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Fab plugin by the way: I have an odd issue, whenever I share ( I have used many different sharing plugins including VP built in one ) it displays the VP shortcodes in the first few lines of the post… Only just noticed the issue but would have asked earlier really hope you can help?


trl99 Purchased

Hi, thank you , it kind of worked :) the problem now only exits with video posts

Thats great. Did you try the same thing for videos as well? I am sure the problem is same for all type of posts.


trl99 Purchased

hi, yes i did, very stange.

Lovely plugin. I’ve already bought Buzzy and Boombox and still on the search for the ultimate viral tool. Yours is very good. I tested the poll and I think the only thing I can comment on would be for you to have a kind of social share pop up after the user has posted to the website and also for a visitor/user when they have voted on a poll – what do you think? Have a look at Boombox theme and see the design of the pop up of the social share.

I’m thinking of buying the plugin and would like to know if my suggested can be implemented soon. By the way, what theme would you suggest I buy if I buy your plugin (a responsive, fast loading theme). Thank you for the time and look forward to your reply. Cheers. JD

Hi, thanks for your suggestion. We will check the possibility and consider it for next updates if possible :)

About the theme, it totally depends on your choice. My suggestion goes to aqueduct (used on demo), newspaper, sociallyviral etc. You can also use buzzy/boombox but they already offer their own editor. As a result using viralpress along with them will add overhead instead of making it lightweight.

When is your next update? This will help me determine if I should go ahead with my Boombox/Buzzy and stick with them or wait for you.

Btw Buzzy isn’t WP so I don’t think your plugin will work.

I think there’s still lots more room for improvement in the area of making posts more viral and engaging. Prompting users to share immediately they participate in an activity like voting is good (also allow admin the option of changing the prompt message). Perhaps the choice of where to place bigger sized social buttons on the site (top, bottom, static, on the sides etc).

Thank you. JD

Hi, thanks for your suggestions. We are working on plugin improvements and trying to bring some features and improving existing features. The next update can take around a month or two.

Pre-sale question, is it possible to see all the answers no just the final result for Personality or trivia questions in admin afterward? Thanks.

Hi, thanks for your question. You can see them only using the viralpress editor.

Pre-sale question: My plan is to allow customers to vote on which design we will print for our clothing next. I want to give anywhere from 4-10 images of the designs and the ability for users to choose more than 1 design (if there are 10, allowing them to vote 1 per design, so 10 votes essentially, but no more than 1 per design). I want them to be able to click the image to vote for it (like a highlight selection) and then click submit vote. Can your system do this?

Hello, thanks for your question. Our system only allows one vote per question. So if you want to allow your users to vote for more than one design per clothing then it is not possible. But if users have to choose only one design per clothing then it is possible,


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Hello please I want to change my licence to my new domain.

Hello, I replied to your email. Please check. Thanks

Hi, I can not add articles after setup. Trying to send, but it’s not working.

Hello, sorry to know that. If you have WP_DEBUG turned on in the site please test by turning it off. If still does not work then please email me your website url and a login to test. Thanks


gotobono Purchased

Hi,My Theme’s Comment System Do not work ,Ifound the problem is [function extarctDomin()] of jquery caused, when i clicked Comment button, the URL changed[object %20F object] and 404 not found, but when i removed the [function extarctDomin()] code in jquery,i can not edit post, The Comment System is OK, both of them colided, can you help me, how can i do? Thanks.

Hi, thanks for contacting us. I have a solution for this issue. Please contact us via email to get more help on this. Thanks

“You cannot edit this media” Why exactly? Meme Generator is enabled and tried as Admin and User, nothing works!

Ok thank you. Also, I want to change to a different URL. The plugin is not suitable on my test site. How to I change license URL?

Hi, I released your license code from my server. Now you can install it on a new domain. Thanks

I requested a refund as it is not gonna work out for me sorry. Mistaken purchase. Thank you anyway, but would prefer to try something else sorry. Thank you.

I’m very interested in this plugin. My only question is can I choose what users can make? For example, I don’t want my users/guests creating news stories or memes. Can I simply just disable that from them?

Hi, thanks for your interest. Yes all the modules are configurable from admin panel and can be easily turned on/off from settings.

How to solve can not login and register?

Hi, you have to enable login module to fix this problem.

1. why can not the user upload the picture?
2. how to regret this table?
3. how to hiden this?
4. how to edit or eliminate this?
5. how to change the image of this reaction?

About 1: Only contributors or upper level users can upload pictures. Subscribers cannot. I think you are testing with a subscriber account

And 2,3,4 : These changes need css edit. The plugin does not provide any handy configuration to change them. So css edit is required.

And 5: reaction images can be changed by editing libraries/functions.php : vp_print_emoji_reactions


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Hi, I only want the admin to be able to post. What settings should I use

Hello, there is a settings to restrict the editor to admins only. You have to use it. And if there is any link to the editor on the menu then remove it. Thanks


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The CSS does not match totally with my theme. When I embed or add an image, the image fit’s the entire box during edit. But under preview, the image size is small. How do I have the edit theme, look like when I’m editing it.

Hello, can you please email me your site URL? I will have a look and advise you on possible solution to this problem. Thanks


amicheals Purchased

Also, how do add outline to posts automatically. I had to edit the css individually.