plz let me know at earliest


1: This script adds the visitor the moment he / she visits the page the code is running on. It does not show them actively. With modifications to the code, this might be possible.

2: You can get a list of all ips that have visited the page the code is active on. It does not shave the page he was on. This might be possible with further code modifications.

3: This code is a ip tracker, no ip blocker.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards, Shahin

could you plz provide me a demo where i can see the ips and the pages they visited . Your current demo only showing my ip details

Hello, It does not state anywhere that it will store the page one visitor has visited. It will store the information (that is stated in the description) of the visitor who has visited the page the code is active on.

I notice to track social websites. Is it possible to make this dynamic, i.e it shows all the different websites which have refered a user

Hello, with some extra coding everything is possible. At this moment it only has the functionalities described in the description of the code.

Hi, is there a graph or is it text base? I need something to only display a graph and maybe a count for unique visits, would this do the job?

i want to buy, but is this ip sensitive visitor tracking, that means one ip visitor count will be 1 only.

Hi, is there a graph or is it text base? I need something to only display a graph and maybe a count for unique visits, would this do the job?

Hi, Can I add this to any html page I have so I will have exact time of login log out or time visited etc ? I have HTML5 simple webpages and I need to put it on every page I have. Thanks !

Hi Freesongs,

You can add this to any page that can support PHP. You also need some database like Phpmyadmin to store the information.

e.g. php in html page

<head></head><body class=”page_bg”>Hello, today is <?php echo date(‘l, F jS, Y’); ?>.

Thank zou for zour answer ! I installed Phpmyadmin from cpanel but there is nowhere log and pass info, crazy !

a quick question, is this script still update and functional. does it also Analise different pages in the same domain?

Yes the code has been updated and is functioning. It tracks every page that the trigger is put into.