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pre-sale question please.

Does post added to open list count as a normal post? I want to use a plugin that pays user on amount of post published and post page views, and I don’t want post submitted to open list payed.

Hello, thanks for your interest in the plugin. Open lists posted by users are not saved as regular post by viralpress. So they should not be counted as normal post. Also please note that, even a user makes a multi item list, the number of regular posts he made will still increase by 1.

Thanks a bunch for the honest reply

Hi, i am planning to buy this plugin. For the open list, do you have the option for user to only add a link, and the plugin will automatically grab the content of the link destination like what facebook is doing? I believe this is very useful for the openlist. I know wordpress itself has that function, but i do not see it on your plugin.

Hello, thanks for your interest in this plugin. Unfortunately we don’t have this feature yet. But it may be added in future.

Hi, today I saw viral press demo and I liked it. I have a BuddyPress site and I want to integrate into my website before that, i have few questions for you.

1. Viralpress is completely BuddyPress compatible?

2. I need to upload custom files(.pdf, .zip, .doc, .xls, etc…) in my profile and groups, is that possible with the viral press?

3. I want Polls and file upload feature under profile navigation and group navigation is that possible?

If all the options available or supported in the viral press then I will buy it.

Greetings, Nibin Nelson

Hello, thanks for your interest in this plugin.

1. Yes, it is fully compatible with buddypress. Many of our customers are already using viralpress along with buddypress.

2. Unfortunately it is not possible. Viralpress will only allow the file types that it supports and the file types that are enabled by admins.

3. This is possible but will need customization of the code. By default viralpress will only add “Posts” and “Open lists” tab to buddypress profile.

Best regards,


Hi, Thank you for your quick reply.

It’s a great news that it is fully compatible with BuddyPress. all I need is 2 new features for my BuddyPress site:

1. custom file upload under profile and groups.

2. custom polls under profile and groups.

if u give me the custom code for achieving these features that would really helpful for me. Basically, I’m not a programmer, if you help me in this situation I can pay you for extra custom code as well.

Have a great day!


Nibin Nelson

Hello, thanks for you offer. We would be happy to help you on this but unfortunately due to the lack of free schedules, it may not be possible to take the customization project anytime soon. But I can assure you that it can be done by any expert wordpress programmer easily.

Best regards

ViralPress is great but CSS design is putting me off a little. I don’t know maybe it’s the theme on demo site. If there will be an update soon that really makes content design more fancier then I would buy. Quiz share prompt and popup share needs to be fancier. I could hack css support in my self using a child theme but some important element uses inline css styling.

ViralPress is great but CSS design is putting me off a little. I don’t know maybe it’s the theme on demo site. If there will be an update soon that really makes content design more fancier then I would buy. Quiz share prompt and popup share needs to be fancier. I could hack css support in my self using a child theme but some important element uses inline css styling.

Hi, thanks for your comment.

There are some lacking in the css styles that we are planning to fix in future. The plugin will get better once we apply a major update in next few months.

Hi, I have a pre-sale question. I´d like to know if it would be possible to customise this plugin so that it’s possible for the users to rank answers from most to least favourite?

Hello, sorry for the delayed response. Unfortunately ranking of answers based on voting is not possible currently.

Hi. Emebed on Open/Closed lists is not working for Facebook comments

Hello, it looks like you did not add a facebook app id in viralpress settings. Once an app id is added, this problem should automatically fix.


Well, the app is there and i sure can embed posts, but not comments(:

Sorry, I don’t think facebook comments embed will work with the plugin

How can i set open list so users can only add one type – news/image/meme etc per article.

Hello, this is possible. First you have to choose the desired post type from editor. Then add initial entries and save it as open list. Then users will be able to add only one type of entries in that article. the initial post type will define what type is allowed. But the plugin does not support openlist post type different from the initial post type

Hello, my php updated 7.1.7,but only viralpress plugin does not running, it is show “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)”, how can i do? Thanks !

Hello, sorry to know that. Where does this error message appear?

The post is blank, it can not load content, so i check it from developer tools console in browser, i tried several themes, the porblem is still existence, why?


Hello, did you check whether any viralpress module is turned off by any chance? The issues you are having looks like resulted from disabled viralpress module.

Are the posts created in viral press added to the standard Wordpress posts or will the posts remain as custom posts exclusive to viral press?

The reason why I ask is that I want to maintain the layout from my News/magazine theme but a content scrapper/grabber plugin like automatic in addition to viral press for generating the content/posts for the site.

Please be very specific with your answer. Thanks

Hello, thanks for your question. Viralpress saves all parent posts as standard wordpress posts but the post contents are preserved as shortcode. So without viralpress, those posts will not render correctly. However, individual list items (child posts) are saved under different post types which are exclusive to viralpress.

thanks for the reply. So, just to be sure, as long as I have ViralPress installed, I am able to use those posts within my theme homepage layout as regular posts?

For ViralPress to work for me, I will need to be able to display the posts generated/created via ViralPress in my theme’s magazine layout. Please advise if this will work that way.


Yeah. That’s for sure. As long as viralpress is active, posts will behave as regular post except their internal contents cannot be accessed just like other regular post.

I wish there was a way to aggregate social posts to one open list by hashtag. Also: is there is a way to change the credit for a open list submission author? in case the author can’t upload the submission from his account and he sends it to us

Hello, I think using source input, you can do this in the best possible way. For example, you may add via XXXX or credit: XXXX as source. This will highlight the source text below the submission.

thanks! and what about the hashtag?

Unfortunately viralpress doesn’t have any function to do this :(

I would like to know three things. 1. can you give custom result pages based on each answer of the user. E.g. he answered ‘answer 1’ on question 1 so the result page starts with ‘you are beautiful’ and answered ‘answer 3’ on question 2 so it continues with ’... and you are smart too’. 2. are these answers stored in the user’s profile on buddypress or UserPro? 3. Can you export the results in pdf?


Thanks for your questions.

1. Yes it is possible using personality quiz. By custom page, I assumed that you meant modal popup.

2. Unfortunately quiz answers are not saved on profile by the plugin. It can be customized to do this. But requires some coding.

3. Unfortunately not since quiz answers/results are not stored.

is viralpress capable of news rss import from other sites?

Hello, thanks for your question. Unfortunately we don’t have this feature :(


lowpage Purchased

I need to change site assigned to purchase code…how to do this


Thanks for contacting us.

Your old domain has been cleared from the license server. Please try to activate it on new domain.

Kind Regards InspiredDev


Kbmann90 Purchased

When I upvote or react to user list items, they are not receiving points. Only the user that performed the action. I want it to work the other way. I want to reward users for getting votes, and nothing for when they vote on someone else’ items.


Kbmann90 Purchased

The description for this plugin says it’s possible, but maybe misleading? “Or when they receive like on their post, votes on their post?”. This is not how it is working according to the log.

Hello, sorry to know that you are having trouble. It looks like viralpress-mycred integration is not configured properly.

Make sure that you have done the following two -

1. mycred extension is turned on in viralpress admin settings > modules tab

2. viralpress hooks for mycred is correctly configured

I hope it will work after configuring it properly.