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i have try to use google adsense.. but google not approve my site.. any idea? this is my site www.vineindonesia.com

from 73 persons that have purchases this theme, how many people succesfull to use google adsense in this theme?

We don’t keep track of how many people use some ad network OR what ad network they use. We have seen few of them using adsense. But we don’t help anyone to get approved from some ad network. Our concern is with our script that it supports ad code and ads display correctly when someone uses ad code. You should search internet on how to get approved from some ad network. Which ad network have good rates etc. Do some mind storming and search on internet you will gets tons of material.

ok. thanks for the information…

Hi there’s a problem with the ads i installed my google ads and for 12 hours didn’t show up !!

Please contact support with your verification code for any further assistance. https://bcstatic.freshdesk.com

How to add vines? It says invalid vine url. I don’t know what to do.

Thanks for your comment please make sure allow_url_fopen is enable on your server. If issue still exists please submit ticket here: https://bcstatic.freshdesk.com

I want to embed custom vines from other links not only vines.co :( And how to edit the footer?

Replied you at our support desk. Hope you got the email too.

pleas add tags feature. Bacuse i think with “tags”, google will permit this theme to use google adsense.

like this website http://vinevideos.tv/
tags and adsense screen shot : http://prntscr.com/3ijkmx


Thanks for suggestion. We will consider it for future updates. But still few people are having their adsense ads on there site with this script. It is easy to get adsense when you are in USA, Canada, UK.


I am interested in buying this vine clone

just one question – does this script give me a way to auto populate with new videos?

because i dont know where to get the videos from..

please let me know so i can purchase Thanks


Currently there is no official API is available so no auto submission however we have created vineclone addon in which you can import vines from CSV files…

Getting Vine url is easy you can use your smartphone app to get vine url.

Hi there, I was just wondering how can I delete the category bar from the top?


Hi, thank you for your purchase. You can disable/delete category from manage categories in admin panel

I have purchased this script but there is no install folder … i can’t even get the script up and running.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Mark

Thanks for your purchase. Please read documentation & update .htaccess file accordingly. If you are not able to resolve issue submit ticket here: https://bcstatic.freshdesk.com

Sorted…. Thanks… All up and running now. Cheers.

Hello! Anyone know why Vinescope.com looks died? No updates since month it’s legal issues or what?

Hi, is this 100% responsive?

hi, no its not responsive.

Is this 100% mobile responsive? Does all features/functions work perfect on all mobile devices? Your CodeCanyon header on the demo prevents me from checking responsiveness and functions.


no its isn’t responsive, but it does work on mobile devices

Thanks! Do you plan on making it responsive?

not in the near future.

Hello, is there any way I can name a vine at the same time I submit it on the admin page? I don’t want to have to add a new vine then edit it after doing it. Since i intend to make a website in brazilian portuguese and most vines have titles in english, that would be a real issue for me.

Thanks a lot :)

Hello sorry editing title at the time of submission is not possible at the moment.

hey bro before i buy this wonderful script i have a question ! how to add an option when visitors can upload 15 sec videos from their computer instead of vine.co urls ? i know its possible i saw it here http://www.abvines.com/submit.php

Its not possible in current script. They might have modified the script.

Hi, is it possible to make random take to video url directly instead of http://example.com/videos/random/250 It will be better if it will take to video url directly [link removed]

Currently system automatically generates url. You can’t customize each url.

Yes I know, but like i said. instead of generating random like like this example.com/videos/random/100 . Random link is much better if random generate like this the original post url – example.com/videos/100/the-real-post-title. Hope you can do this on next update.

we will keep in mind for future updates.

How do I add vines? I used to be able to go to Vine’s website, find a vine I wanted, and click on “View Post Page”, after which I could copy and paste the URL. When I try to add it and hit submit, it basically refreshes the message with no success/error message.

Still waiting for ticket response….[#137]

How do I add vines? I used to be able to go to Vine’s website, find a vine I wanted, and click on “View Post Page”, after which I could copy and paste the URL. When I try to add it and hit submit, it basically refreshes the message with no success/error message.

sorry for late response. Our technical staff was on leave and we were experiencing high volume of requests.

I have updated your ticket please respond.

You can import vines from CSV but no bot.

I want to buy this but need an easy way of adding vines. I use another script that you can add vines to but the only way to get the url is to go the the vine, click it and then click the post page button. This takes too long to do for every vine. Is there an easier way to add them?

as of now there is no auto crawler/api or such thing to import vines automatically or easier way to grab vine url.

but you can buy addon that lets you import vines from CSV file. Grab urls put them in excel export CSV file and upload in vinescope.

In future if we get opportunity to build crawler we will add that in update.

its a good script, but i think you need to make it mobile friendly.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ve tried this on 3 servers now, and still cannot get it to work. I can add vines manually via phpAdmin, but every time I try to add a vine, I get an error. Really disappointed with this script.

Please respond on your ticket.

Hi, does this pull vines from ALL of vine or just ones you upload/submit to the system?

no currently its not possible. Maybe in future

ok thanks, look forward to that if possible. :-)