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Is it possible to offer special discount with buy me option?

Hi there :)

For now, you can’t do that directly with Buy For Me plugin. But with some additional coding work and using plugin’s “tracking” feature, it can be done.

Couple quick questions. How do I change the button color? It seems to be orange and black, I need to change the text to white.

Secondly, when I edit the preview default email subject it doesnt seem to update.

Great plugin guys, I hope you add fb options

Hi :)

You can use the following CSS code to style your button:

a.button.brnhmbx-bfm-button { /*Your Style*/ }

Could you please share the link of your site to let me try the e-mail subject issue? If you wish, you can visit http://burnhambox.ticksy.com and submit a ticket though.


We bought this plugin and we dont want our customers to be able to choose color scheme and button text, just to b able to put in the message and send with their email details.

Could you fix this for us?

Kind regards Jens

Hi Jens :)

You can use the following CSS code:

input#bfm-button-text { display: none; }

Hello, i want this option but for the buyer, i mean: have the option to buy a service product and send the item as a gift for third person with a code for change?

Hi :) Our item is focused on the communication between 2 customer.


First thanks for the great plugin, it’s an amazing tool.

I need your help for 3 things:

1 – How do me disable the price for default? My idea iss to make an inverse function than the one that is now active. Users can add the price if they un-select the “Show Price” box.

2 – How do I select a default color style? I’m using the following CSS code to disable the option for customers to be able to choose color scheme and button text.

label[for=bfm-color-scheme], label[for=bfm-button-text], select#bfm-color-scheme, input#bfm-button-text { display: none; }

3 – I’m using the following CSS code:

a.button.brnhmbx-bfm-button { font-size: 13px; line-height: 13px; font-weight: 600; background-color: #cda85c; color: #fff; height: 45px; line-height: 45px; margin-top: 0 1.4em !important; }

I need the button to show like this one: http://prntscr.com/bin17v

I’m using the same CSS code on both buttons.


Hello :)

1) Please follow the steps below:

i) Write “Show Price” instead of “Hide Price”. You can do this on “WooCommerce > Settings > Buy For Me” screen or just by editing the language file.

ii) After that, open woocommerce-bfm.php file and look for the line below:

if ( !isset( $_POST[ 'bfm-hide-price' ] ) ) {

iii) Replace it with the one below:

if ( isset( $_POST[ 'bfm-hide-price' ] ) ) {

This would do the trick.

2) You should edit a couple of things to do that.

i) Open woocommerce-bfm.php file and look for the part below:

$get_bgColor = '#76b9bb';
$get_fgColor = '#FFFFFF';
$get_messageTextColor = '#999999';
$get_productTextColor = '#3c2313';
$get_buttonTextColor = '#3c2313';
$get_buttonBgColor = '#dedacc';

You can place your own colors by replacing the HEX values.

ii) Now open assets/js/bfm.js file and search for the line below:

{ name: 'default', bg: '#76b9bb', fg: '#FFFFFF', message: '#999999', text: '#3c2313', button_text: '#3c2313', button_bg: '#dedacc' },

You’ll find the same HEX values over here. Just change them too and you’re done.

3) Please try this:

a.button.brnhmbx-bfm-button {
    font-size: 12px;
    line-height: 37px;
    font-weight: bold;
    background-color: #cda85c;
    color: #fff;
    border-radius: 3px;
    margin-top: 0 1.4em !important; //Remove this if not needed

If any of the ones above does not take affect, please try to add !important tag to make it work.

By the way, you can head over to http://burnhambox.ticksy.com and submit a ticket for your further requests/questions.

thank you, I’ll let you know if all goes well :)

My client install this plugin on Porta wordpress theme and when enable SKU Code disappear from single product page …. need help!!

Please head over to http://burnhambox.ticksy.com and submit a ticket.

Hi, i’m using uxtheme flatsome theme and it doesn’t have any quick view plugin. It has it’s own codes for quick view. So, can you fix the form filling issue on quick view window (like above – ragot’s problem)? If yes, i’m gonna buy it. Thank you.

Hi there :)

The fix we’ve made on ragot’s issue was hiding the button on quick view window. Sure, we can help with the same issue for you too.


When you’re plugin is active the “Checkout” doesn’t work.

I’ve updated the plugin to the latest version and the problem persists.


Hi again :)

Do you see any error messages or warnings? What does happen exactly in checkout step? Please let us know.

Everything works fine when we check it. In fact, we haven’t used any function or feature which can affect the checkout or any other WooCommerce process.


When I click on the checkout butto on the cart, I see a message informing that a field needs to be filled. However no field is displayed.

I can give you access to the website backoffice so that you can check it as it is under maintenance right now.


Yeah, please submit a private ticket on http://burnhambox.ticksy.com to let us check it.

Plugin doesn’t work and you haven’t responded to my ticket in 3 days.

We’re so sorry for delay. Unexpected things needed attention. Your ticket will be replied today. But “Plugin does’t work” is an untrue information. You only need to stylize your button with custom CSS which we’d be happy to provide. As I said, we’ll help you today.

​Hello! (Tried submitting a ticket, but couldn’t get it to recognize my purchase code.)

