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can this run stand alone, how much it will cost? thank you!

This runs on WordPress and it costs only $19. Thanks !

Hi, I purchased your plugin and have tried a search and the pages pulled from FB have this instead of likes: [object Object], also Facebook wants me to submit the app (although is green). and hit start submission. Your videos on how to setup the app are different from my screen. (I have setup 15 apps before for other scripts). If I click on any page and then retrieve the images or videos from that page, only few of them come, just for curiosisty went to check the page and there are many more with thousand of likes and shares and there were not pulled by the app. Please help, thanks

Hi There. It’s a problem with APP configuration. I’ve added you as a friend (Claudio is your name ?). Please ping me there with your wp-admin URL credentials so that I can get this sorted ASAP. Thanks.


I can not install your application on my website. In the section of plugins does not show me the link to insert the license. When I create the facebook APP, the application does not show me the popup window to connect with facebook. When I do a search it asks for the access token, however, there is no tab that allows me to insert the access token.

I followed the steps in the documentation, and the application does not work.

Please explain how to install it.

A greeting.

Hi There ! Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Please raise a support ticket here : and share your wp-admin URL and login credentials. We’ll do this for you ! You don’t need to worry. Please join our Facebook Group so that we can chat LIVE !

Many Thanks.

Accept me in facebook group

Done !

its only publish content to Facebook or we can post it to WordPress site too ?

thank you,

Hi Ashu, we’ve added “Add to media” functionality in version 1.1 so now you can add the viral videos and images which ViralPress finds from Facebook for you to your WordPress media and use that in your WordPress posts etc. :)

nice im lookingp trough it. is the price for the plugin increased ? im not sure about all feature about it, can i build viral content sharing website with this plugin.

Please check the sales page for whatever features it has : It depends upon your creativity how you use it. Yes, price has increased and will further increase as we keep on adding more features to it. Hope this clarifies.

Does facebook ban for this? That is mass scraping.

No. We use FB API for this and ViralPress is 100% compliant with it :)

Hello, the facebook post, are you posting it as sharing from the original poster or posting it as yourself? also when are you going to implement saving to wordpress as post?

Hi There!

1. In order to post the content as ORIGINAL POSTER, we have provided DOWNLOAD option. You can download the Video/Image and then you can upload it manually to any account you want!

2. In our last update, we’ve already added SAVING TO MEDIA Feature as shown here => . Using this Feature, you can save the video/image to your WP media and then you can use that in your post/page.

Hope this clarifies.


How do I schedule posts? Is there a queue feature to schedule posts?

Scheduling feature is not available.

i want to buy this please give me some discount

No discounts.

Hi I bought one license yesterday. Can’t figure out how to automate the content posting. Do you have a tutorial?

ViralPress has NO functionality for AUTOMAtic CONTENT POSTING. Please check the sales page carefully.

This seems way cool but when I try your demo out it only returns posts with it seems less than 25 likes nothing like the 1000’s of likes Is it because we are in New Zealand?

Please use wider keywords like BOOKS etc..

I Used the Term BOOKS and of the responses the first 20 are 1 likes or less. I wonder if its a setting I have on my facebook?

It works for us. Not sure what issue you’re facing. So, You can try another tool. All the best.