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apk demo please

@johannveri, please download app from play store, its live now: http://goo.gl/tve8HD

do you guys offer reskinning service and package ready to upload to google play store?

@vhanda99, yes we do offer it.

please email me so we can start discussing. vhanda99(at)gmail

@CodeAgent, please try both on your device, every body here want’s to make better, trying both and you can decide which one is better. If you will see like this there would be so many applications which are very similar.

@CodeAgent, i would say to broaden your thinking and try to come with something much better than what i made that will be appreciable :-) Anyways thanks!

The application is developed in Android Studio..

I think in eclipse

@aganerwin, yes the app is developed in Android Studio, but you can also import it into Eclipse.

Import to eclipse? could say like please?. Thanks.

@lega, the full import is not possible though, but as you have all source files, you will have to do it manually, like create a new project into Eclipse and then copy all source files into Eclipse project.

@lega, By the way, why don’t you try Android Studio as Eclipse ADT is no longer maintained and recommended by Google. Also i promise, when you will learn to use Android Studio you won’t look back to Eclipse again due its rich features.

can you make Admob version

@Orachorn, Admob is already integrated but commented. It just need to be uncommented, i can guide you through the steps or if you wan’t i can send you the Admob version as well?

Hi. Is it easy to change the language?

Ofcourse, yes. You can add localized strings to change the language.

Hello, Is it possible to change the color of the images of a png or svg file within the app? Thank you

@peruvinilos, first of all, all images are png and yes of course the color of the images can be changed, just need to use “android:tint=color” attribute set. Also you can replace the images if you wan’t. Please let me know if you need any help!

Thank you. I would like to knowafter changing screen or graphics element how i will got apk file. Thank you for the support

From screenshot it looks like you can add multiple tattoos, but the application only allows one, and whenever you select another it replaces the current one, so at any time there is only one tattoo in the photos. Is that the behaviour?

@certen, yes this is the current behavior, but thanks for pointing out the screenshots. Actually it seems a good idea if we can provide user with the capability to add multiple tattoos. I will discuss this with the team. Thanks a lot :)

@certen, support for adding multiple tattoos is now implemented. You can now add upto 5 tattoos in the photo. Well, the code is generic to add as much tattoos as you wan’t but we just restricted it to 5 as there was no room to add more tattoos. Please download the updated source code.

If I need to use only Admob & disable Start App I just comment // before Start app code in confix.xml

This is right?

@Orachorn, no need to edit config.xml. To disable Start App, you need to comment Start app code after “super.onCreate()” and before “setContentView()” in MainActivity class.

And then to enable AdMob, uncomment all admob codes after “sbAlpha.setProgress(255);” call in “onCreate()” method in MainActivity

App crash when open with Tablet, Samsung Tab 3 please help me

@Orachorn, sorry to hear that, i am eager to help you out. Can you please give me the crash log as i do also have Samsung Tab3 (t211) and the app is working like charm without any crashes.

Hi there

Nice plugin. I have a couple of pre sale questions.

1. Do you provide the source code so that I can customize the look and feel of this app? 2. Can I upload the customized app to play store under my account?

Please confirm.

Thanks Sanoop

Hi sanoop, Thanks! Of course the source code will be provided and you can customize the look n feel of this app and also upload the customized app from your own account.

Thanks, I have a couple of questions as well. Do you have skype id for a quick discussion?

Yes, i do… skype id: tibrewal.sachin_wiselysoft

i have this error please i need help http://postimg.org/image/6d7xwe0rj/

Hi HamidDev.. Please navigate to the path “Tattoo/AppRater/src/main/res” and delete the folder “values-zh-HK”. This will resolve the error you are getting. The problem came due to the changed qualifier check logic in the latest AS.

hello, I’m very interested in your product, but is it possible to download a demo for IOS?



Yes you can download it from the App Store.

Thanks for your reply, but the link doen’t work anymore. It says that the item is no more available :(