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Hello Just purchased it and uploaded the files.. ready to install and configure but what encounter this error… “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.” when i browse the domain…

Contact support with details information.

already sent via contact form. Thank you

what version laravel?

Can your script send direct messages to users who commented on a post with a custom message based on a keyword used in the comment?

It can send direct private message based on sentence

so if it can send private messages based on a sentence then it can send as well based on just a keyword, right?

Where can see detail of Facebook short code ?

Contact support

Make it Saas version..

Does it support multiple user?


The server needs SSL for this script to work?

setup documentation included in main files.

Do I need to pay for the certificate yearly?

there are also free SSL certificate you can use them.

Hello.. I have tried demo version.. But the function not working.. Im very interesting to buy this software..

Hi there, We disconnected demo facebook page for some reason.But we are going to connect it soon.

Thank you sir.. One more question, how many fanpage can connect? If i have 10 fanpage, can connect all my fanpage?


Please add multi-user

does it support private reply comment? for example, I want to private reply comment that only contains “pm” word in a sentance, is it posibble?

private reply available but it depends on sentence matching not only word .

is it possible to reply comment public & private at the same time? For example, when someone comment “pm” I would like to public reply “PM done” & at the same time reply privately.

I try your demo. first, I put “pm” at the comment textbox for public. Then, I try to put “pm” for private and it says “This question is already exists for this page”.

Is it possible to do so?


How does auto message reply work? I messaged your facebook page, but no reply. Please acknowledge. Thank you.

You need to add first possible comment and reply to that comment. Where you get our facebook testing page link?

I searched your facebook page FB Virtual Assistant Software and tested the auto reply message via Message. No reply. Or do I need to setup a question and answer in demo first for it to work? Auto comment works just fine.

We didn’t setup any facebook page to test but we will do it in future.


ahyaha Purchased

can we set time interval for public replies on comments ?



ahyaha Purchased

how can we dis active the script ?

I have a question, I need to create an answer that works for any comment


If you want the same reply for all comments then just set the exception message from the settings and don’t add any other reply.

HI Trinolabbd,

I have a question: hide comment (*) is in our roadmap?
  • contain: number, email, website, special keywords

Thank you!

Hi Trinolabbd, I mean “hide comment”, not delete.

Ex: I sell a callphone, many people comment with mobile phone. I want hide mobile number with competitor. >> Auto add keyword to

Nope it can’t hide comment.

Thank Trinolabbd!

Hello. pre-order question please. your tool does support JSON or send Multiple images / files / videos in One Message Reply ?

Other question : we need broadcasting option to send message to all fans who have already send msg to fanpage. (Marketing)

This feature is not available in this script. If you want to customize version then you can contact support

Can you add auto liker / auto comments for all posts from groups?

will this work for live video posts?


just wanted to confirm before purchase that this uses all official apis from facebook?


Please add multiuser.


saenrak Purchased

Hello Just purchased it and uploaded the files.. ready to install and configure but cannot delete Comment List , Message Reply and cannot add any word in Spam Defender. i already send ur msg plz chk.

Our support member will contact you.


saenrak Purchased

hi, any news?

Hello! Really interested in purchasing your plugin. I have one question. Does it have some sort of benefit or connection when used with your Social Media Marketing Tool Optimus Plugin?

“Virtual assistant” and “Optimus prime” are developed for the different purpose but Messenger bot is common between both.

Great, any plans on adding API Graph? After looking documentation I noticed to use it we need to create an app and then get facebook approval. Honestly Facebook is really tedious about this and will take your account down until you provide evidence for your account

Hi there, You only need “manage_pages” permission approval for messenger bot because without that Messenger bot will not work, and do not need other permissions approval for auto comments reply, detecting spams etc.