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Hi, How come I can’t use vietnamese language for your script? I typed some texts in admin and it displayed wrong format in front end, please help me to check it.


Ok friend if you have your phpmyadmin login panel then you can change table column Collation as utf8_general_ci . See Image Link http://imgur.com/Fnh1TVb

This change will work for unicode multilingual .. Tested from google translated characters .


HLO ADMIN When YU Will post next updates?

hello brother , We put last update 28 March 15 . So we cant update earlier . We are still in development stage so we are considering your suggestions .

Keep following us .


This Website is One of the Superb! Viral suitable site I have one suggestion instead of slider in index page it will be more better if YU make the content slider (featured poll, blog, quiz) etc. Thanks will buy after one Updates

Thank you brother !

Hi Guys! I want to buy this script, I have been studying it for like 2 hours but I am confused there are no category, the group seem confusing really. Under the general science for example I would expect to be able to create several quizes for users to choose from. Look under your daily quiz as well, it is just 1 quiz with for questions but I want to create hundreads of quizes under the daily quiz alone and each of the 100 quiz will have 3+ questions each.

I have looked at your admin but dont seem to get it. Please explain to me better if I am missing something. I really want to buy this script

Why does it shares the website homepage instead of the quiz result ? How do I change the FB meta tags that gets the quiz url (domain/quiz/quizid) and insert it in the button in quiz_result.blade.php ?

BTW, the poll can be shared, the quiz result and url should also be shared so friends of the user can also take the same quiz and promote competition.

Dear dzhead, thanks for your valuable comments .. We had this feature and still have this feature for quiz result sharing .. but some how it is not working ( facebook changes their policy frequently ) . We are looking into it . very soon you will get an updated version .

the poll-share.blade has its own meta tag for the url so it can share the poll. is it possible for the quiz-result.blade to have its own ? master.blade is being loaded from the beginning of the quiz-result, is it possible to pass the quiz-id value (hidden in quiz.blade) if it detects quiz-result in url() ? thanks for the reply. this is a very good script, it only needs a few enhancement.

Before buying this app, I want to ask that is it possible to upgrade larval to the last version?

Thanks ! If you are expert in laravel you can do this by copying controller model and views routes file . But by composer it is not possible right now !

it is possible I make a quiz, while personal answer will get the facebook profile picture of her and will show up when she share? see the screen shot. http://prntscr.com/9wo7y0

No . This quiz not like that !

demo link dont working

It is now working ! Thanks

Hi, can registered users create their own pools and quizzes? Thanks

can you share the pools and quizz on facebook?

User can share polls only !

ok so if you cant share quizz on facebook change the name of the product cause you are misleading costumers… you advertise viral quiz on facebook and you cant share the quiz on facebook….. also i ask you two questions you just reply one, can registered users create their own pools and quizzes? Thanks

Hello, how to set user only can test one (1) time only for each question. It is possible? I don’t want user send more than 1 result at the same time.

Yes possible for customization plz contact with support team !

Yes already send it.. Check it out.. Cheers :)

Thanks !


flipp35 Purchased

I have errors with DB – Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’, expecting ‘)’ in /home/admin/public_html/vendor/react/promise/src/functions.php on line 68 I submitted support email. Please respond a.s.a.p. Thanks.


flipp35 Purchased

Waiting for response. I can not use script at this point.

can you send an email to : contact(at)vinnorokom.com ??


flipp35 Purchased

Sure will do.

Any idea, why I’m getting this error? https://s10.postimg.org/8pdsfyqeh/error2.jpg I have conacted the author and a fast reply would be appreciated

I get the following error, some one please help me. I am not a coder to understand the technical side of it. But guide me what went wrong and how it can be corrected.


Hello friends our support team already sent and email .. please check !! your mail ?

Yes I got it Thanks. It works

Is there any way to add poll without adding youtube video?

Without adding youtube link* I get error Input Error! Please fill in the red marked field.! (*youtube link is in red) undefined

sorry don’t know why it resubmitted commen t

you need to update full script with database

do you need fb permissons for friends to come ibn results like the demo? the one thats says who is your fan

ok then nevermind

I there any way I can download the new version. I purchased the script 20days back. After that I see a new version update on Aug 19. Kindly help

I have this problem: SQLSTATE42000: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax;

I import fbquiz.sql and connect but not working.

Link: http://www.naizuud.fun/

Our last version is release 19 August 17

How do I update it? Not in download. It’s urgent. I sent you cpanel data.

Ok let me check ! everything !