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Hello, my question about if I purchase your item then any product on my store (of course jewellery items) will be appears on hand & neck …etc like on your function or there are some necessary codes for that ?

Hi , You will need no codes .. , the documentation explains how to install from A to Z .

I’m not ask you about installation :: are you read the question !

Please Email me via : gordoncodes@gmail.com . thanks

Great work ! I need some customiziation : I need this plugin once installed to add a button “Try on webcam ” for any Jewelry product i selected ,on shop page , and on single product page, and for the ones i put on home page . next to button “add to cart” . I can pay extra . can do it ?

Yes % :) , Please email me via : gordoncodes@gmail.com Thanks

I purchased this product yesterday. 1. I followed the instructions, but the “order now” button isn’t working, it refreshes the same window. 2. Also, how can I arrange where the accessories will be shown after you click on them? (in the live preview, every time you click on an item, it appears where it should be. ex. bracelet on model’s wrist) Thanks

Hi , did you move the php file to your WP directory? please email me your website via : gordoncodes@gmail.com . Thanks

Thanks for help :) , I like it , good job .

Welcome :)

Hi, GEE-PAKO bought this plugin for me, when I use the google chrome to browse it, it’s appearing Aw,Snap. And for the one image scroller, is there a way to solve it cause we don’t have the same quantity of Necklaces, Earring or Bracelets

Hello , please email me your site link via gordoncodes@gmail.com . Thanks

Hello loved the plugin , would like to know , how much of products max we can upload to this plugin ?

Hi, you can upload unlimted number of prodcuts :)

Hi Gordon, can this plugin be used without WooCommerce, just for Wordpress? I think it could be an attractive hook for magazines or fashion blogs, like a virtual makeover option. I’m also interested in shirts mirror but it’s not updated to Wordpress 4.1/4.2

Another question is, can we upload something more tan shirts, like blouses or dresses?

Thank You

Hi , Yes sure , you can use this plugin without WooCommerce . If you are planning to use diffrent categories (Tshirts ,dresses , skirts ..ect ) , with WooCommerce or without it , please email me via : gordoncodes@gmail.com Regards

And all my plugins work fine with Wordpress 4.1 , just forgot to add it , Thanks for reminding :)

I did all the steps found in the documentation, but I still can’t see the virtual try on. All I see is the shortcode. Furthermore, I would like to have this solution in another way, Can we like having a button on every item saying “try me on” and when clicking on this button it takes me to the try on with the item that was selected ?

Hi edyhourany,

Sorry for being late were too busy , Please use this shortcode ”” [Jewelry_Mirror_display/] ”” , and for the “try me on” buttons plz email me via : gordoncodes@gmail.com


Dear GW

can your plugin have multiple products at one order

i want to use it in the make-up industry


check the link you will understand exactly what i mean.

if your plugin does this already i will purchase it straight away


Hi Cobrie

I want to send you a snapshot but i dont have your email adress. . Plz email me via : gordoncodes@gmail.com


Hi, I have just purchase and installed the plugin and it seems not support on mobile, http://lovebird-demo.ddns.net/virtual-jewelry-try-on/

and also is it possible to have only one earring by single click and double click to get in pair to fit the try-on? thanks

and the “order now” button not work, it doesn’t link or redirect to the product page after click and disappear, please help, thanks

Hi Chris, Plz email me your site details to gordoncodes@gmail.com

Hi, A pre-sales question – I love how this plugin looks and works, however does this plugin work on mobile?

Hi Roland,
For mobile version , plz email me via gordoncodes@gmail.com

Hi There,

I got your plugin couple of days ago. I realised, “Order Now” button not working. Can you help me fix this problem please.

Thanks Nuwan

Yes, Plz email me your wp-admin details to gordoncodes@gmail.com

Hi There,

How can I add jewellery more than 1 item in my jewellery list? I tried to add more, but it wont be add.

Thanks Nuwan

Hi , You can watch installation video here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubDmFdVN1dc&feature=youtu.be

hi when i post a shortcode directly on page if shows fine, but when i post shortcode via text editor (like visual composer) the layout is compleatly broken. Problem is i want to show your plugin smaller, and not on a full page. so i made grid on my page with (similiar to visual composer) where showing products, ... and in some part of page i want to show virtual try on, but as i said – layout is broken (its shown like on top, under, under, under,... long way down)Sorry for my bad english. thank you