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mdolla Purchased

The login and registration pages to my site do not work. The only thing is shows is the shortcode

How do i fix this

Hi, replied to email already. Please check. Thank you

Hello I just bought and install ViralPress but none of the page is showing. Whenever I try to create, it will show Error 404. I’m using X Theme

nvm, I’ve figured it out

That’s great :)

Hello. I do not know how I should rename menu items. The setting is 10 items, you can not add more or overwrite.I need to add another category to the menu, but I do not know how to do it !!

Hello, you can edit menu items from wordpress admin panel. There will be two viralpress menu added. You can change the name or link of them as you want.

Looking for a plugin that will allow users/teachers to post links to my site preferably via the front end. Once a link is submitted, another user cannot delete that link. Then I need a page showing all posted links. Is this possible with this plugin?

Hi, thanks for your interest. It is possible to prevent user from deleting approved post. However, whether this plugin will be helpful for you depends on what type of content you want them to post. If you want to test it, you can check the demo here with username: test and password: test

It will simply be just links posted.

Yeah. If you want to embed a link then the embed option should be used. But only pasting a link into text box will just show that link.

Hi there. I am interested in buying this plugin. I am currently using Divi theme by ElegantThemes. Just wondering if this plugin will work with this theme? Thanks!

I would also like to know if all the future updates for the plugin will be available along with the purchase.

By the way, is this plugin available to be used on all my WordPress sites? Or do I have to purchase it separately for my other sites?

Hi, it is available only one per domain according to regular licensing terms. And all future updates are free even if your support period expires.

Hello your plugin is just awesome , presale question can create quizzes like, or do you think to add a quiz type or option to create quizzes like heroquizz, nametests


Hi, thanks for your interest. We are not planning to add any new quiz format soon. More formats may be added later.

Hi, i just purchased recently, I keep getting this error everytime i try to post regardless of default post settings: The category for “images” does not exist. Please create the category first or adjust admin settings for this post type. Thanks!

Disregard, i figured it out, it was the page settings. Thanks!

Hello. Unable to complete registrce for new contributors. / login works fine/ Please help solve the problem. I already wrote to the email, but no response!

Hi, sorry for the delayed response. Replied to email. Please check and let us know about it.

Hello. Registration is already working well. I have a question- how to rename individual emoji in reactions?

Hello, if you want to rename any text, you have to edit the po/mo file supplied and configure wordpress to use the edited language file.

Is it possible to make a time limit? e.g. there is a countdown of 30 seconds so the user has not time to Google the answer.

Hi, thanks for your question. unfortunately its not possible at this moment.

Is this theme translation ready so I can use Loco Translate or similar plugin to translate the theme inside WP control panel?


sportskp Purchased

Hello, I have iThemes and setting up ViralPress login feature is not working together. Once I deactivate the ViralPress plugin, the login page works. I did select a iThemes login page that is configured manually from the page settings, however the login and registration pages don’t work on my site. The only thing is shows is the shortcode. Can you guide me on this?

Apart from that, plugin installed great and functionality in the demo looks good which inclined me to purchase this.

Hi, thanks for contacting us.

Both login functions cannot work together and you can only choose one at a time. Because when you choose one login system, it will try to impose it’s own login flow into wordpress api and there will be conflict if more than one system tries to do the same.


Joventu1 Purchased

Hi I have purchased this item and was wondering if there is a way to only allow loged in users to see the Submit button on the menu? I did not see that option under ViralPress settings. Thank you.

Hi, it is possible. You can do this by editing the viralpress menu from wordpress admin panel and add the link to submit post page. Only change vp_guest_menu from wordpress admin.

Best regards

Can u show me , where u r showing comment box below each image in list view , any demo

Hi.the live demo doesn’t have this feature enabled. Here is a screenshot of how this will look:


Separate “react with gifs” plugin coming?

Hi, thanks for your query. Currently we don’t have any plan regarding this. If it happens in future we’ll let you know :)