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Are you planning on adding Stripe, PayPal sucks?

yes, a future update has already been planned for an ajax live search instead of the drop down search.

When are you planning on modifying it? I tested Alampally site and it really slowed page loads down a lot, we talked about it and I think its because you have a get statement in the routes.php file… have you noticed this speed issue?

Also the Likes being added as credits is a cool idea and makes since but there doesn’t seem to be a field in the database for credits it seems that this is updated only when a user buys credits, is this right?

Add stripe and work out these issues and I’ll definitely buy it.

Have you worked out the above issues yet, is there a coming update happening soon?

whe can i fund that in the demo .?

I have not tested it with blank theme, but should work. You add virtual gifts through admin panel, and can add whichever images you like as virtual gift images. You can use the images from the live site in the demo if you wish

its ok

its ok display the default error page why?

Because you MUST login to an account, or the demo account to view the page

Hello, Superb. Good Job.

This is something that can possibly be implemented in a future update

can u share ur mail ID

All options for gifts and credits are there in admin. There are configuration settings to disable and enable both addons. Right now its not an important issue for admin to see what member sent who a gift, plus, that would be an unnecessary use of the database.

Payment report is NOT there….How can we edit Gift and Credit information in the Admin…I could not able to find out… THANK YOU. Share your email ID

You can look at your paypal account for credit payments. When a member purchases credits, the credits auto-post to their account. To add gifts or credit packages, go to “add gift scheemes” in the sidebar menu, Then click “add gift scheme” in the upper right hand corner. This is also the same with the credits.


Did you think that why your sales only 2? You need to improve your package and you will get the more and more business… Share your email ID and I will give you few features to you…You can implement for me also OK…I will pay you…Think and come back to me through an email…

Good Luck

waiting for your reply…Can you please do let me know… Thank You.

transfer system should be in this add on or you gonna make another add on for transferring ?

Transferring? Do you mean transferring credits between members?

Can you please share your email ID, SO THAT i will share you the add-on features and process. So, that you can create one for me. Please share your email ID. and it is NOT harm to share your id.

Hi, Any update new version? Thanks and good luck

Is there any new update from you?

No new update yet, We will hopefully be working on a new version within the next 30 days.

Is there any new update from you?

how is the Demo url or the Adminpanel url?

details for testing not working, also i create an account all the time i fill my profil with information i can’t go far or save those information, there’s something wrong with your demo

Live demo testing details have been updated. Thank you.

live demo not working..please fix.. thx..

can you send me working version this app do not work

Just bought, app does NOT install and actually will break the plugin system of the site. Please update this plugin.