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I take karasınd Nice post :) Have striking design future updates ?

I didn’t understand.

would you be more clear.

Nice script ! GLWS ! Bookmarked … :-)

there are php errors in admin demo when i create a list

Notice: Undefined index: in /home/xmush/public_html/ ,,,,

Some suggestions / improvements:

1. an option to clone his own lists
2. sitemap function

I didn’t understand :-(

why to clone list ?

To save time if you make similar lists like weekly movie charts

I understand now :-)

but I see it is the same time.

editing cloned list is the same in effort and time as adding new list.

anyway, Thank you for your suggestion. I won’t drop it from my mind as a possible update.

nice script. But why only list? Can i use it for a blog to write articles?

Yes. you can but it is specialized to lists more than articles. because there are too many scripts that act as blog and the top one is wordpress that we can’t match ;-)

I Understand. Maybe at the next update consider to add this possibility. It would be nice.

Ok :-)

very good work ! all the best for your sales ;)

Thanks Eric.

Amazing! Does it work with my host as below? https://cloud.bluehost.com/products/cloud-sites


I don’t know. just ask your server support about script requirements.

You need an option for the visitor to be able to see the list on one page. Also would be nice to see how many hearts each listing has on the category pages.

Thank you for suggestions.

I gave option to admin to select number of items in list page.

I will consider to add hearts in sections pages.

Good luck with selling! :)

Thanks :-)


beumbae Purchased

i can try install viral lists pro, but can’t install.

Install Database Tables ->options table default rows Failed ->theme options table default rows Failed

how can i fix them …?

please send me your CPanel details in private message to check for error and fix it.


beumbae Purchased

i dont know send private message, and send to email.


on right side there is a form to send private message.

Hello! He will work on HTTPS?


what happens when the menu text runs out “Home Health Sport Beauty Celebrities Fashion” does it display an arrow or something?


Check your inbox , there is Bug with this script , Whenever i make New List it shows successfully created but its not there anywhere on Page …! Kindly reply in PM Asap


you check your inbox because I replied you when you send your message immediately.

the script is working very well for me and other customers.

I asked for your CPanel Details to check if you installed the script perfectly or not.

why should one provide you Cpanel details. (they are sensitive details)... Can not you help everyone from here instead of asking for passwords? God knows what you do in their cpanels !!!

that’s not your business.

take care for your business and don’t put your nose in others business.

what gold or diamonds will find in CPanels ?

I started by testing Viral List and it is full of proven errors. In admin pages Fatal error: Call to undefined function str_reslug () in /home/xxxxx/public_html/virallist/admin/pages.php on line 78 In Lists: The lists you try to register are not saved. Bad start, offer 50% expensive if it does not work. I am looking forward to your response.

send me a private message using my profile page

I see the error. and I will fix it and send update to codecanyon.

if you don’t want to wait. just send me your FTP details in private message.

Hello I’have buy viral lists pro and I encounter the following problem: See screenshot below http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2016/52/1482877869-error.jpg

Hello, I have another problem, the reCAPTCHA does not work: See screenshot below http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2016/52/1482923158-reca.jpg

Yet I’have very well set up

I know why the captcha does not work it is because of the https of my site. I would just like to know or change this line to put https. See screenshot below: http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2016/52/1483011652-recap.jpg


you can change the http to https in plugins/modifier.recapatcha_output.php

Hello, The forgotten password page works only when I log in. How to solve this problem?


I didn’t understand. would you give me more details.


tBeza Purchased

Hi, I keep getting this message : Please Select List Cover, even when i have uploaded an image and i get upload successful message. Any help?

would you please send a screenshot to check it.


Nillo933 Purchased

Hi, I install de script and create a login and password and i can’t login in admin area. Gives me this error “Error Happened”.


xmush Author

please send me your site details in private message.


tBeza Purchased

What do i need to do to be able to upload local videos directly to the script without having to use any existing video sites like YouTube?

the script doesn’t support this feature.

it only support to embed videos from other sources.