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Does this plugin have a “Waitlist” feature?

Where people signup (First name, last name, and email), and then it becomes a waitlist (Showing what position they are currently in). Once they start having their friends & family signup through their referral link, they get closer to the front of the waitlist.


Unfortunately no

Would we be able to connect via email, and figure out a solution with your plugin. Possibly having it coded to encompass such an idea (One off solution), and discuss price.


You can write us on email ad@dayesdesign.com


BadYogi Purchased

How does one remove entries from the list? I tested with my e-mail and now wish to remove it. How do I do that?

Unfortunately, this feature is not implemented. You can delete the form with emails. We will do it in the next version

Very cool concept. It worked fine on my Chrome and Firefox browsers but did not work on IE browser? Do you have a solution for that problem?

On which version IE did you test?

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What script is this? I need it.

What do you mean?

I would love to have this script as a standalone for php only

Sorry. But No


A pre-sale question: What’s the maximum number of forms we can setup and publish on our website using this plugin?

Thanks for your reply in advance!

Hello, unlimited forms


arturm Purchased

can this work on NON WP sites?

Sorry, but no


How do i setup mailchimp intergration?

Select Integration then enter mailchimp settings

is there a delay or a cron that runs


arturm Purchased

Hi it’s been 8 months.. there is still no option to add an addition NAME field. We bought the plugin with this basic expectation. How can we hack the code to add this field? thanks


arturm Purchased

Hi it’s been 8 months.. there is still no option to add an addition NAME field. We bought the plugin with this basic expectation. How can we hack the code to add this field? thanks

We will try to add NAME field next week


arturm Purchased

Also i just realized your plugin’s Mailchimp integration doesnt have a standard Double-Opt-in option?? user’s who now signup get automatically added to the list without any verification. why??

Hi, are there any chance for standalone autoresponder integration? I use Arigato plugin on all my sites because it have almost all possibilities as a commercial services, but without any additional costs :)

Can you describe in more detail?

looking forward with this superb plugin.


Just purchased, downloaded and installed this plugin.

But a little bit stuck….

1). Ive added the shortcode to the page i want it on, then tested it and if i ever refresh the sharing page then I can never get that page back (it goes back to the optin box and disables it), meaning i can never get the share buttons, unique link etc back. Is there a setting ive missed here or does this rely on people just never leaving the page and taking action straight away?

2). I’m guessing now looking at it that the automatic list change once someone has infact reffered X number of friends is just within the plugin itself and not automatically within getresponse/mailchimp too (i.e. so they get added to a new list so then their prize can be given in the first followup email?) and has to be done manually every day instead?

3). May have missed this in the features but i kinda presumed there would be a counter telling them how many signups they had (or may have just missed that completely)?

4). When the viral share link is pasted in it simply goes to the main domain VS the ability to send it to a specific page (i.e. where the viral optin landing page is setup)... any way to change that?

Thank you Lewis

1) Yes, the user is supposed to use the sharing right away 2) Sorry, it doesn’t 3) Sorry, there is not a counter feature for the user 4) It is supposed to bring the user to the specific page. Please make sure you have put the correct specific page url in the Share Link input in the plugin settings.

Hello, thanks for the plugin.

I am having trouble. It seems 1) sometimes when i go on the orginal link i am unable to submit 2) the link to refer doesnt go to the right page 3) how does it put it in a seperate list and where is this?


Hello 1) If you have already submitted the form, it becomes inactive to prevent multiple submits from the same person 2) Please tell us which link exactly – please send it to email@dayesdesign.com 3) The email goes to a separate link when the person brings the specified amount of referrals (and they sign up). The list can be found in WP left menu, under the Viral Signup, the menu item is called ‘Signed up users’


The link generated is pretty long (i.e. example.com/?787cc39fb31c289fab8bb34346730b25) Is there any way to shorten it?

1/ By having 5 digits or something i.e. /?30b25 2/ By integrating with a URL shortener like bitly?

Thanks. Great plugin.

Sorry, it’s not possible at the moment.

Hi, I would like to ask about purchase code. Where can I find it? I did not get any email confirmation and on the invoice it is not written. Thank you in advance for your kind reply.


Hey! I’m getting an invalid license key message when I try and validate?

Hey I’m interested in purchasing this but I need to know if I can connect this with Active Campaign so that people who sign up are automatically added to my email list and I can send them a confirmation message.


Presales Question: Have you released a non-WP version?

cookies-based protection is a joke. easily bypass by deleting cookies.

You should add an option to IP protection.