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xenix Purchased

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Maybe you entered wrong code. Contact support.


xenix Purchased

I fixed it. Support didn’t reply. Now I setup everything accordingly but its not working. Also your documentation – real interface not matching .

What is the date of the next update?

No estimated date yet.

this script demo no work? i try demo but they no work

i want buy this script

There is no demo facebook fan page connected to this demo script.

OK i buy this i Hope the script will work

We from RU and we needed full automation for popular russian social network - auto bots, work with groups, invite in group, auto post in group, ads in group, sheduller for posts, sheduller for ads, mass operations, mass delete blocked fake users from group, invaiting, likes, friending, messages with frending, auto comments to all posts in group, multiaccounting for fake dispute

Hi there, If you need customization then you can contact support with details. Regards.

Hi there, can this be also used for Workplace by Facebook?

Don’t understand, Can you please explain more?


How does this work? Can I add users to this one? Why is the demo don’t demonstrate what I want to see to this script?

If I buy this and fail to get into my expectation within 7 days.

Can I get a refund?


If our script doesn’t work as we said on description then we will refund and other criteria are not acceptable.

Hi, I want buy this. I understand it is a standalone script designed to setup Facebook automated messaging. It is not for Facebook Messenger, right? Only for what happens on the FB website. Does it work when user is on Facebook mobile app?

Also, if I have a eCommerce site, can I include links in the responses from the script to my eCommerce pages?

And, in regards to all your scripts in your portfolio, which do you recommend for fully automated Facebook comments reply, and also Facebook Messenger chat bot? I want to customize it for Magento and be able to load product data into the bot answers to the customer.

Thanks in advance

I think I should add the auto-hide comment feature

Thanks for your advice.

I tried your demo. Only one question per page? even we set it to different post?

For seller like me, every post maybe have same question but different answers to reply to customers.

Please confirm, need to buy for my business page

Thank you

You can set unlimited page for your page even you can set question for post.

let’s say I want to set auto private reply to post A, when someone comment “pm’ to the post, system will anwer with “hello”


set auto private reply to post B, when someone also comment “pm” to the post, system will answer with “Hi”

- Both posts in the same page

Do Virtual Assistant allowed this? I tried with your demo, got error “this question already exist”

ERROS HTTP 500 can you help me?

If you bought our script then please contact support.

Is it possible to give set of data and everytime user types he gets random quote !

This feature is not available, But if you need this feature you can contact support.

if buy the standard package how many customer i can sell this package? i mean how many user can add on

hi where is supportng team? are you there?

Hi there, Sorry for late reply, Our support member got bike accident and he is seriously injured and this is why it’s taking time for the reply. You can’t add user it’s personal use only.

can work with personal profiles?

Nope , Only Pages

Is there any expression to answer all comments

script script not working

in page no reply


upet Purchased

i ahve been purchased please help to confihuration

Contact support


upet Purchased

i have done contact support

Is there any admin panel? Can I market it?

You can’t

Can I customize the source code for personal and business use? Version Estented

Yes, you can customize the code because our code is open source. If you use it for business then you have to buy with extended license.