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No recomendable. No tiene nada que ver con lo que anuncian. MIra las capturas de pantallas. Es una kdada gorda.

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I want to use it on my php site (non wordpress)p lease let me know if there is a way to use it…....

Yes, there is a PHP version right here: http://bit.ly/1DfeGPy


I installed the Viral Lock on my PHP site and it works ok. Thanks! I used different cookie values so that when the same visitor visits different pages, he or she needs to unlock the content again and again (and this is what I wanted). ‘MY_ID’ => ‘myid00001’,

Today I bought the Viral Lock for my WP sites. Is it so that I can chose Cookie Value only for the whole site? In other words, if the cookie value is fixed, when a visitor needs to unlock the content only once, and this would give him access to the whole site (unless I change the cookie value every day). Is it right?

Thanks, Dr. Artour Rakhimov www.NormalBreathing.com

Thanks for the reply.

> You can set an individual one for each part of the lock you use….

What is “individual one”?

My understanding is that, in WordPress, I can edit the code for the Viral Lock in Editor. This means that I can only edit the whole code for all pages (i.e., globally) since I could not edit the ID of pages or Cookie Value on individual pages. I did not see this option on the page, I also could not see this option in your video. Am I right?

I found the answer in instructions. It is possible to provide individual IDs to all locks with my_id=”1234” Thanks. SOLVED!

I am bit confused, what happens if the coockie expires and the person has already liked the page. Liking again will unlike I guess.

You can set it to a very long expiry time to avoid that.

Does it have an option for popup ?

No it doesn’t but since you can place the shortcode anywhere you could use another plugin for that.

Hi , i like your script , and i want to use it in my wordpress blog , but is this legal because i have Adsense in my website , and i am afraid from banning me !

You won’t have any problem with Adsense as long as you don’t force people to click your ads :)

Does this work with optimizepress 2.0 theme?

It should, I haven’t tried it specifically but it’s all standard WP coding so it should not be a problem.

Hi I think I would like to purchase this plugin but would like to know if you think it can be used to lock a woocommerce checkout page where users have to like/share before order will be submitted?

I’m not sure if that would work, if the pages use a shortcode then it might work but I wouldn’t be able to say. Sorry!

you can do the same but with a banner ad ? that clicking release the content?

That is not possible with this plugin.

Has anyone else had the problem of changing the message and then finding that only the first word of your message appears on the website? I also have the same problem with trying to add in a custom tweet. Again only the first word appears. Very very poor and extremely frustrating plugin so far. Suggestions are welcome!

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Pre-sale request Can we use this for increase specify page likes e..g www.facebook.com/Google click to like directly increase your fb fan page likes

Yes you can! If you set a FB page to be the link to be Liked then it will add to your page likes.

Hey I just got this plugin. Works good! Problem I am having is I only want it to accept a facebook like, nothing else. How do I make it so it only shows the facebook like button? And not the twitter, and google + button?

I can help you get that set up, please send a message here with login details / FTP for your site: https://smashed.desk.com/customer/portal/emails/new

will you be adding IG to this FOLLOW to unlock along with other platforms?

will you be adding IG to this FOLLOW to unlock along with other platforms?

Is there a way to pop up the lock screen after say 1 minute of viewing a page?

Facebook button does not work in my website HEEEEELP!

I can’t see it in any browser

Your support forum link is not working. I have purchased this product.

The twitter and google plus links unlock the content, but the fb link does nothing. FB does not post the like to my fb page either. The fb button on the viral lock shows I liked it, but that’s it. No unlocking of content.

I have a coming soon plugin on the wp site I’m creating right now, but twitter and google still unlock content.

Any ideas? I bought this specifically for fb.


Plainly a dead and unsupported plugin. The ‘try the live demo’ link to test the plugin is not found. Last updated 2015. Avoid.

Installed the plug-in. Wrapped the text I wanted with the shortcode. Tested it. The paragraph I wanted protected displayed the viral lock overlay. I clicked the Twitter button. The Twitter panel opened. I did not log-in to Twitter. I closed the Twitter panel and the viral unlock overlay disappeared. I didn’t tweet anything, but it still closed anyways. Is that normal?

Just tested FB and Google+. The viral lock div did not disappear when closing each window. It only happens when using the Twitter button.