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Is it possible for the currencies to live update every minute instead of every ten minutes?

Hi, now it’s updating every minute.

I like your layouts. 1. Does Virtual Coin Widgets convert all currencies listed in this other plugin at https://codecanyon.net/item/cryptocurrency-converter-wp-widget/20759124 ? 2. Is it possible to add affiliate links to your 700+ altcoins so if someone clicks a link they are redirected to that altcoin site similar to the faucets at https://codecanyon.net/item/bitcoin-faucet-list/20435722?s_rank=19?


1. Probably yes, we have around 1500 now.

2. Labels and Cards have a link option.

Best regards.

I appreciate your quick response. Do you offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale?

We won’t make promotions this season. Best regards.

really like this plugin, i was wondering is there anyway to display all coins within a table without manually typing 700+ coins ? Also, any plans on adding a search function to search for particular coin in a very large table ?

Hello, It’s being made at this moment. Best regards.

awesome ! can’t wait for the release !

have a nice day, can I add manually where I want it?

Hello, yes, in any text content. Best regards.

Have a nice day. Really like this plugin. Can we translate to other languages?

Are the files encrypted or not? Can I edit myself?

Yes, sure, the code source files are provided.

Thank you sir.

can make a full website just using this widget? and what API do you use to import price data?

Hi. Probably you’ll need to generate your content too, to let people engage. We use CoinMarketCap & Bitpay.

This plugin is visual amazing! Is it possible to have a constant updated list of several coins? I want to list the top 25 coins on the market at any given time but I cannot consistently keep updating the code to keep track. Is it possible to have the plugin update the coins by rank in a “hands-off” approach?

A website that integrates API from Coinmarketcap.com has a working example:


Hello, at this point the possible behaviour is visible through builder. We will release a product with tables for better top/listing cryptocurrencies. Best regards.

HELLO I want to translate the “symbol” , change 1h, change 24h sections to turkish.. how can I do that ??? in table widget view

the coin widget dosnt display on my website


Ilanzam Purchased

Hi, For some weird reason it seems that the widget/ticker appears everywhere except the main page.

Could you please advise?


Hi, please check our email. Best regards.


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Hi, for some the reason the real time prices are really off from what it is. bitcoin is like 500 euros off from what it original is. Can I do something about that?

Hello, please check this: https://bitpay.com/bitcoin-exchange-rates

We think that is more accurate then CoinMarketCap.


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Oh Okay thanks!


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Hi, I just installed and building a widget is easy and it looks the way I want in preview but there must be some kind of conflict with my theme css because this is the way it looks when it’s on a page: https://prnt.sc/hwu1pd

Please help. Thanks!

Please check your email for the latest version. Best regards.


jimisme Purchased

Thanks. Will that be an official update here?

Yes, it’s in queue to review.


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Building a converter, I do not see US Dollar. Other than USD, is there another label I should be looking for? screenshot: https://prnt.sc/hwvdru


jimisme Purchased

nevermind, I just manually edited the shortcode and inserted USD and it works fine.

Hi, it’s now solve.


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Hi, what is the limit for calls to api?

Hello. We are using 1 minute period, and this is faster then data updates actually.

Hi there,

I wonder if it’s possible to generate a list/table of all available cryptocurrency? I expected to put a summary page in which my users will have in a single place all the information they need about price/market cap/volume/change etc…

A little up… Need an answer soon or I’ll simply switch to another plugin. Regards.

Hello, at this point is not possible.

i wanna buy but i need to know

1)in the table can u ORDER the list by filter? (click on price make it from small to biggest or other way) ?

2)you can search (Filter show only coin you search “XMR” Show onl xmr)


Hello, you select the the cryptocurrencies present in the table, but search and order by columns is not available.

are my users allow to filter the crypto or only me as admin

You include the list with the short-code:

[vcw-table color="cyan" symbols="BTC,ETH,XRP,LTC,XMR" currency="USD"]