Discussion on Viral Subscription - WordPress plugin for creating a viral opt-in form

Discussion on Viral Subscription - WordPress plugin for creating a viral opt-in form

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HE wow company

when someone subscribe his email I have received this message i have copy and sent to you to see ? this email but it’s not clear what can I do?

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error.

The following address failed: SMTP error from remote server for TEXT command, host: ( reason: 554 5.7.9 Message not accepted for policy reasons. See https://postmaster.

—The header of the original message is following. --

Received: from localhost ([]) by (mreue109 []) with ESMTPSA (Nemesis) id 1M6DSo-1qFbKw20LI-006edf for <>; Wed, 19 Jul 2023 20:32:54 +0200 To: Subject: Letter from Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2023 18:32:54 +0000 From: test <> Reply-To: Message-ID: <> X-Mailer: WPMailSMTP/Mailer/mail 3.8.0 MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 X-Provags-ID: V03:K1:OeDuSUv+Pz68dpnVNofn2C1HvCY+0bEE/T0+kR/AcpnHqsaktsG 4ZBbh49aP9fozRmxBZgKtF61iF/BhM8C4OqB5S3vDEGQvqu9aJHQ+e0p1iBEAJ2fsJsR8yK dDZ2Gcl+4vp/G761JUE4wv7qVjfM7Jv7nEAjYRHUwNyIsLHrjqpkoYNZv1uOkwMIpfGHZWb pxFiTHo8nUrfVzKadAIYA== X-Spam-Flag: NO UI-OutboundReport: notjunk:1;M01:P0:slhYtp9OFz4=;gfD9R40h3WwOWYENsRQZErtAMDL N5vuajBANVcDE8UUbUfpRiiJPt6DpKsV4BjobIiXxp+T1h7qZ3OR9PUAJqUbAdKOEXgrfOkNZ j8+PH/w43+qy2MQXexF61UWoEWnnKBEf4bB4ojiAUYWV2+9fU53dAC2dK37QioDx9s5NkkZyG 9z55ogEUTreoUZe6SrlD5NO4upnTUumEO6Hw5cjmrqmfXJZUveI3uc5FvUbFqlyhlNMJbz+jG ICDWfwyBfRzYawCjpNsFurRDWfJlSHQ+fquCnjfLZDGuu4JE64yoiT3I/iu/xkhvVzfbbnFl7 VH+QEyoA6KMFmuF7nmwtZN8G3k3cTYe3teS0Ksc5DsyHAIruJQrYB8U48Sen8l/LxJ6MgA1j6 pa3TsAH4pYMmAIeeQVuhlDYX1S1LDL+vhxLKwpbwYiDnqjQXuQRw0rlLutm/XWo4DjsRDGo7V b7yLQEsyVJ431Rgz3xOLpt0QUoV9OLkcZQZbZIU9lZXFNmbF3ly5yWlyUybly7yulzaeK9ymm FLoW+bGINubZf/YlDXooE2GA6uQQQGhP1KKt0uHePkdIyXCiAXxHl69dbIC+AprwLCerrWNXm 9ZxW0OMvZWgxMdKF+HmWtXYD7E4sLtOv3QdvzvD1J0gD4l5bZJ6eyGZ7R3ydcKU1ce11BWxUx M2Csob8w9p/Z6o9OT4DF Reporting-MTA:dns; Arrival-Date:Wed, 19 Jul 2023 20:32:54 +0200

Final-Recipient:rfc822; Action:failed Status:5.0.0 Final-Log-ID:1M6DSo-1qFbKw20LI-006edf <Mail Attachment>

Did you use the plugin with settings SMTP ?

Hello Yes I use plugin (contact forms ) And use the plugin with settings SMTP

Please, check the SMTP settings or deactivate the plugin with SMTP and test

when I make a test I subscribed to email it back to me not clear on anything what can I do?



1) Is your plugin compatible with WordPress 6.2 ?

2) Are you still maintaining it ?

Thanks in advance,


Hello. 1. The plugin is compatible with WordPress 6.2. 2. Yes.


Does this still work?

Is there a way to export the leads or connect it to maybe Get response or MailChimp?

Hi, You can export emails in CSV

Hello how I tried the demo, but the demo dont show me the share link after signup, this is working

Hello. The share link show after the signup Also, you can send the share link on the email


I hope you are fine other there.

I am sorry to bother but I just purchased your plugin, installed and configured it. People can’t click on SUBMIT button. It doesn’t work. I emailed you with full details of issue. If you could have a look please as soon as you have time.


Hi i sent an email to request to change for URL site license. But there is no reply yet.. can you help see my chnage request ? thanks .

Hello. We answered you on email. Sorry for the late response. I’m from Ukraine A We have a war with Russia


100k Purchased

You need to update this plugin so we can download the e-mails and we can connect it to zapier or the main email providers. Otherwise whats the point of this?

Hello. We will do it after the war. Sorry for the late response. I’m from Ukraine A We have a war with Russia

Has any email service been added?

Hello. sorry but no


Pre-sale question:

1) When the user sign-up where does his email go exactly?

2) Is there a way to download a CSV file of all the emails collected? How does it work, what is the process?

3) Is it possible to send all the collected emails to a Google Sheets document?

4) When users sign-up with their emails, is it possible for them to automatically receive a coupons discount code? The goal is to have different generated coupons code for each email signing-up… is it possible with your plugin?

Thanks in advance

— GM


1. After sign-up, the user info saving in the database. 2. IN the current version it’s not possible 3. No 4. You can send the email to the user when he sign-up,

1. Can I connect the form to add the leads directly to my autoresponser like active campaign?

2. Would be possible to add Whatsapp Button as an option to share?

3. The leads that are sharing can see their points?

4. Can I make a reward contest? Like, bring 3 leads and earn an ebook, bring 10 and earn something else..

5. Can I share in a page the top 20 referrals to make the competition better?



1. In the current version it is not possible. 2. The Whatsapp Button is in the plugin 3. No 4. No 5. No

We will add the option 1, 3, 5 in the future version of the plugin

Great plugin! Now, please add auto-update from WP plugins :) thanks!!!

Hi, is there option to enable waiting list. ?

and then post sharing the content of FB then number in wait list goes up?

Hello. The number on the waitlist goes up when the visitor subscribe

Quick question. You said “No cheating – user will not be allowed to enter additional emails”. What if a user creates new email and uses a different IP address to access the referral links to get the reward? How do you prevent that?

Does signing up, also automatically sign up the user for an account on the wp website? Can more fields be added to the form in that case?

Looking forward to your response.

Hi there,

Please can you let me know what’s the difference between this plugin and the one you published a couple years ago here :

Also, are you planing to update the old one ? I see that is stooped updating since 2019


Hello. They are two different plugins in terms of architecture, code, and capabilities.

Great work!! All the best for sale..!!!

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)


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