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Hello, we are use Kleo theme(https://themeforest.net/item/kleo-pro-community-focused-multipurpose-buddypress-theme/6776630?s_rank=1), please let me know whether it is compatible, if not, how to resolve? thanks.

Hi :) Thanks for your interest!

It’s too hard to say something about compatibility for a specific theme, especially for the multipurpose ones, since we can’t know how you’re using it.

Generally, Buy For Me plugin works for all of the themes compatible with WooCommerce. But we can’t guarantee that the plugin would perfectly match with every specific detail of the theme. In that case, you may need some additional customizations.

How do I get the “Bcc:” E-mail Address to work for your Grotte theme just like it does for your plugin?

Hi! You should buy Grotte in order to get 6 months support and lifetime free updates. After your purchase, we can guide you how to do it.

I did buy Grotte and now I’ve bought your plugin, too. Just tell me if the answer to my question above is in the documentation to Grotte.

No, it doesn’t exist in the documentation file because your request needs a little bit customization. But, your support period seems to be ended on 13th of February. So you need to renew your support package. Please go to your “Downloads” section and follow the instructions.


zairi Purchased

I’m testing the demo. When I clicked the link to SHOP NOW in the email sent, it open up the product page but I could not click the Add To Cart button. Can u give a working demo ?

Hi :)

It’s natural because “Add to Cart” button on our demo site is not active. It’s just for demo view, you know. No worries, on your own site, your button would work.

Hi, Pre-sale question about your “Buy For Me” plugin. In the email, can have a field for Receiver’s Name? Thx Fred

Yes Fred, you’re right. We’ll work on it in next updates too. By the way, who is Atef? My name is Kerem :) :)

Hi Kerem, Thanks…btw; it was my mistake, Thanks again. Fred

No problem at all :) You’re welcome.

Hi, Does your “Buy For Me” plugin – must have WooCommerce installed? And will it work without it and work with any theme?Thx Fred

Yes, WooCommerce must be installed and activated. Buy For Me plugin works for WooCommerce products only.

hello. I see that the bfm button is near the add to cart button. Is it possible to move this button, for example under the product image? Thank you!

Hi :) Thanks for your interest!

It can be moved under the “Add to Cart” button via the options panel. But if you’d like to move it any other place, you should edit the core files.

great product. But in the future you can have an anti-spam check with recaptcha of google? Thank you :)

Hello :)

Thanks for your suggestion! We’ll consider it for next updates.

Does this overwrite other buttons Like Buy Now or Add to Wishlist Etc?

Hi :) No, it’s a separated button and doesn’t override any other element.

It’s awesome plugin! Besides sharing via email, can you add share to whatsapp? It will make more easier for the customer :)

Hi :) Thank you so much for your suggestion!

To be honest, right now we’re even not sure if it’s technically possible :) But sounds nice. We’ll investigate it further and see what we can do.

Hello and thank you for this really innovative plugin. But we have some issues with it and opened a ticket 3 days ago. We know that it normaly takes you just one day to reply. Did you get the ticket? It is about problems together with “eventon”. We hope you are doing fine and have some time to answer our question. Again – great innovative product – we hope to get it running real soon with your help. Best wisches, Helge

Hi Helge, so sorry for late reply. Our support system, Ticksy, is having some troubles lately and somehow we were not awared of your ticket by e-mail. I’m replying it right now.

Great – thank you.

Hi, No email is sent.

1. The receiver have no clue who sent the email. The email is from “Sitename” and “Site email”. No mention of name and email of the sender.
2. Disclaimer notice at the bottom of the sent e-mail is not showing.

1. It can be seen in “Reply To” field.

2. Please ensure that “Show disclaimer notice at the bottom of the sent e-mail.” is checked in “WooCommerce > Settings > Buy For Me” section.

If any problem persists, please renew your support package and submit a ticket on https://burnhambox.ticksy.com to let us help you better.

1. It should also at least be seen at the top of the email. Otherwise it will probably, and understandably, be seen as spam by the receiver. If I received such an email I would not open it and delete it. But if I opened it I would not respond to it because I have no idea who sent it.
The “From” should be the name of the one sending.
2. Done this but not showing.

So in your explanation of how this plugin works you state “Instead of a basic e-mail which includes a link, your visitors can send the product itself to anyone with this plugin.” So, who would have to have this plugin, the customers mom, sister, husband? So I have to sell the plugin to the customers target before they can send them an email of their buy for me?

Hi there :)

No, of course not. I think there’s a misunderstanding here. The plugin still sends an e-mail, but not just a link in it, instead, the e-mail includes the product itself (image, price, title etc.).

I see that you’ve bought our plugin about 1 month ago. Haven’t you tested it on our demo site? If no, please do! http://www.burnhambox.com/buy-for-me/

Hi, interested in your plugin. Does it work with Content Egg? Thanks

Hi :)

Buy For Me plugin requires WooCommerce and works for any product page, loop or shortcode which is created by WooCommerce. As long as you add your products with WooCommerce, it’s OK to use any 3rd party plugins to add more content into your post/page.

Is it possible to only leave “BuyForMe” and remove the purchase option?

Hi :)

You mean “Add to Cart” buttons? If so, yes, this is a WooCommerce feature already.

Hi, I see your update like 5months ago, is it still update?

Hi :)

Our latest update was about 3 months ago (August 19) and yes, Buy For Me plugin is still up to date and compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce :)

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Hello, I just bought the plugin and it looks great! The problem I have though is that it doesn’t change the custom text set in the Settings and displays the one provided in your demo even if I change it in the settings. I ve tried to flush cache many times but nothing helps. Please help to input custom text instead of the default one https://www.screencast.com/t/cKoHf3bePc Also I ve just checked when you try to send an email replacing the default text with something custom, the email still arrives with the default text. How to fix that please?

Hi again :)

Buy For Me plugin doesn’t have that feature right now but it’s a great idea! We’ll definitely consider this for the next update :) Thank you.

Hello, we have a random FREE! price in the catalogue mode https://www.screencast.com/t/YYMgtKnHi8Vi and the theme has nothing to do with it. IS that coming from your plugin and if so how to disable it please?

H :)

No, it’s definitely not related with our plugin.

Hi, Thanks for the great plugin! The ‘disclaimer notice’ is checked by it isn’t appearing in the email… Can this be fixed please? Thank you!

Excellent! Thank you so much for this update ;)

You’re very welcome :)

By the way, if you find some time, could you please be so kind to rate us on ThemeForest? Go to your “Downloads” section and click on the stars over there!

Sure! Done ;)

Hi, do you have the recaptcha of google ready?

Hi there :)

For now, Buy For Me plugin doesn’t have that feature. But it’s already in our to-do list and we’ll be considering to add it in next updates.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please let us know!