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Hi, you can teach me install this? please


Can you tell us what kind of server you have (Linux/Windows/etc), we can provide installation steps for you to use.

Kind regards, DS

Hi! How i to config to my wamp server? it write me that it waiting for the server and it dosnt work. thank you!

Hi! Wow, I have a theme I would like this to work in.. it’s a wordpress but can this work on a subdomain of one.. or can this be added to the site on a page? I love this! Please let me know, I would like to make something work, thanks!

ps: I have a Windows server…...


Yamaza Purchased

Hello! I’ve Ubuntu 16×64, i have installed nodejs and, but when i start the server, i see a blank page, can you help me a bit? Thank you, awesome script.


Yamaza Purchased

Solved by myself, i have another question, do you have a login.jpg without Virtual Spaces logo to add my own text? Thanks

Hi, if i buy this product you can help me how to install it?

Yes we can provide assistance with that!

You need to have a server to install Node.js/ onto, so aslong as you have a web server (any shared hosting) and a server which supports the above, we can help you.

Kind regards

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hello, i cannot see the demo. can you help me with installation after purchase? and can i add new places and avatar?


we’re sorry the demo has been unavailable for some time now. The VPS server we used to run the server was taken down and those who deal with the DesignSkate website have not yet installed the demo on a new server.

If you take a look at this ( ) you’ll get a general idea for what’s possible and what the process to do what you want is.

1) Yes we can help you install this product. Please note that your server must meet the requirements. You need to be able to launch node.js based server. To do this, you need to be using either a specialized host or be using a VPS/Dedicated server with root access.

2) You can add new places easily. You only need to modify the server file to do this, the rooms list will automatically be updated.

3) Yes you can add new avatars, this requires a client modification too but it is only basic HTML knowledge that’s required, and we’ve explained the server modifications needed in the documentation file.

Kind regards, DS

Why can’t you guys install a new demo that works? ???

Hello, I apologise for this, I will make sure to get a working server online shortly.

Kind regards, Elise

test demo not conect server

I’m sorry for the delay in response, and for the unavailability of the test server. I will work on getting this fixed.

Kind regards, Elise

Guys, if you want your script go sell, you should fix the demo. I’m one ready to buy it, but not gonna until see a working demo.

We apologise for the unavailability of the demo, it has been this way for some time, I’ll see it gets resolved.

Kind regards, Elise

Hello I am and have been trying to install node and what not to my server (centos) can you help me?

Yes we’d be happy to install this for you, could you send us the server details via email?

Or is there a way to get your PHP version instead, I do not understand this at al


We’re sorry but we don’t have a server which uses PHP for this product.

Kind regards, Elise

How to have dynamic rooms? At the moment all rooms are created in the server. I want to create individual rooms for each users based on the user ids. If you can do this im happy to pay.


svydre Purchased

Hello, I am an artist who is looking to create something simple and semi interactive. My idea is to create a world where people can use animal avatars to explore rooms and chat. I would like to know if there is a way to expand the room so that it can roughly fit the entire browser window. I have already purchased the product and would appreciate it if I could have help installing the program. Thank you.

Hi, this is great code! Can I use this on html5 with jscript and Angular script? And how to add more background chat room images and avatar for user? thanks

Hi, one more thing, do you give the node.js and included in the package as well? Thank you