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I was wondering what kind of code is used here. Would it be supported on a WIX site? Could you send me a test code to try before buying it? thank you!

Hello, this is just for Wordpress site. However we might release this tool for any website soon.

hi, how can the signer or even us knows how many referrals he did? also, is ti possible to shorten the url referal link as it is too long for Twitter? thanks

in other word do you have Automated prize notification and awarding?

Hello, sorry about that. This feature will be added back in the next version. We will update it soon. Currently you can just know if they have completed the task (brought enough referrals) when they move to the list ‘Goal-completed users’

Yes, you can shorten the urls with the shortener services like goo.gl

Nice script! Any plans for further development?

There’s only a few additional features and enhancements needed to take this script to a whole other level:

- Whatsapp share button

- Sharing URL in a text field to make copying it easier for the user, maybe even with a “Copy URL” button

- Auto follow-up emails

See https://kickofflabs.com and https://vyper.io/ for features

Can we get popups or slide in?

Hello! You could achieve this with https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-modal-windows-the-most-powerful-popups-flyouts-creator-with-builtin-forms/15871235 when you can just paste the Viral Signup shortcode in the modal window (and set it up to appear as a flyout, if you want).

Hi, this plugin is awesome! Is it possible to integrate with activecampaign ?

Please ask your questions at the new support center https://wow-affect.com/support/

How can i track users activity who signed up from x link ? and i need to give credit to user who shares the link and one x man signed up sucessfully

Hello. Please ask questions at our support center at https://wow-affect.com/support/

Hello, I’m interested in buying, but curious on timeline for implementation of a better tracking suggested by venturenet as well as suggestions given by klickmedia above. Those are awesome suggestions that would make this plugin a MUST. Please let me know when these or any new release is scheduled and I will check back to buy and recommend.

anyway to integrate a payment gateway so we can charge for registration too? Or perhaps integrate it with existing paid registrations plugins…

Thank you for suggestion. We will look into it.

ok – great! thank you…

Hello, i have a pre-sale question: 1. can I integrate it with mailchimp? 2. Does user get any email confirming he achieved the goal and will get a reward? Thanks.

Hello. 1. Sorry the integration is not implemented yet. Will be done within the next 1-2 months. 2. No, not at the moment. You can just manually check who has completed the goal and send them email manually. Also on our to-do.

Hi, Is there a responsive solution, as the content does not display display nicely on mobile phone devices. Otherwise nice plugin.

How do I get the refund ?

Apply for a refund and we will approve it

Hi there, please issue a refund for Viral Signup ASAP – it was just purchased this AM and is not functioning properly. Thanks in advance for your help.

plugin was too good to be true, apparently. It installed on the site but wouldn’t allow me to create a referral form without generating errors. Please promptly issue refund.

OK. Apply for a refund and we will approve it

Ok send the necessary paperwork.

Has option to social login from Facebook?

It possible add a next version. Can you describe the process?

On the first screen, side to submit button, add the login with facebook button https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-login/

The next version of the plugin will make this opportunity


adoleh Purchased

Hi, purchased plugin a few days ago and am having a hard time making it work. I created a new form and pasted the short code as given in the page in a text block. But when i open the page, the short code simply appears in the page as text and the plugin doesn’t do anything. Any idea how i can make the plugin work?

Try to use shortcode [Wow-Viral-Signups-Pro id=]


tbrownie Purchased

Hi There, is it possible to reset the list of emails that have signed up?

No. You can delete each email


I am having this error when i save the list.

Warning: file_put_contents(/home/c79ecomm/public_html/sumo/wp-content/plugins/viral-signup/asset/css/style-5.css): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/c79ecomm/public_html/sumo/wp-content/plugins/viral-signup/include/wowcanyon.php on line 52

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/c79ecomm/public_html/sumo/wp-content/plugins/viral-signup/include/wowcanyon.php:52) in /home/c79ecomm/public_html/sumo/wp-content/plugins/viral-signup/admin/admin.php on line 46

Sorry. Can you send your email and we will send correct plugin?