Finishing up my site refresh, and test-driving your plugin (excellent, thank you )... the Buy For Me email shows as coming from “wordpress@lilypreuss.com”, and when I open it in Gmail, it gives it a big red potential spam question mark icon next to the address. Is there a way to assign one of my site’s registered email addresses as the Buy For Me official email source? I’ve got quite a bit of coding ability and knowledge, but it stops when it comes to Wordpress email functionality, apologies!

Mousing over the question mark shows a tooltip that reads “Gmail couldn’t verify that lilypreuss.com actually sent this message (and not a spammer)” Eek.


You’re very welcome :) Thanks for your thoughtful attitude! Please feel free to ask anything when you need.

By the way, we’d like you to rate our item if you find some time for it. Just go to your “Downloads” section on CodeCanyon and click the stars over there!

Have to report back to tell you- following your SMTP lead yesterday made for quite a trip down the rabbit hole last night- good grief, layered e-commerce mail’s a minefield! But your prompting means that I’ve now streamlined and secured the rest of my communications backend beyond the plugin, so nothing registers as spam- most grateful.

Absolutely will sing out with anything else as things get moving, and rating now! x

I’m really very glad to hear :) Thanks again for your great review & comments.

Preorder question: The e-mail as wordpress@domain.com can be changed to let’s say orders@domain.com?

Also, will I be able to integrate this plugin with Mandrill from MailChimp? Using plugins like https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpmandrill/

Hi there :) Thanks for getting in touch!

Yes, you can set any e-mail as “From:” address.

Yes, you can use any plugin which configures the wp_mail() function of WordPress. Mandrill is one of them.


ecb21 Purchased

Hi there,

I can’t seem to get the button on one line like you have in the demo. I have tried a few things and cannot get thorugh. As for the mail that is being sent out, I don’t want customers to choose a template for the mail, but want to provide only 1 custom one based on my house style. How do I do that?

Hi, sorry for late reply.

Could you please share the link of your site to let us have a look at your button?

You need to edit plugin files for templates. Please submit a ticket on http://burnhambox.ticksy.com and we can help you better with this.

Hello, is there any way of creating a shortcode so we can reposition the buy for me button?

Hi :) It’s not possible right now but thanks for this great idea! Why didn’t we do this before?.. We’ll add this feature in the next update.

excellent many thanks, any idea date of on next update?

Hi again :) We’re planning to add it in 1 week or so.

4 days ago I have posted a support ticket on the system and I haven’t had any answer yet. It is not good.

Hi Max, please accept our apologies. I replied your ticket and waiting for your site address.


d1git Purchased

Is it possible for it to capture the variables selected by the sender. I am using this on a hair extension website, but there are many options to these items. Trying to use this to have women send to their significant others. Maybe this is an idea?

Hi :)

I think this can be done with a number of customizations but unfortunately there’s no suggestions we’re able to make at this moment.

Can you please add some instructions for how to update the plugin (without losing all our previous design settings and disabling the plugin)? I didn’t see anything in your index.html file. Thank you.

Just replied your tickets :)

Is there a way to add an emoji to the ‘buy for me’ button (i.e., gift (code points: U+1F381)). I tried to just copy/paste the emoji to the button text field, but it didn’t take (even after saving). Can I assume there’s an alternative custom CSS code for this? Thank you.

Just replied your tickets :)

many things are not working!

1- Sch as despite we choose “Single Product Image” it still shows on the thumbnail. 2 – We choose custom colors but not showing our colors. 3 – Does not show the “Disclaimer Notice” – 4 – We have chnage the text “Would you please buy this awesome tech for me? :)” to our wording but still not showing yir version… 5 – On the single product page your button and our buttto are agains toen another without any spacing!!!

should we return it and ask for refund?


Hi Ozy :)

I’m sorry that you’re having some troubles but I can guarantee you that everything works fine and you just need some help.

1) Right now my product image sizes are like that: http://i.imgur.com/Yz4a0im.png (WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Display)

When I test the “Product Image Size” feature and set it to “Single Product Image”, it shows the correct image size (600×600px). Before, it was showing the smaller version of the same image (180×180px). Could you please ensure that your image sizes are different to each other?

2) Please choose “Custom” from “Color Options” box: http://i.imgur.com/LrsytEM.png

3) Please ensure that this box is checked: http://i.imgur.com/7WIJt6R.png

4) Please ensure that this box is checked: http://i.imgur.com/leDeWyE.png

5) I believe that we can handle it via a single line of CSS and we’d be happy to help you with it! Could you please share your site address to let us have a look at it? So we can provide the necessary CSS.

If you wish, you can submit a ticket on http://burnhambox.ticksy.com to let us help you better.

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Hello, your plugin is perfect, can we use it for send as a gift ? Thank you.

Hey :) Thanks!

Well, the main purpose of the plugin is “asking” a gift from someone instead of “sending”. Yes, you can change the button to “Send as a Gift” but I think you need more than that. I mean, Buy For Me plugin does not have the necessary functionalities for working as a “gift sender” plugin right now. But it’s up to you.