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In the screenshot, I can see Quiz, iFrame, Polls, Quote, GIF, Image, Video, Text.

1. Are all these post types possible with this script. I wasn’t able to create list on the demo site and I am afraid we can only create lists.

2. Does script support local media upload for video posts, Images etc

3. Do you have in mind to add music option possibly with options for local upload and embed from popular music sites like soundcast. It will be a smack down on other viral media scripts if this is added.


1- no. there is no Quiz !! where you find Quiz. 2 – no, it doesn’t. you can only embed videos from other websites but you can upload images. 3- I will put this suggestion in my mind for the next updates.


gan16 Purchased

Hello, I installed the script but still its not displaying anything properly. Here is the site: www.prasme.education


go to admin dashboard -> setting -> general setting and change the site url to yours.

Hi, Can we change the viral list pro template to frensh language?


the language phrases are all in the theme files. you can edit it to another language by translating words from templates files.

Too good, only unfortunately not support Vietnamese, hope to fix admin is good

it is supported.

I need help turning the title in Vietnamese into an accent, looking forward to help   For example: “Tuổi thơ tôi không được may mắn như bao đứa trẻ khác”, the title is “tuổi-thơtoi-khongđược-may-mắn-nhưbaođứa-trẻ-khac” Thank you

But I use the Vietnamese language so it is not supported like this, like the following picture: http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img924/2299/rct1KU.png

I didn’t understand what you need.

would you please send me a link to your website.

I already sent that look forward to reply, thanks

What happened to this plugin? Do you have an alternative or upgrade?



this plugin is suspended. we stopped selling & support it

Where can I turn the language of the page into my own language? I want to turn the page into Hungarian but I do not know where to go

there is no language file so if you want to turn the language of the page into your language you should translate it from the theme file

Please give facebook reaction buttons to the site and if registered members list it do not get out unless the admin accepts it!

for facebook reaction buttons you can send privet message to send you the cost and for the list approve it’s already in the admin setting

What’s wrong with this? I try to do a new list but it says I did not add cover as it is here…. pic: http://i.imgur.com/gGez3sh.png


would you please try from another browser and tell me if you will get the same result.

I’m going to google chrome that’s not going to firefox! What could be the problem? So far chrome has gone but it is not for some reason

do you mean it works on google chrome and not in Firefox or the opposite ?

I think the problem happened once and it won’t happen again.

please make another try with Firefox and once with Chrome and tell me the result.

Where can i turn adsense boxes to be elsewhere? Within the list I would like to adjust itself to its place to be elsewhere

you can just copy the adsense code and place it where you want in theme html files.

Whether it is a solution or not? I’ve already written that I can not post …. If firefox se chrome se nothing … it would be good to improve the code because for $ 32 this is not worth it or buy it …

you are the first one that complaint about this issue. the code quality is very good and it is tested with all browsers. I really don’t know what is the problem with you but I have tested the script with (Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Edge) and it is working very well.

UPDATE THE SCRIPT - Reaction Buttons - New List write FIX - New Theme - User aproved list .. just publish the ADMIN …

The price that supports vietnamese language is good too, expect admin update more languages

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