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very useful plugins can you just upload a portion of the video and put it in a loop?


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I am using this with the7 and it is not working with there version of Visual Composer? Any ideas?

Hi, are there any controls we can put on like play / pause or mute/un-mute?

Hi there,

We’re having trouble with a full-width row and Vimeo background.

When the browser window goes wider than 1920px we get white gaps on the left and right side of the row.

The actual Vimeo video in the background can exceed 1920px wide, but when the browser window is over 1920px wide we get the white bars.

It’s almost as if it’s adding 1.36% padding to the left and right when the width is over 1920px…

The row is set to ‘Stretch row and content (no paddings)’ but we see the same behaviour when it’s set to ‘Stretch Row’, and ‘Stretch row and content’.

When we change to a YouTube video it works fine.

Here’s a link to show you what we mean — http://www.sbstheme2.sandisonpay.co.uk

Any help would be appreciated.

Just a quick update — we’ve been able to hack it with the following media query:

@media screen and (min-width:1920px) { iframe#vimeo-background-1 { height:175% !important; } }

However, I’m not convinced this is the best solution, an official fix would still be appreciated.

Hello Will Shahda,

I hope you can help me with this problem. I just purchased your plug-in for Vimeo video backgrounds, but when I install it and activate it, my screen becomes white and I can’t log in anymore. When I delete the plug-in via the sftp server, the screen goes back to normal and I can log in. On wordpress (4.8.3) I’m using a theme called Upshot. Could you please help?

Thank you, Kind regards, Marina Tadic


just installed the plugin and selected the vimeo video. I see the video but the height is tiny. I need the height to be automatically 100% of the video.

There is no option in the row settings to be set row height to 100% of the video background.

Theme: Agile


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The plugin does not show up? using the latest version of wordpress.


Hello, i baught the plugin, but there is no fallback happen on mobile devices… i just would like to display a image on mobile devices… but its not happening. it still showing video with an ugly play buttonn.?? thanks