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ok my buy and setup good chat

ho the demo doesn’t load have tried a few times now please check

My Setup Run Link

We wish to use this on a virtual pet site. Members are allowed to play for free but we do offer account upgrades for $ in return for additional content.

The license info states “Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for.”

Are we able to use this product since they’re won’t be charged to use it?


That licence is by CodeCanyon. I haven’t read through it, however I don’t believe that would affect the type of site you wish to run so you would be free to do that.

Kind regards, DesignSkate

Hello, I purchased the script but I’m very confused with the installation. Please help. Thank You.


What part of the installation are you struggling with?

Kind regards, Elise – DS

Everything buddy. I thought all i had to do was upload to server and run installation files like most. But I don’t know much about the rest. I got a VPS at digital ocean for the server part, but i’m stuck with setting it up. Please email me a if you can provide further assistance. Thank You.

Hello, excuse for the disorder but i do not understand how the server starts I do not understand what the executable is? what should I do?


The server is a script that runs with Node.JS, to use it, you must first install NodeJS and the required modules ( and use Node.JS to execute VCServer.js (found in the SocketServer folder).

You can install Node.JS on Windows or Linux, you must have access to the command line to install this. We can assist with installation if you provide us with details for your server.

Kind regards, DS

I started VCserver with with the Node.js.exe application but it does not work what I do not understand and that I find complicated


Do you mean you ran the command node VCServer.js from the Windows application?

- DS

Hey, how easy is this to reskin and the demo doesn’t seem to work

I tried to get it started with cmd but nothing worked out I still do not understand how this server works

I bought but my client cant connect to server

Hello i have a few questions on this script. Is it possible to add a Login and register account system? Second thing is what about a Buddy list and private message a user function? The other thing is Is it possible to make it full screen to fit the full browser? DO you have a email i can contact you with?


i cant install and setting this not include pakage.json, and any other seeting infomation