VineChat - Material Android Chat Application + Server

VineChat - Material Android Chat Application + Server

VineChat is an android chat application designed using the latest android material design guideline. It is based on the popular “WhatsApp Messenger”. This messaging app has it own server built with PHP, Html and MySql..

Source code is commented making it easier for you to reskin

App Demo Users:

mamba, vinechat, bambi, admin

Please search using the sample users listed above

Admin Login Details:

Username: admin

Password: sayela123

App Features:

  • Real-time messaging
  • User profile
  • Admob Ad
  • Contacts screen
  • Search for friends using their email or password
  • Login & Registration
  • Show your feelings with our emojicons
  • Delete Account
  • Update your status
  • Chats Settings
  • Update your profile information
  • With many more

Server Side Features:

  • View Users
  • View Single User
  • Delete User
  • Statistics
  • Add User
  • View Messages sent by Users
  • View Images Sent by users
  • Etc