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This seems promising.

However, can it come with front-end access? e.g. ACL for a user such as Admin that log-in frontend can easily edit products?

And further more, can it be done so that when you are looking at the products in the excel viewer there is a direct link to the product in front-end webshop?

I really like the look of this. However, would you be able to create a standalone PHP system.

I’ve buyed your product and it seems very helpful but I’d need also to editing description and meta tag of every product. Is it possible to add these meta tag colums (title, description, keyword) in your excel management?

After 2 month I’ve no reply. The problem doesn’t allow me to use the component (see http://www.procyclingpoint.com/test/it/online-store/scarpe/strada-scarpe/diadora-speed-vortex-bianco-nero-novit%C3%A0-2015-detail ). Please contact me asap.

I’ve tried last version but I’ve the same problem. Anyone could help me please? I can’t use the component.

Latest version 1.1.19 has all you need, go to Exention Manager -> Update. It will be listed there update is available

Hi, very interested, but not sure if it will work for me. I have 2 prices for each product, for 2 shopper group (shoppergroup x has price x and shoppergroup y has price y). Will this work?

Yes shoppergroup prices are available, their table (quantity range and shoppergroup prices) appears above filters

Will there be VM 3 support?


We already added vm3 support when vm3 become official

Hello 1. Is this working with Joomla 3x and Virtuemart 3x?

2. Can I use it with J!Admin hider? (I mean, the owner of the shop to have it like a admin link)


Yes it is compatible with both VMs (VM2 and VM3)

Not sure what is J!Admin hider


we have bought your plugin.

But it is not the same as in the live preview. Some of the settings are missing.

Please correct that!


Update from Exention Manager -> Update , current version is 1.1.19



One feature request and 1 question:

Question: Although you state that it should without a problem load 10000 of products, whenever I set it to load e.g. 5000 products it crashes my site. So can you somehow improve this? We have about 2500 products.

I have tested on another test server as well with another shop and it does the same thing.

Feature request/improvement: It shows custom fields perfectly however if we have named it as a CONSTANT so that we can override language in joomla it still says e.g CONSTANT_STK_VALUE Where it should have said Stk. which is our override language setting. Can you fix that?

Our claim stands, but if your site is limited to 64M request will be unable to complete if you increase site memory limit to 256M it will load 10000 products

Ok. Great done that. It works. Next up, how about the CONSTANTS? Can you fix so that it shows up right in the excel viewer?

Hi I just purchad this thinking it was the wordpress version (you have a problem with your payment authorisation for your wordpress light version) Is there anychance you can send me through the wordpress version?


Same here I thought this was for WordPress.. I only use WordPress please send me the WordPress version!

good stuff man! 2 questions: Can you make the image sextion into small icons? And Do you have affiliate linking or are you exclusive to envato? I work with joomla software and think this is a great addition

You can contact us we are holest.com

Hello. This component works in Joomla 3.4.1 ?

I’m interested in purchasing your excellent extension.

I’m setting up a bookstore in VM for a friend of mine and I have some pre-sale questions:

1. My site is in Greek. Are greek characters displaying properly in the excel-like grid? 2. Are you going to develop furtherly the component or the latest version is the… last one? If, for example, VM updates will it be compatible? 3. Are there any known conflicts with other extensions?

Thanks in advance

Yes, it works with Greek language. One of first customers when product was not on public sale was from your county

Are there any compatibility issues with Joomla 3.4.4? Backend crashes when trying to access VMExcelLike…. I’ve sent you an email too…

There are no such issues

hello—is there a way to filter the products by category for easy editing?

Yes, you can filter by category(es)

Have you tested with WPML? (WordPress MultLanguage) http://wpml.org

Hi, this is VirtueMart component. WooCommerce version is not hosted on codecanyon. We have WPML support for wp version, it can be found here: http://holest.com/index.php/holest-outsourcing/joomla-wordpress/excel-like-manager-for-woocommerce-and-wp-e-commerce.html

Hi there, Does your plugin support Virtuemart 3 multi variants and ramifications?

I have Wordpress Woocommerce Membership from Who Themes. Will the Membership and Subscription data show in excel-like product manager?

how to check demo. cant find password.

Hello, i want to make an update in the backend from joomla… in this field “Please enter order number or KEY to verify current site for component updates” i place my order number frpm codecanyoon, but it doesn`t works. what is wrong? BR Henry

Hello, no answer??

So, after 11 days i get no response….. really bad support!!!!