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The plugin sure looks awesome! Thanks for developing. I only wonder how could I set next and previous picture arrows, since I am going to use it in my website: more or less like this flash gallery that you can see there. Thanks a lot in advance!

I see the function in the Instructions Book, but I need some help on where to put it and how to link it to the future buttons. Please help, I am only a poor photographer who has no resources to hire a web programmer! Thanks! :”)

So glad I found this – as I saw it being used on a site I wanted to do something similar too..turns out this is the plugin that was used! – just hope I can get it to work..

Hello. I read that this plugin supports multiple instances, but I can´t make it work.

Please, need urgent help with this. I bought it specially because of this feature…

It works fine in Firefox, Chrome and Safari but in IE 7 /8 the fonts in the info are all broken. Zooming the web page I can see a thin black outline all around and inside the fonts which shouldn’t be there. It is hard to see it when the font-weight is normal but in bold it is evident and pretty annoying

Does this plugin work with wordpress and can I link diffrent pages not the whole website/

I also get a stack overflow at Line 0 error on IE 8

what do i need to do to stop this?? i use this on 9 separate webpages on my website… but I need it to work with IE8

thanks liza

Hi, I must be missing something, but I cannot find a way to control the speed of how long the slide pauses for. Can you help please?

Dont worry, forgot about the user manual: slideDuration

I can not get this to work on a .asp page, any suggestions?

Hi, I installed this plugin at Tried following all the instructions, but for some reason I simply cannot get it to start working, please help!

Thanks and best regards


It is working on my side. Test with the latest version of chrome.

Hi, Can I use different width but the same height images?


I’m having problem when I put a href tag inside slide element. It breaks and doesn’t show image. Can you provide support. Thanks