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I am building an eCommerce website for my client. May I ask you two questions? 1. Is this plugin compatible with the newest version WordPress, which is 4.1.1? 2. Do the buyers have to truly pay before they can become vip customers? Thank you!

Hello, 1- yes it is supported

2 – it depends on what you set, you can set VIP users to all registered users or based on total number of [purchase or total amount of purchase.


What I want to ask is only having been payed goods count, right? If one order’s status is pending payment, no matter how much the order values, it can’t make the person a vip, right?

Furthermore, can I set a special price for vip user?


Vip is an user group ? or just registered users ?

What do you mean?

registered users is the default group right ? vip is another one ? I can i move automaticly users to vip ? thank you

hello i want to buy..this will plugin will afect my current woocomerce? this layout is standard? can i edit it?

Hello It can be paid monthly to be a member vip customer? Cheers

this is not possible at this moment
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I install and set everything up. There is not place on the My Account page to enter the code

Please go to and create a ticket and give your url, FTP and wp-admin access (please describe your issue in ticket too), i will check it

presale question, say there is standard and vip price, a new registered customer just place the order , once the amount go beyond the vip amount (say 1000), will all the price in cart straight away go down? or need to purchase one time at standard price,then second order will then be vip price?

You mean Discount? the VIP plugin is for viewing product/price or defined category and for becoming a member of VIP group ther are 2 ways, by code or by purchasing a defined amount, so there is no discount apply with this plugin for VIP customers.
If you you want give a discount to a customer please take look at our other plugins:
Customer Club :
Flash Sale:


I already opend a support ticket but have not got a answer. There is no “vip code button” on “my account” page.

And another question could there appear a text for vip users only on there account page ?

hi, presale question, Y tested the live preview, and login and I was a VIP customer, because I was able to see the prices. But is there a way I can see more? in the screenshots, there are no images about the emails, settings tabs for example. Thanks!

I’m not able to create a guest ticket because I don’t have a purchase code, how can I get some more information?

please contact(send email from the form on right sidebar) me from or send email directly to
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Hi, can i create a registration form in this plugin for member?

Hi,No this moment, sorry
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I want to add specific products related to a certain user group to my Woocommerce store, and I don’t want anybody except this group’s members can purchase these products. In order to assign an ordinary user to that certain group, I want to use a vip code and tell them to use the code to change their belonging group. Is it possible to do hat with this plugin?

Pre buying question: I would like to automatically convert customers into VIP who have ordered 5 times from one certain product category. Does your plugin allow to set the product category when setting the number of purchases? Thanks for your reply in advance.