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Nice work!

Can you specify a particular Vimeo album rather than pulling in all videos from an account?

Simple vimeo API, top 20 video

hi 2 questions

1) can we use google add code

2) can we use vimeo protected video ( password )

Protected videos are not supported,the code does not include the AdMob SDK

Can I use this as a component, suppose in My Application contain one tab for displaying rss feeds, how do i add your project to another tab for Displaying Vimeo Videos?

I cannot figure out how to change the colours on the storyboard for the apps main colours etc..

Please advise

I mean the very top section, where it has the Carrier/Time/etc and the title “Videos” or whatever.

Just purchased. Can’t get the videos to play. Please help.

Tell how help

Is possible to play videos in thumbnail size?

Fullscreen player