Discussion on Viral WooCommerce Plugin: BuyForMe

Discussion on Viral WooCommerce Plugin: BuyForMe

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Hi!, how are you? The Plug in isnt’t working for me

When a customer tries to deliver the mail, an error warning appears

Hi there, thanks for contacting us.

Could you please provide more details? What does the error message say? A screenshot would be great, if possible.

And what’s the site address please?

I think there is something wrong with the plugin.

PHP Errors in Ajax Response query-monitor.js?ver=1669375122:385

{key: ‘127be686dfb95d6785cab40eccfeac9a’, type: ‘notice’, message: ‘Undefined variable: get_fromName’, file: ‘wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-buy-for-me/woocommerce-bfm.php’, line: 2323, …} component : “Plugin: woocommerce-buy-for-me” file : “wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-buy-for-me/woocommerce-bfm.php” key : “127be686dfb95d6785cab40eccfeac9a” line : 2323 message : “Undefined variable: get_fromName” stack : (7) [‘buy_for_me_from_name_filter()’, “apply_filters(‘wp_mail_from_name’)”, ‘PostmanDefaultModuleTransport->init()’, ‘PostmanDefaultModuleTransport->__construct()’, ‘Postman->registerTransports()’, ‘Postman->on_plugins_loaded()’, “do_action(‘plugins_loaded’)”] type : “notice”

: Object constructor : ƒ Object() hasOwnProperty : ƒ hasOwnProperty() isPrototypeOf : ƒ isPrototypeOf() propertyIsEnumerable : ƒ propertyIsEnumerable() toLocaleString : ƒ toLocaleString() toString : ƒ toString() valueOf : ƒ valueOf() defineGetter : ƒ defineGetter() defineSetter : ƒ defineSetter() lookupGetter : ƒ lookupGetter() lookupSetter : ƒ lookupSetter() proto : (...) get proto : ƒ proto() set proto : ƒ proto()


wupples Purchased

When will this be updated?

If you add an item to the card the ‘view cart’ button become visible on the product page. However this button becomes visible twices. I decativated all plugins and test them one by one. It was this plugin that is causing this issue.

Hello, when do you plan to launch a new update?

Since updating to WP 6.1 I’m getting this error:

Notice: Undefined variable: get_fromName in /home/my-site/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-buy-for-me/woocommerce-bfm.php on line 1162

Is there another option to give this as a gift? “GiftFromMe” for example? I want to encourage where users buy this as a gift for their friends/family, please let me know if this is something you are considering?

Hi, what about an option that order a gift for someone. It wil indicate the email where to send a digital the gift to.

Thanks for your feedback!

Hello, is it possible to put like a sms field instead of email field for the receiver?

Hi there, thanks for your question.

For now, our plugins hasn’t got that feature.

Kind regards


People are communicating via email, sms and social.

Have you thought about a viral buy for me that includes all 3?

For example, the option to send a buy for me request via email, sms and/or social.

Thanks for your feedback!

I can clearly see that spammers would have a field day, and this could cause trouble with the email server. Are there any options that the person must register before they can send? Invisible recapacha options? I am not really interested in watching my server being abused by spammers just sending out emails, and this seems like an open-door policy for spammer abuse. Add more protections, then I may consider this plugin.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Hi.. how do we display both the buy for me and the add to cart button your demo.. I need to check before I buy from envato… Thanks Steve

Thanks..all i was trying to do is confirm it can be done before I purchase …

I see, yes, it can be done.

Thanks.. Will pick up on Monday…

Hi. I have php 8.0.8 and I noticed a warning message Have you tested the plugin with this version of php?

Hi there, sorry for late reply!

No, we didn’t test it with that version but I don’t think this warning is related to the PHP version. We checked the code and realized a small bug that can cause that. But everything must be OK on the front end, right? Do you face any visual issues on your site? Please let us know.

Hello. No I don’t see any visual issues. Are you planning to fix this bug?

Hi again :)

Happy to hear that nothing is wrong visually. Sure, we noted this issue and it will be fixed on the next update.


How do we receive automatic updates?

Hi there, thanks for your question!

For now, the only way to update our plugin is to re-download it from your Envato account and upload to you WordPress site again.

Hi is there a way to change the button text?

Hi, you can find all settings on WooCommerce > Settings > Buy For Me tab.

Hello dear. How to hide column Checkout button (check screenshoot – ) . Here is website . Awesome plugin

Hi there :)

The following CSS would do the trick:

.col-bfm-button-text { display: none; }

But as far as I see from your site’s source code, you already tried to do that. The reason to not to work is there’s a dot (.) missing in your code, before the “col-bfm-button-text” part. Just use the CSS above instead of this:

select#bfm-col-2 col-bfm-button-text { display: none !important; }

I downloaded to envato elements this plugin. The button stays in the theme’s color and does not change. Whatever I did didn’t happen.

Hi there,

Downloads from Elements do not include support service. Please buy our item on CodeCanyon to get 6 or 12 months of help. Thanks for your understanding!

Hi, I can see that there is shortcode available but I can’t find any documentation. What’s the shortcode to display button on the product page?

Hi there, please see:

By the way, your support period seems to be expired. For further help, you should renew your support package from your Downloads section.

Kind regards

Hi , i have installed and activated this plug in but when i try to update the logo and choose where to show the buy for me button and save it. It doesn’t show any changes in my site . Could you please guide me to fix it .. thank you !

Hi there :)

I’m pretty sure that it’s related to your browser cache or something similar. But still, please send an e-mail to including your WordPress login address, username and password to let us have a look at it.


Can you add “Send on WhatsApp” button to share it on WhatsApp… same as email?

I mean button on model window form, not on product page.

Thanks for your feedback!

Hi there. Awesome plugin. Do you have any suggestions to prevent spam submissions from the plugin please?

Hi there, spam messages are not related to our plugin.


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