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Does this work with WooCommerce?

Look up Viral Coupon in our portfolio, that is probably what you’re looking for.

Tried the demo, I shared via Google, but no discount was applied lol?

Works great over here.

No problem, created my own script already :)

This plugin is a joke. There is no logic build into it. It applies the coupon discount whether the share has been completed or not. The whole point to the exercise is to get discount for completed social sharing. It has a cheap hack build into it called refresh delay, where you can set the time in seconds before the page refreshes and applies the coupon whether shares has been successful or not. Thanks for tricking me into buying this plugin. WTF?????!!!!

I’m sorry that you’re not satisfied, but this is the way the Facebook API works. The like will always go through but you can’t force them to comment.

I want to offer toast to my client to share our facebook page and buy our product. It is possible ?

Another possibility: I can provide customer discount for each share? For example: Facebook shared = 2.00 discount shared Google+ = +2.00 discount shared Instagran = +2.00 discount

Total discount on shopping cart is 6.00.

I like aojunioro’s approach and would like to know if that was possible? Can I add different coupon shares?

Please help me: You can give discount for each social network that shared or likes? For example:

Facebook likes = 10% discount shared on Tweeter = 10% discount Google Plus +1 = 5% discount

Total 25% discount

Another example:

Facebook likes = 10% discount Google Plus +1 = 5% discount

Total 15% discount

Hi! I dont have WooComerce, can I still use your plugin? I want to show customers discount code after they like and share my link. Is this possible?

Plugin does not work – No support for 5 months – Support Ticket System does not exist anymore. – Refund Please !

Yeah….if you actually added on Facebook Share and Reddit (among a few other social networks) it would be worth buying. Facebook like? Google Plus? Who cares! You have a lot of irrelevant social standards on there.

I installed the plugin, I want my facebook post to be shared not liked, how to do?

Is there a way to show web-site content and then say after 1 minute of viewing require a facebook login to unlock and continue viewing? If not login what about like? I think I would prefer login though but wouldn’t be a bad idea to give both options to the user.

The demo site is down. Your last update is also very old. Is it still a live offer with support?

When a customer likes our facebook page and then enters their email to get access to the discount – can the email address be added to a specific mailchimp list or can the email address’s only be saved in the plugins email list ?


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facebook icons is not visible in the share & like message box


anands9 Purchased

still waiting for reply