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When I’m on mobile devices, the video shows the black bars on the top and bottom. Any suggestions?

Hi mhbb32! First, I just want to confirm you are using Vimeo Background Video for Visual Composer, since it does not list you as a purchaser. Then I would be happy to help.

Hi – We really wanted to use this plugin but it wouldn’t work with Ultimate VC add ons too and Une Boutique theme. We sent you all the info you asked for and even a copy of the dev site by Google drive 6 months ago, chased up in the meantime but didn’t get a reply. We apologise for the delay in following up again.

Had to self host the video in the end and never used the plugin – can you chance our license to standard from dev and refund us the difference? Feels like a kick in the balls paying for the dev license but not being able to use it…

No worries, I understand the feeling when you purchase something but do not end up using it.

Envato urges me not to refund in these situations since they lose their commission, but I am sure a partial refund would be fine.

Send me refund request for your purchase. I am not sure if CodeCanyon allows partial refunds, but we could at least do something where I refund the full extended license and you purchase a regular license. We can continue the chat on the private refund request thread.

Great and thanks for your understanding, No issues to buy another standard licence. Will make the request now.

Thank you for the great review 352Digital!


I have installed this plugin and added the vimeo video URL into the segment, but it fails to load.

I have visual composer installed as part of the Route WP Theme.


Hi stevo996, thank you for purchasing the plugin!

I would be happy to help you get this working with your theme. You can email me with either credentials to a test administrator account for your website, or send an attached zip file of the theme. You can find my email address on my profile page.

I will do my best to get you a solution in a timely manner.

Email sent through the system with details.



Hi Steve, I have replied to your email with a solution. Thank you again for your patience.

I just bought the Vimeo plug-in for Visual Composer, but it’s only plaing a youtube link. I put in the Viemo link but it’s not recognized.


Hi monikasobolewska, thank you for purchasing the plugin!

It looks like the Vimeo setting may not have been selected in the video background dropdown. Make sure the field you are putting the Vimeo link in is labeled “Vimeo link”.

If this is not the case, you can send me an email (you can find the address on my profile page) with either the credentials for a test admin account or an attached zip file of the theme. I will do my best to get you a solution in a timely manner.


Sasseke Purchased

Hi madam/sir I installed Vimeo properly and I installed a full-height background video, but the video does not show on the pc. This is the code: full_height=”yes” video_bg=”vimeo-link” overlay_after_row=”0” vimeo_background=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7Q-52W2C68” css=”.vc_custom_1488532169782{background-image: url(http://www.jennieboeijen.nl/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/voorpagina.jpg?id=1252) !important;}”] [vc_column_text]          

Jennie Boeijen-Berenbak

Praktijk voor energetische therapie en persoonlijke begeleiding

Can you help me set up the video? Sincerely Diana Wolsink-van Landeghem

Hi Diana, thank you for purchasing the plugin! I have sent you an email regarding your issue.

Hey, I have installed your plugin and followed the instructions but nothing is happening, any chance you could help us get up and running? :)

Could you confirm where you added the test page? I can’t see it anywhere… Sorry to keep going on but really need to get this working.


No problem, I will take a look at the page in question.

I deleted the test page before logging out. I will leave one up this time for you to look at.

I uploaded a different version of the plugin on your site and the video is now working perfectly on the page you specified.

I will also send you an email with this different version attached, so it is available to you in the future.

It looks like the latest version I released has some issues with configured backgrounds overlaying the video. This is something I will have to fix ASAP and release an update for so new customers do not experience the same bug.

Thank you for your patience with this issue.

Good luck with launching the site! Again, if you like the plugin, please leave a review!


I’m having problems getting the Vimeo background video to work. Could you please take a look? The iFrame seems to be loading on the page but the video doesn’t display.

Theme: Kleo

Page where the background is setup: https://golbycreative.motivatewellness.com/gc-home/ https://golbycreative.motivatewellness.com/wp-admin

Username: vcvimeo Password: 6L@W&sQ6eaf3LiyuFEII7A8A

This is a multisite and I can only give you admin access to the sub-site in question so if a new version of the plugin is required can you please email it to me at: russ@motivatewellness.com

Thank you.

Hi Russ, thank you for purchasing the plugin!

I will email you a different version of the plugin that should solve your issue. There is a bug with the current version when it is used in combination with a background color. I will be getting a new version on CodeCanyon as well ASAP.

Hi there, Just wondering if there is an option to disable the click overider? I would like to load a full width, full height video from Vimeo but want the user to be able to pause/mute etc. If I purchase, can this be done?

Hi samcarmex, thank you for your interest in the plugin!

This feature has been requested before and I plan on including it in a future release. The current version of the plugin does not allow for it.

I hope you still consider this plugin for other projects of yours that require background videos!