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Hi, Can you include Admob to project?

Hi, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately it doesn’t include Admob functionality Because most of the buyers don’t like Add Settings in code.. but if you have the Admob settings, you can always include them in the app.

Buyers don’t like ads?? I think you’re wrong… If there is no revenue with ads the buyer have to publish the app as paid and for this must buy an extended license…

Is your app live? I need to check. give a demo

Sorry, we have not submitted it to the Appstore.but lots of clones of my project already in App Store u can check..

Demo video of App

Hi, Tell the app has some extra features? For example to share? Or any other settings? Thanks

We are already implementing it. We are working hard in Fulfilling need of our customers like one Good potential buyer buys a code and ask if it can come with sounds we updated the version and quickly add sounds,

Share, Settings, favorites section, Search, Download, Social media integration

and many other features are already in our queue and under development phase. we will post updates to all our customers with updates time by time.

thanks for your interest @Viktor ...

OK, Thanks for the reply!

what was the new update that came through?.

Hi, I bought your app, but it has no Admob nor Chartboost?? You said in the comment above that added these networks, as well as background music, but there’s no these settings? Just the app without anything. Thanks

I explained about ball jump project not vine sounds ..

Yes but the comment was yesterday placed in this section. In response to the question prakash500 And now it’s gone? I bought thinking that you have added functions in this app

I noticed that this app has a function to rate and PRO with the transition in the AppStore. But now for some reason they are not available? Please tell me how I can configure? Otherwise Apple will just take this app out for small functions. Thanks

If I wanted to take away all buttons except for 1 and center it, and re-skin the app, is this possible?

I did not get your message …

Author, please tell me how can I enable the “Rate the app”? Thanks

Hello, you still supporting this code? is there any updates you added ? admob banner and interstitial support ? can I add as many as I want of sounds ? Thanks.

I have bought this template. I was wondering if you can publish this with the cost 0.99$ on app store. or isint that allowed.

If you buy this, can you sell as many apps as possible on the app store using this template. thanks.

Sorry for all this questions, but I have read now through the liancese, and I see that I cant sell this on the appstore for any money. is that correct? However, can i myself implement iads to it. will that be okay?

Hi dahimazter, buy extended license and you can pulish unlimited paid apps to appstore

Is the new update ready yet ?


Are sounds loaded into memory for fast playback? If so, what happens if we use large files / many files? If not, how do you provide low latency?

Is this app still supported?!

Hello, I found interest in this app and would like to know if there is any iAD or anything supported within this source code. I did see one of the pictures say it is, but not written in the description.

support iOS 9?

Nice work! Good Luck

Are you still supporting this app?? Have changes to code happened since your original release??

Hi! Very good looking app! It seems to be an older app, does it work with ios 10? Also, can we change the speaker button (button) image to another image. I mean I want to reskin the app to allow multiple images instead of the same play button (that looks like a speaker) For instance I want to make a soundboard app using different music instrument like piano, flute and so on. I want to show each button as an image of a different music instrument. Is that possible as is?

Thank you!


It’s time to update.