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Hi, how can I add description in the when creating a text or news.

Hi, you have to add a new text entry and it will give you a box to fill in a title and the description under it. That’s all you need to do.

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weyoda Purchased

I purchased and tried to my newspaper theme by divtag. but i do not know how to integrate it. those layout is not properly fitted on my theme. Other than that I do not know how to create a button on the header itself bearing “Create a Post” likewise to put or link their sign up/ login button with social login. If anyone can help me here. I am willing to pay.

Hi, we revived your email about this. We will get in touch tomorrow.

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Hi, why is not auto width the YouTube videos? (100% width) Few months ago was auto width and work fine, but now in the new posts is fixed and should set manually.

Please check this, because if i set the width and height in manually, not responsive with desktop and mobile view.

Hi, video embeds should be responsive irrespective of the given width/height. Can I see an example of the problem you facing? It will be better if you send more information via email.

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I asked that earlier as well. BoomBox theme has similar features. How your plugin work with it? Like does it use its feature or provide all those content types out of the box?

Custom taxonomies will not appear by default. They have to be custom coded.

Mycred integration can be extended using hooks/callbacks provided by viralpress. It will not be much complex.

It is possible but needs to be custom coded. Default setup does not have such options.

Unfortunately, custom links to each item is not available yet. We have plans to extend this feature soon.

1 – Is it possible to associate certain actions to add/subtract points of the author of the post as well as the action taker. For example, voting up/down an item in the open list by Person A should add/subtract X points to the person B who added that item in the list and y amount to person A.

2 – Can we extend the points to every allowed action of Viral Press in a way that each update to plugin may not require redoing all of those changes in the code?

1 – Yes, we have similar option already added. When activated, up voting gives both the voter and the list creator some points and down voting deducts points from list creator giving them to the voter.

2 – Yes, possible with action hooks. But you have to place them on separate functions file because with automatic update all viralpress files are replaced.


micktj Purchased

Hi, is there a way that we can block entire access to the WP dashboard please?

Hi, did you mean wordpress admin panel? If yes, viralpress has a settings to do this. You will find it in viralpress settings > general tab

can it find viral content automatically or we need to add manually,

Hi, viral contents need to be added manually.

are you planning to add the auto function or when will possibly the next version coming with new feature,s as im currently have another plugin which offer auto option so just dreaming if you can provide it,

Hi, we haven’t think about this function yet. If we plan anything about this, we will let you know.

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You can include quizin which all the options are correct, but each one has a different points

I suggest that the quiz do not have a single correct answer (multiple corrrect answers option) and that different score can be assigned to each answer option

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I will check if it can be done. Meanwhile if you are having trouble with this, you can also try personality type – I which is tradition personality quizzes used by buzzfeed.


micktj Purchased

Hi, I’m receiving LOTS of spam registrations since using ViralPress.. how can I stop this please?


micktj Purchased

I have recaptcha enabled and authorised, and ‘captcha challenge will be shown on signup’ checked. Many thanks.

Hi, in that case you have to disable wordpress default registration system. I think spams are coming through that.

The demo login of username: test and password: test is not working.. :(

Hi, I just tested the login. It is working for me. If you try again it should work.


lowpage Purchased

hello i keep getting this >>>

Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Size of a request header field exceeds server limit. Cookie

Please tell me how to fix

Hi, this problem does not seem to be related with viralpress. It can be a problem with the theme or any other plugin. I have never received any similar complain with the plugin anytime.

There is a good chance that this problem is related to cache management plugin if you use one. Clearing the cache can be helpful.


lowpage Purchased

i apologize….wrong script…i meant this for another purchase i have sorry

It’s ok. I am relieved to know that it’s not related to viralpress :)

Can we use it with this plugin to manage images, videos or gallery items?

Or may be if you could integrate this with all of the items as facebook comments are already there. You only need to give the simmilar view and tagging options.

Hi, I am not sure how that plugin works. But if it works with default wordpress gallery (gallery created using [gallery] shortcode) then it will also work with viralpress.


omwap Purchased

how do you adjust the category title size or box size


omwap Purchased

and the custom menu widget text color

Hi, you have to use custom css for this. Using the inspect element feature in browser you will be able to find out the css classes of those elements that you want to change. Then apply a custom css code to alter the width/height/size. If you are not sure where to apply custom css, please refer to viralpress documentation pdf (page-14).


micktj Purchased

Hi, when people submit content, this is all that is sent as the WP post: [vp_post_entry type=”news” id=”289817” order=”1”]

Thank you for your help

Hi, this shortcode is used by viralpress to render content. For editing you have to use the frontend editor.

Any plan to introduce more formats like

1 – text: to add posts without any image ad in plain text like quotations, poetry where you do not need to add any parent story title, description & image like you have in story type. Just a post type with only the stuff you have in the text block of story post type. 2 – Link: So just adding a link would auto fetch the image and other details of the link. More formats can include charts & maps. more like the features you have on atavist.

I just played around with meme generator. Stroke Colors are not applied properly.

Also, is it possible to be able to add multi-line text so this feature could accommodate poetry & quotes as well. Hope that’s not lot of work.

In personality quiz if there are multiple results, how it it correlates answers for a particular result. For example, if there are 10 questions in total with 4 possible answers for each question. How the end result will be compiled. Does it simply count what result has been selected most often and show that? They way WP Pro Quiz does is that you can assign weight to each answer and your result is based on weight range. So you can make ranges like 1-10 weight-> show result 1, 11-20 weight -> show result 2. and so on. I am not sure how your quiz module calculates the results in personality quiz.


“1 – text” can be done with the plugin. You have to play with it a little bit to do similar.

2 – link: There are plans to add it in future

3 – Multi line texts can be done manually by creating new texts and dragging them into a new line.

4 – Personality quiz type I works this way – It just checks which result the quiz taker gets more. This is shown as the final result of the quiz.


2brainfix Purchased

Hello there,

How to disable media library for users? I dont like that option


Right now there is no way to hide the media library. But be assured that users will only be able to see their own uploads unlike default wordpress.

Demo logon test/test isn’t working for me. Did it change?

Hi, tested it just now. Its working for me.

No. Sorry, it is not working! User=test pass=test does not work. Are people resetting the password or something? Seems there should be an easier foolproof way to demo this. I’ve tried logging on to the demo link for a few days at random times, nooo luck.

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. There were some problems in site that was causing the issue. It should work if you retry. Login is the same.

Hello, I have Boombox Theme but I don’t like the default Zombify builder, can I used Viral Press effectively with it?

Okay, is it possible to create nexted List and also create a list in descending order?

Nested list is not possible but descending ordered list is possible.

Are you planning to implement it soon?


omoge Purchased

Hi, as reported by several users on this thread, your demo login test/test is not working. When you enter the login test/test, it asks you to resolve a maths problem and upon answering the security question, you are taking back to the login page again…the loop just continues endlessly.

2) In addition to the above, even if the demo login works, why are visitors being required to login again after answering the security maths question? That will simply put off a lot of users…its bad user experience IMO.

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. There were some problems in site that was causing the issue. It should work if you retry. Login is the same.


Your plugin allow to my users create a posts via frontend. Admin receive it and will publish on site or do not accept the post.

Thank you.

It is nice item. Continue learning it. Thank you.