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does this experience share og image or og url error? most of the share scripts experience share image thumbnail error, for example once you click share other images are being fetch instead of the correct thumbnail for the video/site

is compatible with hostgator?

Thank you. but first I’ll have to buy the script soon money and how many domains I can use the license?

Send me your email address i can guide you over there Could you help me with the license, you can not play the videos me this legend appears


You don ‘t have permission to access on this server /embed.php.

and you could give me directions when the video is shared, not the video image appears, the image appears Share

I can not install the script on hostgator only thing I need you to tell me, and give me an example on what I put in this part or that part should be filled marked

<? php $ con = mysql_connect (“here write me an example of the connection of hostgator” “u440843064_demo”, “715278”); mysql_select_db (“u440843064_demo”, $ con);

$ site_domain = ""; Your site URL //

solve the problem using another hosting and settled well

friends not to buy this product. pesimo support is slow to respond to the author, not corrected the problem of sharing, image, I spend the new updates, and worsened the script.

and asked her to reimburse me the money and they have not.


i need help with the script . it does not work for me here is my site

please help me out ..thanks

ramylprice: you have to select a database for the .sql tables. Can u please give me ur email address? I have a Private question.

My email is

but its better to speak live on skype


please add me ..thanks

i am still waiting for your answer . please i need help . the script isnt working for me !!!!

After install script work fine but why admin panel doesnt work? when i open shows only blank page?